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Would Girls Date A Guy in a Wheelchair?

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25 Jul If you are new to the world of wheelchairs your life has probably been filled with new experiences and new information. Over the years we have learned many things about being in a relationship with someone in a wheelchair. Some lessons have been life altering, some lessons have hurt physically and. 8 Jun There's no tolerance for time wasters. Have a good long think before you start dating someone who's in a wheelchair because of a genetic reason. Turning round and saying that in the long run you can't be with someone with genetic defects but hey lets' still date and have 'fun', is not going to go down well. 26 Jan Well some are, but nobody pays any attention to them anyway. We felt it important to offer some insight into “women in wheelchairs” for future features, which we hope you will continue! Perhaps “top ten positions for sex with a chick in a wheelchair” or “benefits of dating someone in a wheelchair”?.

Hopefully, your answer to the question in the title of this post is an unhesitant: A wheelchair makes no difference to me. What matters to me is who is sitting in it. Unfortunately, in my experience, most people don't seem to feel that way, unless they themselves are confined to a wheelchair.

Would Girls Date A Guy in a Wheelchair?

The question here is directed at non-wheelchair users which include myself. If you were single and went to a party that was "happening," and you spotted an attractive girl in a wheelchair or guy in a wheelchairwould you consider chatting her up? The most realistic answer to these questions is that even if the hottest girl at the party were the girl in the wheel chair, you would check out the second-hottest girl.

But people have walked on fire to get a girl or guy they were attracted to. History has too many examples of this to pick one that is adequate. Why is a wheelchair a hindrance? Is it because you are only focused on what your relationship looks like to other people? Is it because you think wheelchair users cannot have sex?

If it's the latter, you are wrong. Wheelchair users have sex. Even if they cannot move their lower body, they can have erect penises and sensitive clitorises. Different muscles and nerve endings are affected by different types of accidents. But maybe your worry is not the sex but what your friends and family would think and say. They should not be concerned about your love life, but if they are, here is a good comeback if you do decide to go against the norm:.

If I had been in an accident and were in a wheelchair, I suppose you would find it inappropriate for me to find love? You would scare off potential abled suitors, yelling: Her lower body is paralyzed. She is in a wheelchair. If you are a Benefits Of Dating Someone In A Wheelchair parent, you would never think that way about your own child. But now the roles are reversed. Your little kid who is now approaching adulthood is not disabled, yet let's imagine she is dating a disabled guy in a wheelchair.

You may be one of those politically correct parents who is not expressing any concerns about your child's new relationship openly. But if you are like most people, there is a part of you that doesn't like it. Why should she have to date a disabled guy in a wheelchair? The good news is that we can overcome these types of implicit or not so implicit biases by standing up to Benefits Of Dating Someone In A Wheelchair stigmas we are surrounded by. Our family and friends are not our romantic partners.

They may once in a while have good advice on love and relationships. But they are narrow-minded. Relationships are hard work. In the long run, it doesn't matter what your physical appearance is like. What matters are your personality and character. This is not because I am concerned about family - I am 58 years old, my parents are dead and I don't have children.

The sex part is not the issue either. I am married, but my spouse is 11 years my senior in age, so, statistically, I will probably experience widowhood. My take, as an older person, is that if widowed and dating again - I would probably choose to keep romantic company with a man who shares my level of physical fitness realizing that levels of physical fitness can change quickly.

If I could not find that, then I would stay unfettered romantically and keep company with those I can walk with and be physically such as my female friends. I am coming from a perspective that, at my age, I don't want to add complexity to my life, and becoming involved with a wheelchair bound person would probability add such complexity.

Even the logistics of travel is complex with such a disability. If you had posed the question to me 30 years ago, I would have answered in the same manner.

I would choose a romantic partner who's mental and physical state was near mine to increase the odds of us aging together in similar fashion, and decreasing the odds of long term complexities in the health arena that are the reality of confinement to a wheelchair over the long term which is a way bigger deal than this statement "it doesn't matter what your physical appearance is like".

That's a very sensible reason--one that my peers although I am NOT several decades younger than you had not expressed when I asked them. Most of the people I asked had a problem with external perception or sex. I dated a guy in a wheel chair once.

He had a problem with his legs Benefits Of Dating Someone In A Wheelchair childhood. After a couple of dates he had a problem discerning me, his date, from a caregiver. Before long he was saying get this, do that, I can't reach that. I didn't mind picking stuff up for him but he wouldn't wait for me to finish whatever I was doing at the moment. He wanted whatever he needed done performed immediately. I also agree with the person above, I'm very active and I learned a wheelchair only goes so many places, there are limits.

I guess if you don't mind being geographically this web page and willing to give a lot more than you get then a romantic partner in a wheelchair is for you. If there is a wide gap in physical abilities which may get wider over time even under the best of circumstances - the one who possesses more capability has, structurally speaking - placed themselves in the role of caregiver.

If you have questions it's best to get them out in the open rather than dwelling on them. Times get tough usual accidents and UTI, we do our best and handle it well. I think everyone has a quote that has ignited something within them — a quote that has stirred their heart and inspired their creativity. If you are a caring parent, you would never think that way about your own child.

The mere act of marriage increases the female's odds statistically of becoming a caregiver as the couple ages, even if her mate is healthy at the beginning of the marriage. It makes sense to me try to narrow the gap as much as possible by starting out with as healthy a mate as possible. The comments here so far are totally buying into a limited stereotype, namely that if you are wheelchair bound, you are in poor health.

Not always true at all. There are young war veterans and others who have lost limbs etc. In fact, I could pair you up with wheelchair bound people who are likely to far outlive millions of obese Americans who smoke, don't exercse, and can barely waddle out of a McDonald's, even if they don't need a wheel chair.

But when dating, unlike people applying for employment - we get to use discretion on whom we can become involved with romantically and don't have to justify. We can sterotype, and we all do it to some degree.

Benefits Of Dating Someone In A Wheelchair

Agree that a lot of the populations in the developed world not just America are obese. And veterans are, generally speaking, population wise - a physically fit group - to their civilian peers.

They also sustain horrific injuries when they are younger and have youth on their side when recovering. The question is not how long wheelchair bound people would live compared to obese populations, but what heath conditions - in one's personal life - are they willing to live with, and what are they not willing to live with? How much caregiving is involved? What are the probabilities that the person you are going to be with can travel alongside you?

What are your personal preferences and tastes.

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Is the person you will be romantically involved one you want to get naked with? Whether they be of normal weight, obese, physically or mentally impaired, etc? Can you accept these conditions without reservation with no mind to change it?

Benefits Of Dating Someone In A Wheelchair

I understand some people who are in a wheelchair might be physically fit. However, a wheelchair isn't ever going to go on a hiking trail or a slippery sailboat. Which means for me, a romantic partner will not be able to accompany me on my outings.

It goes without saying that the majority of people are simply unaware to some of the things that we crips have to contend with. He tapped out notes on my knuckles, playing my hand like his instrument. There have been times in my life when I was afraid no one would ever want to date a person in my situation. They will be more accepting of your limitations, as well. Recently she gifted a Mobility Scooter purchased from spinLife on his birthday.

An obese person wouldn't be able to either. A person's mortality isn't that much of a concern. I would hate to have to either leave my partner at home while I went into the woods or stay home bound so as not to feel guilty. Your argument is a bit contrived. Fit people in wheelchairs do all kinds of things, including sailing. The wheelchair racers usually start first in big city marathons because they go faster than runners. So there are lots of outdoor activities they could do with you.

9 Things I Wish People Knew About Dating Someone In A Wheelchair

Your argument would make sense only if you were so limited that the ONLY outdoor activities you liked, and would be a "deal breaker" if your partner didn't want to do, or couldn't do, were hiking in the woods and a "slippery" sailboat whatever that is.

Which would deal out most people anyway, not to mention people who would consider you too inflexible. Why don't you just be honest and say you don't picture yourself with a wheelchair partner? Just don't make up baloney excuses that we can all see through.

I'd like to say that I would, but I know that it's just not the truth. Social stigma to me is paralyzing. And I have never dated anyone ever so Wheelchair users are not bound by their wheelchair - a wheelchair is our freedom.

Our way of getting out and experiencing the world. Not everyone who uses a wheelchair has no use of their lower limbs - I know right, what a shocker. There are many reasons why someone could use a wheelchair. You could wake up suddenly ill, have an accident and more.

What would you do then? The stigma that surrounds wheelchairs is because of abled read article like you lot. Disabled people can both challenge you physically and mentally.

Don't make excuses about sports - be truthful with yourselves and recognise that you're being ableist and you simply have an aversion to disabled people.