How To Make Her Squirt While Having Sex. Atlanta Hookup!

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How to make your woman squirt!

Is Female Ejaculation Real?

17 Jan How To Make A women Apply So quick | its unbelievable | Secret Steps for Squirt a women - Duration: HD BeAuTy , views · How to Make Myself Squirt & How To Make Myself Orgasm Squirting Orgasm How To Squirt - Duration : Ben Buckingham , views · · Sex Positions. 31 Oct When you think about how to make a woman squirt, you might think you need sex toys. But you can make her squirt with In order to make her squirt using oral sex you'll need to be in a position where your mouth and your hands have easy and ready access to her vagina. I suggest having her scoot her. The definitive guide to squirting orgasms, female ejaculation, and learning how to make a woman squirt. Learn this technique and change your life forever.

The other theory is that squirting is orgasmic urinary incontinence, which is an involuntary release of the bladder during orgasm. Some sex toys were made exactly for the stimulation of her G-Spot. I would love to make my wife squirt orgasm, but she is a one time and then go to sleep. January 8, at 4: Very few men or even women will ever learn the truth about squirting orgasms or this technique, you should consider yourself one of the lucky ones.

Like coconut water, culottes, and CrossFit, squirting is having a moment. Squirting is when fluid comes jetting out of a woman's vagina, often accompanying orgasm. But not for kids! Not every woman can squirt though, which makes it a topic of hot debate.

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So what exactly is the fluid that comes gushing out of your vag? Recently, a small study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine concluded that the liquid is mostly just urine. When this info came out, squirters took to the internet to defend their orgasmic liquid, noting that it looks and smells nothing like urine. This onslaught of women speaking up for their squirt is meaningful, especially considering only seven women took place in the original study.

I have told my husband that I wanna try but every time we try it just dont happen.: January 18, at 8: I have never been able to squirt I soooo want to.

So which is it, pee, or something else? The fluid from the Skene's glands is a combination of urine and prostate fluid. The other theory is that squirting is orgasmic urinary incontinence, which is an involuntary release of the bladder during orgasm.

Again, a lot more research is needed to know for sure!


Learning how to squirt is tricky. Casey Calvert, a porn star, the BDSM and fetish expert for GameLink, and a self-professed squirter, thinks squirting is a real phenomenon. Calvert notes that not all women can squirt and that link she does, only a few drops of liquid come out.

How To Make Her Squirt While Having Sex

To be clear, a lot of time when you see squirting in porn, it is pee. The porn makers are very practical about it.

It's also possibly what's driving all the conversations about it. Leave it to Jill Soloway, creator of the Emmy-winning show Transparent and feminist extraordinaire, to make a short comedy video about squirting.

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Check out this clip from the Jennifer Aniston rom-com Horrible Bosseswhere she makes a very lewd and rude squirting joke. Type keyword s to search.

How To Make Her Squirt While Having Sex

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