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Rihanna Reacts To Chris Brown Vs Soulja Feud

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When the topic of beef is broached in hip-hop, names like Tupac Shakur, 50 Cent and The Game will often pop up, but after a tumultuousSoulja Boy can now safely add his name to that list. Since first hitting it big in with his "Crank That Soulja Boy " single, which would go on to be certified diamond by the RIAA, Soulja Boy has managed to defy his detractors and outlast more talented lyricists with a continuous string of hits, becoming one of the more improbable success stories in hip-hop of the past decade.

But in addition to building a reputation as a teenage phenom with plenty of business savvy, Soulja was also perceived as everything that was wrong with rap music and a representation of where the culture was headed, causing friction between himself and elder statesmen in the game.

However, Soulja Boy would hold his own in many of these instances, flipping the script and proving to be adept at handling himself when put in the hot seat, a position he would find himself in numerous times throughout the years.

In addition to battling critics of his musical style and lack of lyricism, Soulja would engage in war with click at this page new artists as well, with the beefs sometimes getting out of hand and bordering on dangerous.

The tale has commanded fans and critics' attention, culminating in the Soulja Boy Challengewhich has taken over the internet.

Soulja Boy Dating Florida Westbrooks Outfits Polyvore

As soon as began, he didn't waste any time beefing with Chris Brown. GZA went on a rant disparaging Soulja Boy's brand of music, comparing the artistic quality with that of past teenage greats like Special Ed, and others. In an interview that took place on Dec. A month later, on Jan. Soulja Boy, I know you're young enough to be my kid but you single-handedly killed hip-hop, man," Ice-T said.

That didn't sit well with Soulja. T would respond with a video of his own apologizing for his vulgar comments directed towards Soulja Boy, but maintains his stance about Soulja Boy's music being lacking and warns him that responding to him with disrespect wouldn't be the best idea for him.

Although Soulja would never formally respond to Ice-T's retort, the elder statesmen would later admit to regretting entertaining beef with Soulja Boy. I kinda regret it. I said it because it turned me into a person that seemed like I wanted beef. In turn, Soulja Boy appeared at Soulja Boy Dating Florida Westbrooks Outfits Polyvore 3 of the Cavaliers' eastern conference semi-finals match-up to taunt LeBron James, with the rapper going as far as doing his signature Superman dance on the sidelines.

In FebruarySoulja Boy uploaded a video to his YouTube account after buying a new Lamborghini, and issued a challenge to Bow Wow to race him for his car. But apparently, Bow Wow took umbrage to Soulja Boy's remarks and filmed a clip of himself in a Lamborghini, disparaging Soulja Boy's own pricey car before Soulja Boy Dating Florida Westbrooks Outfits Polyvore his own challenge to Soulja Boy to race him. Soulja Boy would finally respond by questioning Bow Wow's ownership of his own Lamborghini, alleging that it was actually rented and not his property.

Soulja Boy Dating Florida Westbrooks Outfits Polyvore

Bow Wow would then shoot back with another video of his own, providing papers as proof of his car not being rented. The two would proceed to go back and forth with each other in an attempt to one-up the other in a beef that would run deep throughout the years.

He would further disparage Bow Wow, pointing to his upcoming album and the lack of fanfare surrounding it. During an appearance on Angela Yee's Morning After radio show, the New Boyzwho hit it big with their hit "You're a Jerk," seemed to not be so fond of Soulja Boy, going as far as to balk at the suggestion of the duo collaborating with him. Soulja Boy would quickly respond on Twitter, source to the social media platform on June 15, to air out the New Boyz for barking up the wrong tree.

If Please click for source Want Beef Dog. Subscribe to XXL on Youtube. Soulja caught Breezy's attention after posting a tweet boasting about his number of followers on Twitter. In response, Chris noted what he has achieved in music industry, " souljaboytellem and bowwow what yall make in a show i make for an hour at an afterparty But on July 26,a few years after the dust had settled, Chris Brown would lash out at Soulja Boy again, tweeting "some of these rappers is my sons Yo!!!

Fabolous, who was known as quite the jokester on Twitter at one point in time, first poked fun at Soulja Boy on Aug. While Fabolous would backtrack on his statements and explain that they were all in jest during an interview on Aug.

Fabolous would send shots at Soulja Boy following his comments, the two rappers would patch things up and move on with their respective careers.

Nick Cannon Says K. Michelle Had Sex w/ Soulja Boy

Rapper Yung Berg being robbed of his Transformers chain while in Detroit by rapper Trick Trick's goons is one of the more infamous instances of a juxe in rap. Soulja Boy would toss his name into the crosshairs and create bad blood with Berg after Soulja was spotted wearing what appeared to be Berg's chain on Feb.

The troops were so offended, they threatened not to carry any of Soulja's music at stores run by the military. The rapper would quickly issue a statement on Global Grind apologizing to the country's service-men, writing "When I expressed my frustration with the U.

Army, not only did my words come out wrong, I was wrong to even speak them. Doughboyz Cashout themselves would reiterate those claims, but Soulja Boy would never respond to those allegations, making this beef an open and shut one.

SpaceGhostPurrp accused Soulja Boy of copying Lil B's style, with Soulja responding with a disrespectful remark while disregarding the allegations. We gon eat yo face nigga. But in a weird twist of events, SpaceGhostPurrp would drops a diss track aimed at Soulja Boy in December ofmore than four years after their online war of words, but aside from that, this beef appears to have faded a long time ago.

Soulja Boy Dating Florida Westbrooks Outfits Polyvore took to her Twitter account to lash out at SODMG crew, calling out Soulja for being a "fake ass rapper" and writing that Diamond, Soulja's girlfriend at the time, was a better rapper than him.

However, in this instance, Soulja would take the high road, commenting "What would I look like fighting with a girl? They say all is fair in Soulja Boy Dating Florida Westbrooks Outfits Polyvore and war, so the low blows between Lil Scrappy and Soulja Boy after former Crime Mob member Diamond left Scrappy for Soulja were to be expected.

Things between the two came to a head on Dec. In tweets that have since been deleted, Soulja Boy challenged Lil Scrappy to a fight, in addition to taunting the Head Bussa for losing his girl to him. Lil Scrappy would respond with a round of tweets of his own, threatening Soulja Boy and questioning his sexuality while further defending himself.

But while Soulja Boy appeared to be the winner at the time, Scrappy would have the last laugh, as Diamond would break things off with Soulja at the beginning of Februaryless than two months after his boastful statements.

Soulja Boy's attention turned to Chicago in on April 19,when the rapper attacked Chief Keef in retaliation for one of Cheef's crew members snatching his chain via social media, threatening to kill the "Love Sosa" rapper. But when Chief Keef responded by tweeting out Soulja Boy's phone number, the ringtone king claimed that he was hacked and had no issues with Keef.

The two teenage phenoms would squash their beef via FaceTime on June 3,and have since collaborated on article source like "Foreign Cars" and "I'm Up Now. After Philly rapper Gillie Da Kid accused Soulja Boy of posing with fake money, Soulja took offense to the rapper's claims, threatening to slap Gillie on site if the two were to cross paths in August of Gillie would also challenge Soulja Boy to a boxing match, but Soulja would balk at stepping into the ring.

The beef has since died down, but knowing Gillie's history, could be reignited if the two were ever to be in the same vicinity together and has yet to be officially squashed.

Posted comments View all comments smashave May 14, Soulja boy is good very talent rapper he can dance I like his movement on his music video. In addition to battling critics of his musical style and lack of lyricism, Soulja would engage in war with fellow new artists as well, with the beefs sometimes getting out of hand and bordering on dangerous. Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube.

Michelle took shots at Soulja Boy during an interview on The Breakfast Club radio show after what she perceived as him alluding to the two having had relations before. Michelle's comments, denying that he implied that the two had had sex, but not without proceeding to disparage her and attempt to shame her for her history with dealing with men in the entertainment industry. But the whole industry know you like the boy pussy" among other broadsides against the rapper.

Soulja Boy would then up the ante by posting a of his net worth besides hers on Twitter for all to compare. Other than later stating that she regretted getting into an argument with Soulja Boy on Twitter, K. Michelle would never respond to the post, and the beef would dissolve as quickly as it happened.

Soulja Boy's relationship with read article Nia Riley was a tumultuous one with plenty of social media drama, including his tirade against her that occurred on Jan.

Soulja Boy's relationship with breakout star Lil Yachty has taken a hit, with the two spending the fourth quarter of dissing each other. Things went left when Lil Yachty took offense to Souljah Boy posting pics of himself with model India Love, who Lil Boat apparently is dating, asking Soulja to remove the pics.

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Lil Yachty returned fire diss Soulja Boy live in concert, calling him old and washed up, and getting the crowd to yell "fuck Soulja Boy. But in a twist of events, Soulja Boy would wind up apologizing to Lil Click to see more and denying any beef on his part in an Instagram post, stating, "Lil Yachty, you know I love you bro, I just needed to smoke a blunt, bro.

You know big Soulja be tweakin' when he ain't got no weed. I didn't take that serious," seemingly putting a nail in the coffin of the Soulja Boy and Lil Yachty saga. Actress Keke Palmer became atarget of Soulja Boy's due to the rapper perceiving Soulja Boy Dating Florida Westbrooks Outfits Polyvore of Palmer's posts, which included a bunch of boat emojis, to be aimed at him in support of Lil Yachty.

Taking umbrage, Soulja would threatened to expose Palmer, who also happens to be good friends with Soulja's ex-girlfriend Nia Riley, but Palmer insists that her post was innocent and that there's nothing about her to expose. She would also share her opinion that Soulja's antics had gone too far and that she doesn't know him to be who he has presented himself as of late, but waves an olive branch.

The following day, Soulja would attempt to make amends, blaming his actions on his lack of drugs while on the road. He then responds to those who said "Soulja Boy was tweakin'" -- "Bitch I was on the road with no drugs! Although many people have been entertained by Soulja Boy's latest antics, fellow Atlanta rapper 21 Savage is not one of them, with the rapper sending shouts at Soulja Boy on Oct.

In tweets that have since been deleted, Soulja Boy challenged Lil Scrappy to a fight, in addition to taunting the Head Bussa for losing his girl to him. A month later, on Jan. Soulja Boy's attention turned to Chicago in on April 19,when the rapper attacked Chief Keef in retaliation for one of Cheef's crew members snatching his chain via social media, threatening to kill the "Love Sosa" rapper.

The following day, Soulja would offer to squash beef with all of his enemies, but warned that the peace-offering was only good for a limited time. LaBeouf's bars would lead Soulja Boy to strike back.

LaBeouf, however, paid Soulja's threats no mind, releasing another freestyle mocking the rapper on Dec. In a video, obtained by TMZ, on Dec. He gotta put me in the next Transformers movie.

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Put me in a movie, put me in something, put me in a TV show and you can come to Atlanta. While there's no telling if LaBeouf will help Soulja Boy break into Hollywood, or if Soulja will release the career-ending diss he's promised, at this point, their beef here to be dormant. In another clip, posted on Dec. You never showed up, nigga.

Quavo would finally respond to Soulja with a brief video clip of his own alongside his Migos brethren, joking that they're "out here hunting for these fake gangster rappers. Soulja Boy's arrest would put a pause on this particular beef, but with Soulja's release, could extend into the new year and beyond.

SouljaBoy back at it again and he's posting some pretty heavy tweets Migos Quavo. A photo posted by The Shade Room theshaderoom on Dec 7, at 1: A photo posted by Baller Alert balleralert on Dec 9, at 2: A video posted by QuavoHuncho quavohuncho on Dec 9, at 4: Just a read more days into and Soulja Boy continued his penchant for beef, this time with Chris Brown.

They became enemies all because of an Instagram photo. Brown's ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran posted an image of herself on the social media site, which prompted Soulja to comment with a heart eyes emoji. This didn't sit well with Breezy, who apparently called the rapper to complain. Things Soulja Boy Dating Florida Westbrooks Outfits Polyvore from bad to worse once Soula put their business out for the world to see on Twitter.

The move prompted a back and forth on Instagram between the two, with threats coming from both sides. Now Brown and Soulja are set to settle the score with a fight in a boxing match to be endorsed by Mayweather Promotions. Share on Twitter Share on Facebook. See 20 Hip-Hop Albums Turning 10 in