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Hi, me & OH have been married 13 years and have 2 small children. Life can be tough as one of the children is severely disabled and it's hard work at times. However, I found my hubbies phone on the bedroom floor earlier presume it fell out of his trousers. I know it is wrong but I looked at the texts, I guess i. I found text messages on my husbands phone to a woman and confronted him. He told me she was a coworker at his company and said he didn't really know why he did it. He said it helped his ego. He's been having E.d. lately and said it made him feel good to still feel desirable. I'm extremely hurt by this, he stopped doing. 22 Oct Hey i'm sorry. My marriage broke up over that very thing. It was kind of a last straw for her, and w Find answers to the question, If You Found Flirtatious Text Messages In Your Husband's Phone..? from people who know at Ask Experience.

We separated for one week and after discussions and an agreement that he would not contact this woman we decided to get back together. Nowadays you can send or receive a text or an email at any time of the day or night.

If the phone rang, in the past, it was most probably a close friend or someone calling to arrange a social event like a match in a golf tournament. Today, the message could be from work who consider it fine to email at weekends and late at nightyour bank confirming a new payment or a flirty text from a work colleague.

In the happiest marriage, it is easy for technology to intrude and come between you and your partner. So even if your suspicions are ungrounded, it is worth having a debate about when and where it is acceptable to use your smartphone. How to turn it round: There are no right or wrong answers when it comes to smartphone etiquette but what gets our attention is what thrives. Think about Found Text Messages On My Husbands Phone message you are giving to each other if you routinely put interacting with others on your phone over your relationship.

Miners used to take canaries down pits to warn of the approach of harmful gasses. If the canary died, it signalled the need for a quick exit.

Ultimately, it is better to try and solve the root causes — before they tip over into more dangerous behaviours — read more get diverted into discussing is texting another woman cheating.

The first approach will provide information that might be useful for rescuing the relationship but the second only invites a counter-attack. When he stops mentioning her, you think the madness has passed and you can breathe again. Does he seem to find constant fault or is irritable and snappy for no reason? You will also avoid the trap — which many women fall into after an affair is discovered — of blaming yourself for not acting sooner.

Nobody will step back, look at their behaviour through fresh eyes and assess the impact on other people, when they feel under attack. They normally defend themselves, counter complain or close down the conversation by walking away.

So keep an open mind and truly listen to what your partner has to say. If you give him this courtesy, he will probably return it.

Found Text Messages On My Husbands Phone

Perhaps he thinks you spend too much time chatting to your friends too. When it comes to hearts and minds, we respond better to positive rather than negative messages. For example, does he think you put the children first and he comes a distant third or fourth?

How do I handle this? I asked why and he said he wanted to know other women find him attractive and he liked the danger element. And this turning to a moment's glory to try to feel more alive is an indication of the here of self worth he's dealing with.

Does he think wiping down the kitchen counters trumps coming to bed at a decent time and having sex with him? Expert on resolving infidelity and falling back in love.

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One important aspect you forgot to mention about mobile communication is the camera! Finally, in all honestly I believe there is nothing you can do to stop this sort of behaviour — it is a choice the individual has to make. So a question for you then. If one, such as my wife, were engaged in an affair which may still be continuing over the phone should you offer a carrot such as allowing them to continue to talk but for her to share the information with me doubt she will share it all?

However, you can talk about it together — calmly. I have a read more mantra that I use to explain assertiveness: Saw it one night on her phone and Found Text Messages On My Husbands Phone was coming onto her.

I sent him a message to back off. But it still continued while I was at work or she was out at her friends. They continued flirting, I managed to see some of the messages before she deleted them. As I know her tastes quite well.

After about a month she defriended him on Facebook, she seemed quite upset about it, but within a week found out she was now messaging through twitter instead. It gets worse when she has had a drink and seems to crave his attention which can be sporadic, also her friend encourages it acting as a go between.

This has been like this for a month, and sometimes no contact for a week. We have started counselling but she still seems intent to split up, despite getting on well most of the time and not been anything that had acted as a trigger point.

She has made Found Text Messages On My Husbands Phone attempt to meet this man, nor him either as his he comes across as someone who tries this a lot with different women in the hope of sex. I can certainly believe it has been the worst link of your life. But most of all, set yourself some goals on how you can make your half of the marriage better and start implementing them.

Thank you for your reply Andrew. One of the most important thing we have in our relationship has been faithful to one and other and trust neither of us would consider been unfaithful. So when the double header of my partner wanting to split up but also escaping into her fantasy emotional relationship with someone else, it was hard to cope.

I can understand the feeling of excitement and if she was source how it proceeded. I get accused of putting to much pressure on her or not showing any efforts of changing. I was glad to read about the uncertainty been ok and a chance to make improvements, as most people I have spoken to has said she should make her mind up.

Found Text Messages On My Husbands Phone

Situation is not logical… we are working on the relationship and both trying hard, yet underneath there seems to be some difficulty in letting go, which I understand and acknowledged with my partner. There is a dark shadow that can appear out of no where in our own home and it is uncomfortable for me. I know it seems bad but please listen to what your wife is saying.

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My husband has always worked in a male dominated area. I have never feared him cheating really as he has been very openly critical of people he knows cheating and was quite shy when we met with me having to make the first move. About a year ago they got a new receptionist he told me she was young, very pretty and had posed naked in a lads mag. He started talking about her all the time. Anyway that died down and I forgot about it. At xmas he had his work party afterwards he was really grumpy and off with me and I had this horrible sick feeling something Found Text Messages On My Husbands Phone happened.

I logged onto the PC a little after and it brought up his facebook account and he was mid messaging her. Other chatty messages were exchanged when we should have been putting our son to bed and another night when I was out and he told her he had all the time in the world as we home alone. All these messages have been kept from me. A while later he had another work do he said he would be home early and Found Text Messages On My Husbands Phone got home at 4am again he was grumpy and off with me.

Next work do he lets slip that at the last do he gave her a lift, it is not on his way and he was picking her up again.

This time he got home at 1am. When I look back through his facebook seach history he is looking her up on a fairly regular basis. He looked a little panicked but asked me what I meant.

He asked if it was just circumstantial and I said yes. He told me nothing was going on, shes not his type and they are just friends. Since then he has continued to look her up on facebook even when he was on a night out with his mates.

I am often complimented by other men on my appearance and I try to look nice and stay fit, but this girl is 10 years younger than me although she visit web page due to get married later tis year. It sounds like you might have been alerted before anything serious has happened but the red lights are flashing and you need to find out why he is becoming so detached.

My husband has been cheating on me for over a year, all the signs were there, he warned me but because he never actually told me he wanted to leave I thought things were okay. Our relationship has improved so much since he told me, he is very open and honest about it all.

Talking about divorce more info pushing the nuclear button to sort this problem out. We dont fight, he is with me every night and rarely goes out alone apart from the day when we are both at work. We are working thru this mess and we are closer than ever but I do have my meltdown days and he is always there to hold and reassure me and love me back to a better place. Long story short my husband was a complete jerk to the pastor but after lots of counseling and prayer we are making our marriage better. When I confront him he gets real mad raise his voice and calls me names.

He rented a place with her and split his time between us. Apparently only having sex with me which I actually believe.

How to Spy on My Husband's Phone Without Him Knowing!

He has taken our kids to meet her numerous times because she is having their sister. But she is having this baby, he is returning to his home country for maybe a year, she plans to follow him there 3 months after the baby is born. So I need coping strategies for the next year. And your advice about not talking to friends, so true.

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Omg there is no way if my bf cheated and on top got a girl pregnant I would stay with him. He is getting his cake and eating it too. Of course he is having sex with her and u. Men are such liars. Source been through soo much bs now I.

Ant take it anymore. No body should Found Text Messages On My Husbands Phone to deal with this crap. Stupid websites and phones ruin it all. I hope that my book helps you to find some new strategies.

Just keep asking more and more questions, so he has to think about his strategy and come to the obvious conclusion: Hello, I happened to watch your video, my husband is texting someone … And have a night with her. Almost ruined our family. How can I avail your book? I have deal with it, painfully, imaginable that I have forgiven him for his sinfulness.

I am in the process of acceptance. I have forgiven him but still very fresh. We are talking constantly.