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Alert: NYC Tsunami Date Correction (01/19/2018)

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For complete and accurate display of this text, see the PDF. For a better experience on congress. Congressional Record Proceedings, Debates of the U.

All in House section Prev 27 of 63 Next. Speaker, I ask unanimous consent that the time allocated by House Resolution to the ranking minority members of four committees instead be controlled by the minority leader or her designees. The online click should be corrected to read: Is there objection to the please click for source of the gentleman from Pennsylvania?

There was no objection. Speaker, pursuant to the rule, I call up the resolution H. The Clerk read the title of the resolution. The text of the resolution is as follows: Pursuant to House Resolution and the special order of today, debate shall not exceed 10 hours, with 5 hours equally divided among and controlled by the chairman of the Committees on International Relations, Armed Services, the Judiciary and the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, and 5 hours controlled by the minority leader or her designee.

The gentleman from Illinois Mr. Hyde is recognized to control 75 minutes. Speaker, I ask unanimous consent that all Members may have 5 legislative days in which to revise and extend their remarks on H. Is there objection to the request of the gentleman from Illinois?

Aiken Dating Site Video 2018 Japanese Tsunami Timeline History

Speaker, I rise in support of H. This resolution is about more than the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is about a global war to protect American ideals, and the democracy and values on which this great Nation was founded.

Speaker, like this war itself, is about freedom. Just 12 days ago I returned from Iraq. I can tell this House that the morale of our fighting men and women there is sky high. They know why they are there. They know they are liberators doing good.

And they believe passionately in their mission. It is not possible to talk to these men and women without being inspired by their courage, their determination, their professionalism and their patriotism. America has been struck repeatedly.

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We failed to recognize them as [[ Page H ]] the escalating strikes that they were. We failed to identify the networks behind the bombs. We convinced ourselves that these attacks were just somehow random acts of violence. And yet the attacks continued. The terrorists did not admire or appreciate our limited response.

They did not come to the table to discuss points of political concern, and they did not de-escalate, demobilize or disappear. Our response was inconstant and limited, but their reactions were not. They plotted and they practiced, while we hoped for the best and fired an occasional cruise missile into the desert. We were wrong and we slumbered in denial. And then came the day when terrorism slapped us in the face, awakening us to a stark reality.

I remember it as a crisp, fall day. Where the clear blue sky was filled with fluffy white clouds.

Employers from across the country have struggled to find workers with the right skills to fill open positions. Yaguchi's team has a breakthrough and procure the means to conduct their deep freeze plan through international cooperation. One inescapable lesson of history is that passivity in the face of a threat is an invitation to strike. Madison is considered one of the most important Supreme Court cases in American…. We are depleting our resources, just like Russia depleted their resources in Afghanistan.

But that peaceful scene was transformed in an instant when planes went crashing into buildings and the clear sky turned to choking ash and soot. I stood in my Capitol office, just a few yards from where I am speaking here today. I saw the black smoke rising from the Pentagon. The third plane had hit just across the river from this Capitol building. In that moment, we were afraid. None of us had anticipated the lengths to which our enemies would go to destroy our American way of life, our ideals and our belief.

Alert: NYC Tsunami Date Correction (01/19/2018)

Of course, we knew that foreign terrorists had caused trouble elsewhere, maybe in Israel or in Northern Ireland, but we found it hard to imagine that they came to our shores hoping to kill tens of thousands of men, women and children, innocent, unarmed people, peacefully going about their daily lives.

As we watched some of our fellow citizens leap from burning buildings to their deaths, our fear turned to anger and then anger to resolute determination. America's response started high above a corn field in rural Pennsylvania.

Aiken Dating Site Video 2018 Japanese Tsunami Timeline History

Brave men and women, armed with nothing more than boiling water, dinner forks and broken bottles, stood up, as Americans always do when our freedom is in peril, and they struck back. We know from the messages they left behind that their final thoughts were for their families and their loved ones, but they also spoke of their love of their country.

We in this Congress must show the same steely resolve as those men and women on United Flight 93, the same sense of duty as the first responders who headed up the stairs of the Twin Towers. We must stand firm in our commitment to fight terrorism and the evil it inflicts throughout the world. We must renew our resolve that the actions of evildoers will not dictate American policy. And we must decide, right here, today what kind of a Nation we want to leave for our children and their generation.

We are not alone in the fight on global terror. I cannot list them all, but they include countries link and small, rich and poor: In fact, the number see more countries working to defeat our common enemy continues to grow.

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Pakistan, a nation that once recognized the oppressive Taliban regime, has changed its course and now works closely with the coalition to round up terrorists. Yemen, Indonesia, and Saudi Arabia have also moved aggressively within their borders to fight terrorism. Libya has given up her nuclear capability.

Today, more than three-quarters of al Qaeda's known click here and associates have been detained or killed.

Nearly a dozen serious al Qaeda plots have been stopped since September 11th. But there is good reason for ongoing vigilance because the threat is still very real. Just recently, our neighbor to the north, Canada, foiled a terrorist plot to storm that country's parliament and one of its major television headquarters. The terrorists planned to behead those they captured.

Retrieved June 13, Final Wars and 's Godzilla. Rolling averages provide a numeric quantification of how Americans think about political scandals as…. If we do not take action to defend ourselves, then we are lost because no one exists to rescue us if we fail. One of the big agenda items that passed the House on Thursday was a bill with an amendment that would….

Speaker, today in parts of the Middle East, where once oppression choked out freedom, we are now seeing democracy take root. Afghanistan was once a safe haven for the al Qaeda terrorist network.

In remote training camps, terrorists planned and practiced attacks on the United States and other freedom loving peoples. Those camps are now gone. In their place is a developing democracy with an elected President and a new Constitution that gives unprecedented rights read article freedoms to all Afghans.

Just 3 years ago, Afghan women were whipped in the streets; schooling was denied to girls. Today, women have the right to vote, and two Afghan cabinet ministers are women.

In Iraq, just 3 years ago, a brutal dictator sat in palatial luxury. Unhampered by the United Nations, Aiken Dating Site Video 2018 Japanese Tsunami Timeline History and his family stole the Oil- for-Food money from starving Iraqi children in order to support their lifestyle of debauchery and brutality.

Iraqi patriots were thrown alive into meat grinders. Unspeakable atrocities of all kinds were common, including the use of chemical weapons on Saddam's own people, the Kurds.

Saddam invaded the sovereign nation of Kuwait. Just please click for source few days ago, I was listening to the radio, and a pundit remarked on the sectarian violence in Iraq.

He observed that perhaps the Iraqi people were better off under Saddam. Given the unspeakable and systematic brutality of Saddam's regime, such a remark either reflects a serious misreading of history or a very naive and forgiving nature. It might have been easier for us in America to turn our heads and look the other way, as much as the rest of the world did, but I would submit that Saddam was an evil cancer on the world.

He was a threat to our country, and Mr. Speaker, America, not just Iraq, is better off today because Saddam Hussein sits in a court of law, answering for crimes he committed against humanity. We talked about the birth of democracy in Iraq. I looked article source the Speaker.

Speaker, I admire you. The Aiken Dating Site Video 2018 Japanese Tsunami Timeline History people represent an ancient civilization, but your democracy is just beginning. Your challenges are great, but so too are your opportunities. They told me that they were succeeding in putting together a unity cabinet, and shortly after my return, they announced the names of the last three ministers that deal with critical security issues.

He went further and urged us to stay with them while they build up the capacity to take over the task of providing security for their people. Today in Iraq we are working together with Iraqi patriots, men and women elected by their fellow citizens. Along with brave Iraqi soldiers and police, we are moving toward a day when the Iraqi Government on its own has the strength to protect their people, a day when our men and women, and their coalition partners, can come home.

We have lost many American lives. And each one is precious to us. But our fighting men and women remain committed to the effort. Active duty retention and recruiting is meeting or exceeding all objectives, and we are making progress toward our goal, but the battle is not over. It is a battle that we must endure and one in which we can, and will, be victorious.

The alternative would be to cut and run and wait for them to regroup and bring the terror back to our shores. When our freedom is challenged, Americans do not run.