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Harry Nilsson discography and songs: Music profile for Harry Nilsson, born June 15, Genres: Baroque Pop, Pop Rock, Singer/Songwriter. Albums include Nilsson Schmilsson, Aerial Ballet, and Reservoir Dogs. One; myfirstmeet.datet Her; myfirstmeet.dateody's Talkin' (From "Midnight Cowboy"); 4.I Guess The Lord Must Be In New York City; And My Arrow; myfirstmeet.datet You; 7. Coconut; Into The Fire;'re Breakin' My Heart; Remember ( Christmas); As Time Goes By; Don't Forget Me; Easier For Me; All I Think About Is. Rank, Title. 1, Life Line. 2, Everything's Got 'Em. 3, Caroline. 4, Simon Smith And The Amazing Dancing Bear. 5, Maybe. -, Alimony. -, Ambush. -, Daybreak. -, Put The Lime In The Coconut. -, Without You. All Harry Nilsson Songs. Full list of Harry Nilsson songs, listed alphabetically: See also Harry Nilsson Albums. Display.

Harry Edward Nilsson III June, — January 15,usually credited as Nilssonwas an American singer-songwriter who achieved the peak of his commercial success in the early s. His work is characterized by pioneering vocal overdub experiments, returns to the Great American Songbookand fusions of Caribbean sounds.

A tenor with a three-and-a-half octave range, Nilsson was one of the few major pop-rock recording artists of his era to achieve significant commercial success without ever performing major public concerts or undertaking regular tours. Born in BrooklynNilsson moved to Los Angeles as a teenager to escape his family's poor financial situation. While working as a computer programmer at a bank, he grew interested in musical composition and close-harmony singing, and was successful in having some of his songs recorded by various artists such as the Monkees.

Music industry insiders were impressed both with the songwriting and with Nilsson's pure-toned, multi-octave vocals. Los Angeles Nuggets Performing a selection of pop standards by the likes of BerlinKalmar and RubyNilsson sang in front of an orchestra arranged and conducted by veteran Gordon Jenkins in sessions produced by Derek Taylor. He soon formed close friendships with the band's John Http:// and Ringo Starr.

His most commercially successful albums, Nilsson Schmilsson and Son of Schmilssonbore the international top 10 singles " Without You " and " Coconut " His only other top 10 hit, " Everybody's Talkin' "was a prominent song in the film Midnight Cowboy. During a press conference, the Beatles were asked what their favorite American group was and answered "Nilsson". He soon formed close friendships with the band's John Lennon and Ringo Starr. In the s, Nilsson and Lennon were members of the Hollywood Vampires drinking club, embroiling themselves in a number of widely publicized, alcohol-fueled incidents.

At the same time, they produced one collaborative album, Pussy Cats AfterNilsson left RCA, and his record output diminished. In response to Lennon's learn more here by shootinghe took a hiatus from the music industry to campaign for gun control.

For the rest of his life, he recorded only sporadically. Nilsson was voted No. InNilsson died of a heart attack while in the midst of recording new material for a List Of Songs Written By Harry Nilsson comeback album. Nilsson was born in Bedford—Stuyvesant, Brooklyn in His maternal grandparents were the cornerstone of his young life. While his grandmother played piano, his grandfather Charlie supported the family in a tiny railroad apartment on Jefferson St in Brooklyn.

An autobiographical reference to this is found in the opening to Nilsson's song "":. Nilsson's " Daddy's Song " also refers to this period in Nilsson's childhood. His younger half-brother Drake was left with family or friends during their moves between California and New York, sometimes living with a succession of relatives and stepfathers. His uncle, a mechanic in San Bernardino, Californiahelped Nilsson improve his vocal and musical abilities. Because of the poor financial situation of his family, Nilsson worked from an early age, including a job at the Paramount Theatre in Los Angeles.

When the theatre closed inhe applied for a job at a bank, falsely claiming he was a high school graduate on his application he only completed ninth grade.

He performed so well the bank retained him even after uncovering his deception regarding being a high school graduate. He worked on bank computers at night, and in the daytime pursued his songwriting and singing career. ByNilsson was intrigued by emerging forms of popular music, especially rhythm and blues artists like Ray Charles.

He disliked the experiences he had, though, and decided to stick to the recording studio. His seventh album was no less focused -- that's just the way Nilsson worked -- but it's consistently great, moving from plaintive piano ballads to playful oldies to tough rockers, like the seven-minute volcano "Jump Into the Fire," with ease. Easier For Me 2. After a long hiatus from the studio, Nilsson started recording sporadically once again in the mid to late s. Video Showing all 3.

He had made early attempts at performing while he was working at the Paramount, forming a vocal duo with his friend Jerry Smith and singing close harmonies in the style of the Everly Brothers. The manager at a favorite hangout gave Nilsson a plastic ukulele, which he learned to play, and he later learned to play the guitar and piano.

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Uncle John's singing lessons, along with Nilsson's natural talent, helped when he got a job singing demos for songwriter Scott Turner in Turner paid Nilsson five dollars for each track they recorded. When Nilsson became famous, Turner decided to release these early recordings, and contacted Nilsson to work out a fair payment.

Nilsson replied that he had already been paid — five dollars a track.

List Of Songs Written By Harry Nilsson

InNilsson began to have some early success as a songwriter, working with John Marascalco on a song for Little Richard. Upon hearing Nilsson sing, Little Richard reportedly remarked: You sing good for a white boy!

Another recording, "Donna, I Understand", convinced Mercury Records to offer Nilsson a source, and release recordings by him under the name "Johnny Niles.

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InNilsson worked with Phil Spectorwriting three songs with him. He also established a relationship with songwriter and publisher Perry Botkin, Jr. Botkin also gave Nilsson a key to his office, providing another place to write after hours.

The fruitful association between Nilsson and Tipton continued after Nilsson signed with RCA Victor — Tipton went on to create the arrangements for nearly all of Nilsson's RCA recordings between and but their association ended in the s when the two fell out for unknown reasons. Whatever the cause, it was evidently a source of lingering resentment for Tipton, who was one of the few significant collaborators who refused to participate in the documentary on Nilsson's life and career.

List Of Songs Written By Harry Nilsson

Nilsson's recording contract was picked up by Tower Records, which in released the first singles actually credited to him by name, as well as the debut album Spotlight on Nilsson. Despite his growing success, Nilsson remained on the night shift at the bank. Nilsson signed with RCA Victor and released an album the following year, Pandemonium Shadow Showwhich was List Of Songs Written By Harry Nilsson critical if not commercial success. Music industry insiders were impressed both with the songwriting and with Nilsson's pure-toned, multi-octave vocals.

One such insider was Beatles press officer Derek Taylorwho bought an entire box of copies of the album to share this new sound with others. With a major-label release, and continued songwriting success most notably with The Monkeeswho had a hit with Nilsson's "Cuddly Toy" [8] after meeting him through their producer Chip DouglasNilsson finally felt secure enough in the music business to quit his job article source the bank.

Monkees member Micky Dolenz maintained a close friendship until Nilsson's death in Some of the albums from Derek Taylor's box eventually ended up with the Beatles themselves, [9] who quickly became Nilsson fans. This may have been helped by the track " You Can't Do That ". McCartney was then asked to name his favorite American group. When RCA had asked if there was anything special he wanted as a signing premium, Nilsson asked for his own office at RCA, being used to working out of one.

In the weeks after the Apple press conference, Nilsson's office phone began ringing constantly, with offers and requests for interviews and inquiries about his performing schedule. Here usually answered the calls himself, surprising the callers, and answered questions candidly.

He recalled years later the flow of a typical conversation: He disliked the experiences he had, though, and decided to stick to the recording studio. He later admitted this was a huge mistake on his part. Once Lennon called and praised Pandemonium Shadow Showwhich he had listened to in a hour marathon. Eventually a message came, inviting him to London to meet the Beatles, watch them at work, and possibly sign with Apple Corps.

A minor US hit at the time of release and a top 40 hit in Canadathe song would become more popular a year later when it was featured in the film Midnight Cowboyand it would earn Nilsson his first Grammy Award. Aerial Ballet also contained Nilsson's version of his own composition "One"which was later taken to the top 5 of the US charts by Three Dog Night and also successfully covered in Australia by John Farnham.

Nilsson was also commissioned at this time to write and perform the theme song for the ABC television series The Courtship of Eddie's Father. List Of Songs Written By Harry Nilsson result, "Best Friend", was very popular, but Nilsson never released the song on record; the original version of List Of Songs Written By Harry Nilsson song entitled "Girlfriend" was recorded during the making of This web page Ballet but not included on that LP, and it eventually appeared on the Personal Best anthology, and as a bonus track on a later release of Aerial Ballet.

Late inThe Monkees ' notorious experimental film Head premiered, featuring a memorable song-and-dance sequence with Davy Jones and Toni Basil performing Nilsson's composition "Daddy's Song. With the success of Nilsson's RCA recordings, Tower re-issued or re-packaged many of their early Nilsson recordings in various formats.

All of these reissues failed to chart, including a single "Good Times". While the album still presented Nilsson as primarily a songwriter, his astute choice of cover material included, this time, a song by then-little-known composer Randy Newman" Simon Smith and the Amazing Dancing Bear ". Nilsson was so impressed with Newman's talent that he devoted his entire next album to Newman compositions, with Newman himself playing piano behind Nilsson's multi-tracked vocals.

Nilsson's next project was an animated film, The Point! Nilsson's self-produced album of songs from The Point! Later that year, Nilsson went to England with producer Richard Perry to record what became the most successful album of his career. Nilsson Schmilsson yielded three stylistically different hit singles. The first was a cover of Badfinger 's song " Without You " by Welsh songwriters Pete Ham and Tom Evansfeaturing a highly emotional arrangement and soaring vocals to match — recorded, according to Perry, in a single take.

Also notable is that the entire song is played using one chord, C7. Nilsson followed quickly with Son of Schmilssonreleased while its predecessor was still in the charts. Besides the problem of competing with himself, Nilsson was by then ignoring most of Perry's production advice [6] and his decision to give free rein to his bawdiness and bluntness on this release alienated some of his earlier, more conservative fan base.

The album nevertheless reached 12 on the Billboardand the single "Spaceman" was a Top 40 hit in October The follow-up single "Remember Christmas ", however, stalled at Nilsson's disregard for commercialism in favor of artistic satisfaction showed itself in his next release, A Little Touch of Schmilsson in the Night Performing a selection of pop standards by the likes of BerlinKalmar and RubyNilsson sang in front of an orchestra arranged and conducted by veteran Gordon Jenkins in sessions produced by Derek Taylor.

This musical endeavor did not do well commercially. Lennon was intent upon producing Nilsson's next album, much to Nilsson's delight. However, their time together in California became known much more for heavy drinking than it did for musical collaboration.

In a widely publicized incident, the two were ejected from the Troubadour nightclub in West Hollywood for drunken heckling of the Smothers Brothers. To make matters worse, at a late night party and jam session during the recording of the album, attended by Lennon, McCartney, Danny Kortchmarand other musicians, [15] Nilsson ruptured a vocal cordbut he hid the injury for fear that Lennon would call a halt to the production.

The resulting album was Pussy Cats. In a show of friendship, Lennon accompanied Nilsson to negotiations, and both intimated to RCA that Lennon and Starr might want to sign with them, once their Apple Records contracts with EMI expired inbut would not be interested if Nilsson were no longer with the label.

Nilsson's voice had mostly recovered by his next release, Duit on Mon Deibut neither it nor its follow-ups, Sandman and That's the Way It Is bothmet with chart success. Finally, Nilsson recorded what he later considered to be his favorite album Knnillssonn With his voice strong again, and his songs exploring musical territory reminiscent of Harry or The Point!

RCA seemed to agree, and promised Nilsson a substantial marketing campaign for the album. However, the death of Elvis Presley caused RCA to ignore everything except meeting demand for Presley's back catalog, and the promised marketing push never happened.

Nilsson cumulatively spent several years at the flat, which was located near Apple Records, the Playboy ClubTramp and the homes of friends and business associates.

Nilsson's work and interests took him to the US List Of Songs Written By Harry Nilsson extended periods, and while he was away he lent his place to numerous musician friends.

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Following a strenuous performance with encores on July 29,Elliot was discovered in one of the bedrooms, dead of heart failure at On September 7,The Who 's drummer Keith Moon returned to the same room in the flat after a night out, and died at 32 from an overdose of Clomethiazolea prescribed anti-alcohol drug.