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My Boyfriend Is Shorter Than Me Pt. 1

Dating Advice: My Boyfriend is Shorter Than Me

13 Jun Now this statement didn't develop out of hatred for shorter men, but out of the fact that we thought dating one would be weird and controversial. We didn't want A brown haired, brown eyed, hilarious boy, who just happens to be 5'8: a whopping three or four inches shorter than me. (Did I mention I'm 6'3 in. 22 Apr I'm in high school and still haven't had my first boyfriend yet but I have this huge crush on a guy at school. Someone told me he likes me too and the other day he asked me to hang out. I really want to but the only problem is that he's shorter than me. I feel really awkward about it. Is it okay to date someone. There is nothing wrong with dating, or even marrying somebody shorter than you unless you yourself take an issue with it. Don't ever Some people might make an issue, but trust me, find someone you like, you'll both be happier, screw the world! Don't mind people what matters were you guys, are you guys okay with it ?.

He likes to tell me that everyone assumes he must be really funny if he's with a tall girl. Not currently but I had 4 boyfriends from 6 all together - including my husband who were shorter than me. I had no idea what to do or how to react, but after a few weeks, when he finally asked that crucial relationship question, I was confident in my answer: How are you so deluded about something that is an actual, empirical fact? My friend 5'7" once dated a guy who was 5'5".

As we walked inside Towers, my friends decided that was that. There seems to be an unwritten law that a girl must date a guy who is taller than she is. You know, in case she has to wear heels? I let my friends be right for a few months.

Dating Advice: My Boyfriend is Shorter Than Me | Her Campus

Yes, he is shorter than me. But then, he and I had a conversation on a bus. We laughed and carried on talking for hours — no height issues here.

And then he held my hand, let me fall asleep on his shoulder — no height issues there.

Is It Weird To Date A Guy Shorter Than Me

And then I did it. Height should not have an impact on the quality of your relationship — well, that is if it is a quality relationship. A good relationship is built on friendship.

Can I date a guy shorter than me? Of course! Here’s why it’s the best

Is he shorter than you? Height has no bearing on anything else. All are below average height. We are used to categorizing people in our heads based on appearances.

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But I want to tell you that if you limit yourself to aesthetic dimensions, you are going to miss out. I promise you will find no reflection of who someone is in the double-digit number of inches they measure up to be.

Is It Weird To Date A Guy Shorter Than Me

People always complain that there is no one to date. No height is better. Are you an aspiring journalist or just looking for an outlet where you can share your voice? Apply to write for Her Campus! Skip to main content.

I really, really don't care. I prefer east asian men over other types of men and tend to date exclusively asian men and they tend not to be very tall. My husband is an incredible person. But 6" stilletos, not so much.

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