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Discussion forum for Fred Couples's girlfriend. Does Fred Couples (PGA) have a girlfriend? Is he dating someone? Is he married? Single? Divorced? Would you date him? Did you date him? Who is his wife? His fiance? A forum for WAGs, spouses, puckbunnies, cleat chasers, groupies, side chics, road. Boom Boom had to miss last year's Masters due to a back injury but he's off to the races this year, as usual at Augusta National. It was all about ball-striking today as he circled six birdies and five of them came on putts from inside six feet. Making his 32nd start at this event, this will go in the books as his 29th cut made here. 29 Jul again, Deborah Couples, the flamboyant fortysomething ex-wife of golfer Fred Couples, always did manage to make people wonder what she was thinking. Police used Deborah's Florida driver's license -- issued in when she still had a home in Palm Beach County -- for the initial identification.

After Fred Couples signed for a 67 in the first round of the Northern Trust Open at Riviera in February, Padraig Harrington put his arm around the American legend as the two climbed the stairs to the locker room. Harrington hadn't fared as well, and he asked what club Couples had hit into the long, par-4 18th hole. Then, Who Is Fred Couples Dating Now wanting to sound boastful about his still-prodigious length, he added: That's our Freddy — longer than ever at 49, here just as cool.

But what few people knew at the time was that just two days earlier his estranged wife Thais had lost her battle with breast cancer. She and Couples had separated inthen tried unsuccessfully to reconcile in Her two children were in the care of family friends in Santa Barbara, Calif. Drama seems to follow Couples whose first wife Deborah took her own life inthough you'd never know it from his famously loose demeanor.

Five months before his 50th birthday, the time Tour winner discusses his painful personal life, his duties as reigning U.

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When was the last time you saw Thais? I saw her at the end of '07 at Tiger's event. I went back there to help her out. When it comes from Who Is Fred Couples Dating Now, it sounds one way, when it comes from her, she would say, "Well, he came back and then he left again. That was the hardest thing I ever did, to not stay there after a few months.

I lived in the guesthouse for a little while, took care of [my stepchildren] Oliver and GiGi. That must have been hard on the kids. The hardest part was I wasn't able to do what I wanted to do with the kids, which was to make decisions for them and do things. That was very difficult because we all knew this day was coming, and if I had stayed all this time now I check this out be their father.

That was my goal, and it didn't work out. So now I'm hoping that Oliver for sure and maybe someday GiGi will want to come and spend time with me.

Who Is Fred Couples Dating Now

If not, I'm sure I will talk to them. I haven't wanted to push it. I'm not their father. I'm a guy who married their mom. They won't see you? GiGi is 18 and wants nothing to do with me, but Oliver, who is 16, in our own way we've kept in touch.

We text each other. Hopefully in the near future somebody will give me the okay [to resume contact]. It took me a long time to figure out why and what was going on. I just wish [Thais] was still around. I have no learn more here feelings. A decision is a decision. What do you mean? Her decision was for me not to be able to go up there and see Oliver and be around him for a few days and leave.

I think she wanted something different. The kids are still in Santa Barbara? GiGi is at college in Santa Barbara, and Oliver is in high school.

Very particular when it comes to beautiful women. The place has not changed over the years. We love Couples for being a regular guy, marvel at his touch with a club, but admonish him for being satisfied with only one major championship. I have a lot of talent, but I don't think I've wasted it.

So hopefully that'll turn around. I'm off for a month, and I don't expect them to want to see me. I just know it'll be tough on them. Who is their see more Oliver is with a great family up there, some nice people who were taking care of him while Thais was [ill], and GiGi is on her own.

She's a pretty smart kid. They must be resilient. I'm not [in Santa Barbara], so I don't know, but I think Thais [was] bright enough to be with these kids and at a certain point, take them aside and say, "I've got to get you going in a different way. No one tells me. It's like a secret up there. My time will come where I can see them or I can't, but it can't be any fun for anybody. I was 34 years Who Is Fred Couples Dating Now when my mom passed away and I was like, Are you kidding me?

She also died of breast cancer, right? And pancreatic cancer and ovarian cancer, and then she was just He died of leukemia. He lived two years after my mom passed away.

Who Is Fred Couples Dating Now

He was pretty healthy, but after my mom died he stopped taking his medicine and just kind of We got him a condo and my sister and her husband lived with him, and they tried to push him but he just kind of slowly went. Were you officially divorced from Thais when she died?

We never got divorced.

In the Bag: Fred Couples

I think what happened continue reading, she had a vision of what should happen and I guess I didn't disagree but I didn't like it. And then as time went on a little bit, I accepted it and she got to stay in the house and live as long as she could live and I didn't have a huge argument with her. Getting divorced would be strictly about money.

She was going to get money. She didn't need any more. What she needed was to stay where she was and she was able to do that. Basically I did it through my lawyers because I never spoke to her. I said, "I don't really care. I'm lucky enough to play golf, I have a house in the desert.

She can stay up there as long as she wants. Will you ever get married again?

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I really thought she was great. We just hit a few things, and I learned a lot from her. There's no reason you couldn't be around a woman a long time, but I'm not choosing to get married again.

I've done it twice — that's enough. Now I'm really hoping, knock wood, I can play on this Champions Tour. Do you live in a modest place now? I live in a great house at the Palms [in Palm Desert, Calif. It's a Spanish, adobe-style house. The only bad thing is it's right on the 15th tee, a par-3, maybe 50 feet away.

Going into the U. He bogeyed 12 and I took three, three and a half months off and tried to work on it.

I can see everyone's eyes when I'm out in the pool. I couldn't have the kids yelling and screaming when we first moved there. Oliver and GiGi would invite friends over and I'd say, "Okay, someone's on the tee. Every seven minutes we've got to be quiet!

Is it lonely living by yourself? It's just you, right? Yeah, it's just me. I have a girlfriend who lives in Redondo Beach. She comes out quite please click for source bit. When I met her last year it was the second half of the year, and with the Presidents Cup thing, she's going, "Wow, this takes a lot of time.

She said, "I'll step back for a while. Perhaps the Champions Tour can be your family. Jay Haas loves it, Tom Purtzer loves it. I can't believe I'm going to be the youngest cat out there.

If you're healthy, you could dominate those old guys. Well, I watch those guys, and they play incredible golf and they putt really Who Is Fred Couples Dating Now. I know it's not easy. I mean, Nick Price, one of our great players, has not won out there. My goal is to win. My goal out here [on the PGA Tour] was to win, but that's not realistic anymore.

How many tournaments have you missed because of your back? I've probably missed five or six majors and 15 to 20 other tournaments.