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Explore Allan Peterson's board "Punny Pics - Halloween Edition" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Funny images, Funny photos and Funny pics. 24 May This article originally appeared in "The Foundations of Family History Research" by Sandra Hargreaves Luebking, FUGA, and Loretto Dennis Szucs, . Dating studio photographs is easier if something is known about the photographer or the establishment, such as the years the business was in the city. UK, circa From The Face in the Lens - Anonymous Photographs by Robert Flynn Johnson. Vintage Halloween Photo ~ Clown with Jack O' Lantern. .. You know you're addicted to genealogy when you know your grandparent's wedding date, the name of the church and most of the wedding party but not your own.

Like many, if not most, people of Trentini descent, I was raised Roman Catholic although, in my case, I probably owe my religious education more to my Irish mother than my Trentino-born father. For Catholics, the first two days of November are special holy days. While English-speaking people may not be familiar with the Italian term, many may have heard of D ia de los Muertoswhich is the celebration of the Day of the Dead amongst Mexican Catholics. As I write this article, it is November 2 nd — the Day of the Dead.

As a genealogist, sometimes it seems like every day is the Day of the Dead, as I am constantly researching and thinking about those who walked this planet before us. But for me, the transition from the month of October to November always has special significance, because my father who passed away in was born on Halloween — October 31 st— in the parish of Santa Croce del Bleggio, in Trentino.

But then, last night, something unexpected happened: His mom my daughter, Vrinda had come up with the idea Halloween Speed Dating Pictures Genealogy Research celebrate Dia de los Muertos by remembering the family Percy never got the chance to meet. As part of this, she told him to call me and ask me to tell him some stories about my parents.

I asked Percy what kind of stories he wanted to hear. I told him how my father was an electrical engineer for the New York Bell phone company.

Like many, if not most, people of Trentini descent, I was raised Roman Catholic although, in my case, I probably owe my religious education more to my Irish mother than my Trentino-born father. Each parish is in its own folder, and then further divided into births, marriages and deaths. Pomona continued to be celebrated long after the arrival of Christianity in Roman Europe. LDS filmpart 5, no page numbers.

Inthe company gave him the assignment to come up with a device that would enable the deaf and deaf-blind to use the telephone. I told Percy how my dad worked in our basement for many months, experimenting with different ideas.

He created two different devices — one using a small, red flashing light to communicate in Morse code for deaf people who could seeand another that click the following article a sensitive, hand-held buzzer that could transmit the code through vibrations for the deaf-blind.

I explained that there was no such thing as home computers in those days, so these were actually cutting-edge technologies even though they might look very primitive to us today. I told Percy how my dad used to invite me — then 10 years old — to help him with his experiments. He would send me into another room with one of his beta models, and I would report back to him how many lights I saw or buzzes I felt.

As the devices became more precise, I had to tell him whether the signals were long or short as in Morse code. I explained how my father also invented a system that made the lights in the house flash on and off when a call came in, so the deaf and hard-of-hearing knew they had a phone call. I told Percy how a newspaper came and took photos of my dad working, and even took one of me working alongside him sadly, those photos have been lost with time.

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Those days are some of my fondest memories of my dad, and it was such a privilege to share the story with my grandson. Then Percy made a very astute — and beautiful — comment. Each step is important. From this, Percy asked questions about my dad during World War 2.

I told him how my dad had fought in Japan, this web page was on a ship on the Pacific, less than miles from Hiroshima and Nagasaki, when the US dropped the atomic bomb on those cities. We talked about how my father died at the age of 81 from a rare blood disorder called myelodysplasia, which has been linked to exposure to high amounts of radiation.

Percy then asked me to tell him stories about my grandfather — Luigi Pietro Serafini, who was born in the same village of Duvredo in So, I told Percy how my grandfather was sent to fight in Russia, and how he and thousands of others were captured by the Russian army and sent to Siberia, where they were prisoners of war for about two years.

Percy was curious to know what it was like in the prison. Was it like prison food? I explained that many men died from illness, lack of nutrition and poor sanitation.

Would you like to hear all the different versions, so you can decide? The Russians thought he was dead or as good asso they tossed him into a mass grave with a lot of other dead bodies.

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Then, something happened my father never said whatwhich caused the Russians to leave in a hurry. When my grandfather regained consciousness, he found himself surrounded by dead bodies! At first, he felt panic; but eventually he realised his captors were gone, and he was free to go. Then, he got up and walked home — Halloween Speed Dating Pictures Genealogy Research hundreds of miles, in tattered clothes and in poor health — all the away from Siberia to Trentino.

Then, he walked home. In there was a big revolution in Russia. When that happened, the whole Russian government collapsed, including the army. There was no more money to feed the prisoners, or to pay the soldiers who guarded the prisons. So, the prison guards opened the gates and basically told the prisoners they were on their own now. Many thousands left and made their way home on foot. My grandfather was one of the men who left.

That figures, I thought to myself. Fiorina also describes how the Russians used to pile the corpses onto a flat-bed train car. This image is not so unbelievable when you consider that harsh Siberian winters made the frozen ground too hard to dig graves except in the warmest months of the year. After hearing all the family stories, and reading various historical accounts, my own belief is that my grandfather may well have been left for dead by the Russians when they were getting ready to abandon the camp after the revolution and was possibly dumped amidst the many unburied dead bodiesbut his escape entailed no deliberate trickery on his part.

When he was finally free of vermin but probably stinking of kerosenemy grandmother welcomed him into the house, where my grandfather finally got to meet his baby daughter, Luigina whom I knew as Aunt Jeanwho had been born while he was in Russia. His name was Halloween Speed Dating Pictures Genealogy Research Luigi, but his last name was Parisi. Each time he went to America, he worked in the coal mines, earning money that he sent back to his wife and children back in Duvredo in the parish of Bleggio.

While he was away on one journey, his wife Emma died, leaving their children without anyone to care for them.

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Together they had four more children one died youngand named their first daughter after Emma. I told Percy how Luigi had come home to see his family inbut was sent to war, Halloween Speed Dating Pictures Genealogy Research he died. I recounted a story I had read in a book where one of his comrades said Luigi simply disappeared when they were crossing a river together somewhere in Russia.

One minute he was there, and the next he was gone. Nobody knows whether he was shot, or the current of the river got hold of him and he drowned. He went there first as a young man, around the time my grandfather was born. Each time he went back to Trentino, he brought more men from his village please click for source him, and helped them to settle into their new surroundings.

When my grandfather was a teenager, his uncle Luigi brought him and his younger brother, Angelo, with him to Brandy Camp. There, my grandfather worked in the mines for several years. By this time Uncle Luigi was getting close to 50 years old, so he was probably hoping to settle down and spend his later years in his Halloween Speed Dating Pictures Genealogy Research homeland.

But or so I heard from my cousin Aldo, the son of AngeloLuigi also thought it was time for my grandfather, now 25 years old, to go home and find himself a wife. As I told you, Luigi Parisi died, but my grandfather and his brother both survived. After the war, my grandfather spent some time recuperating from the trauma of the war and imprisonment. My aunt Fiorina was born during their stay in Brandy Camp.

Later, they moved to New York where another child — my uncle Raymond go here was born. Later, she and my father fell in love and got married, and started their own family.

He would never have brought my grandfather to America when he was a teenager, or insisted my grandfather get married in If that had never happened, my father might never have been born, or the family would never have gone to America.

If they had never gone to America, my parents would never have met. I mean, you can keep going backwards…. When I first reconnected with my long-lost family in Trentino in the summer ofI visited the hamlet of Favrio in the town of Ragoli, where my Serafini ancestors lived before they moved to the parish of Santa Croce. Families would gather, either around a hearth or in the stable typically on the first floor of their mountain house Halloween Speed Dating Pictures Genealogy Research, where they could benefit from the body heat radiating from their livestock.

Traditionally, the storyteller was the head of the household, who wove tales from local legends, family history or his own imagination. In fact, when I asked my cousins when the tradition stopped, they said it phased out pretty much when radio became popular.

It was a way of enjoying humour, passing down traditions and instilling cultural values. The rest is down to us — our stories, our imaginations, our memories. Our ancestors continue to live through our stories.

Halloween Speed Dating Pictures Genealogy Research

Share a story with someone in your family today. I invite your reflections about family storytelling, or any other topic to do with Trentino Genealogy. Please feel free to express yourself by leaving a comment in the box below, or drop me a line using the contact form on this site. I am going back to Trento to do research in March, I look forward to hearing from you!

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Halloween Speed Dating Pictures Genealogy Research

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Genealogist Lynn Serafinn explains how and why to cite genealogy sources, and how good research habits can help you fill in the gaps when records do not exist. In my last article, I talked about the many ways we can learn more here mistakes in genealogy and put the wrong information in our family tree. I also said the two most important habits of GOOD genealogists are:. Click on image to see it larger.

As always, while some elements of this article will be specific to Trentini genealogy, most of the concepts are equally applicable to ANY family history research, regardless of origin.

For example, say you tried to find the marriage record of your great-great-grandparents in the parish records where your great-great-grandfather lived, but your search was unsuccessful.

Family group sheet of Alberto Serafini and Margherita Giuliani. When I asked where she had gotten this date, she told me someone in her family had it to her, but she had no documentation for it. Thus, the only way to make sure you have found the correct person — and not a dead sibling, cousin or someone unrelated — is to construct the whole family as completely as possible.

Make a note saying something like:. In my opinion, certain records — such as census records — can be both primary and secondary sources.