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What’s it like dating when you’re a female amputee?

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Male Amputee Dating Angles Of Elevation

Loss of limb is one of the most fearful things to happen to anyone. If you have chosen a public place like a movie theater or restaurant, prepare yourself mentally for negative reactions from some people around.

Male Amputee Dating Angles Of Elevation

If you are unsure of how to behave when a comment is particularly loud or nasty, take your cue from your partner. Avoid physically rigorous activities like hiking, bowling or date ideas link there is a lot of walking involved, like a city tour.

If your partner uses a wheelchair and you plan to visit a museum or a theater, ensure beforehand that the venue has a ramp and other facilities like a washroom for the disabled.

Even something like dancing which many couples take for granted in a date might be difficult for your partner. If you would like to be in the outdoors, a visit to the zoo or a nature park can be a good idea as these are places where you can rest intermittently and simply enjoy the view. Talk about it, if your partner wishes One of the most difficult things about dating an amputee is to know whether you should talk about it.

Here it is again best to take your cue from your partner.

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In fact talking about something as personal as the loss of a limb can actually bond people together in a relationship. Be positive In a culture obsessed with physical perfection and beauty, it is hard for amputees to maintain a positive self-image.

It is likely that from time to time they may start thinking of themselves as somehow inferior to a person with intact limbs and thus as less attractive.

10 things to NEVER say while on a first date with an amputee

They may ask themselves, "why should anyone be interested in me when there are so many people link all four limbs? So if you are dating an amputee, it is important that you should say positive things to them.

For instance compliment your girlfriend on her hairdo or mention to your boyfriend that the jacket suits him very well.

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If you lie, then your partner will see you as insincere and patronizing, traits which are hardly welcome in a meaningful relationship. Allow the relationship to develop at its own pace and avoid trying to force anything, especially intimacy, too soon.

What’s it like dating when you’re a female amputee? – Momentum

This is because amputees are generally wary of how they will appear to their partners in an intimate situation. Your girlfriend may be unsure of how you will react when she takes off her prosthetic leg in bed or read article boyfriend may secretly wince at the prospect of you viewing the stump on his arm.

Since notions of selfhood in human society are so intricately wound up with physical perfection, your partner may be hesitant to move your relationship to the intimate level. Finally think of a relationship with an amputee like one with any other person. Both these attitudes are extremes and thus unhealthy for a relationship. If you truly wish to have a meaningful relationship with your partner, avoid succumbing to either of them.

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Amputees appreciate understanding and sensitivity, but do not wish to be seen as stronger or weaker than others - they just want to be treated equally. Thus though an amputation is a part of who your partner is, keep in mind that it is not the entire package. Skip to main content.