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27 Nov Done correctly, oral sex can be satisfying for both of you. Take a blow job tip or two and use your tongue, lips, and, yes, even teeth on his prime real estate in ways you've never imagined. 15 Jun But when it comes to oral sex, they can fluctuate between acting like they've never seen a vagina before to getting so in the zone that they have no freaking clue what's working . And while it's a super awesome and incredibly important part to focus on, there are other areas that feel pretty damn good, too. 27 Apr Women love when you go down on them, so why aren't you? Follow this advice on how to give oral to your woman so you can become an oral expert and have her begging for more and more cunnilingus.

Have you mastered the sometimes mysterious art of oral sex? Most women love oral myself includedso getting it right is one of the keys to a great sex life.

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Oral sex is an essential part of great foreplaybut can be a full-on sexual experience in its own right. Plus, getting her aroused orally means less pressure on you to last forever during the main event.

One of the most important things to remember here is that all women are different. What works for one might not work for another; and what worked last night might not work tonight. A lot of guys either skip over the oral altogether, or do it only for a few minutes. This is a big mistake and in my opinion quite selfish. A good lover shows his partner that her pleasure is important to him.

This brings her arousal level up to meet yours, and ensures that she enjoys your encounter as much as you do. How long do you need to go for?

That Best Oral Sex Tips For Men on the girl. Until she orgasms would be good, but she might ask you to stop before then. A classic mistake with oral is that you just dive in with your tongue flicking away at lightning speed.

You need to start out slowly. In fact, start out by steering clear of her vagina. Kiss her lips, neck, breasts, the inside of her thighs. Make her wait for the real action. When you do finally get down there, avoid the clitoris for a while, licking around it rather than touching it. Again, when you get to the clitoris, start slowly. Tickle it with your tongue and only slowly start to add more pressure to your movements.

You want to tease to please. Here will do much more to turn her on than just getting straight down to business. The flat surface on top of your tongue is soft and flexible, whilst the tip is harder and can exert more pressure. You want to use the full part of your tongue at first, maybe moving to the tip later. Keep your tongue flat and soft, and lick up from the bottom of the labia to the clitoris at the beginning.

If she likes that, you can move on. Move your tongue in an up and down motion, or side to side. But keep up a rhythm, slow at first then building up. The clitoris is sensitive at the beginning, so going just click for source at it hard and fast with the tip of your tongue is likely to turn her off.

It pays to be observant. Start your tongue action, and see what kind of movement elicits moans of pleasure, then stick to that one for a while.

How To Give Her The Best Oral Sex Of Her Life - Jordan Gray Consulting

The classic trick here is to try spelling out the alphabet with your tongue. You need to keep that rhythm going, but start to gradually speed up and press harder as she moans louder.

Remember, gradually in this case means over the course of several minutes, not seconds. Many women have a sensitive patch just to one side of the clitoris, for example. Lick there and see what reaction you get. There are two issues here. The first is neck ache, which can be handled by switching position. Having her sit on a couch or the side of the bed with you between her legs can work. Alternatively, try putting a pillow under her butt to raise the area slightly.

If your tongue starts to get tired, take a quick time out and gently suck her clitoris or kiss around the vaginal area. After a couple of seconds you can go back to licking.

To simulate deep throating, you want to use some combination of your mouth, tongue and hands. Sex April 27, If you decide to swallow and you don't like the taste, have him try flavor masque strips or pineapple juice to improve your blowjob experience.

The breasts, inner thighs and backs of the knees are all erogenous zones, so stroking them will make her feel great. You can also use her hands to spread her labia, giving you better access.

Best Oral Sex Tips For Men

Or try pushing up the hood of the clitoris to let you reach the more sensitive part with your tongue this is a move for later in the game, not right at the beginning. Alternatively, you can penetrate her with your fingers. Or let your fingers linger and stroke around her entrance to take advantage of the massive amount of nerves there.

Both are good, and a combination is even better.

The more pleasure you each feel, the more excited you'll get about pleasing each other. Click here to enter your discount code. Discover these simple, proven tricks to supercharging your sex life overnight. I mean it… get comfy. Rhythmically massaging this area before or while using your tongue is a great way to stimulate blood flow and add to the fullness of sensation.

There are loads of positions Best Oral Sex Tips For Men work for oral. From lying down to sitting up, 69, or even sideways resting your head on her inner thigh helps deal with neck ache. Try lots of positions and find out which ones work best for you and your partner. So look out for heavy breathing, moaning, an increase in her lubrication, grinding or pulsing, and possibly gripping your hair or the bedclothes tightly.

Leave your experimenting and playing around for the beginning. You might have neck ache, but just power on through it. Consider it a small sacrifice. The key to repeatedly giving a woman amazing oral sex is to not expect any one thing to work from one time to the next.

You need to be flexible, creative and responsive. He explores the finer details of what really makes great oral sex, and gives you lots of great ideas and techniques to try. Only enter your email if you'd like to follow this conversation. Your email will not be published. Feel free to comment without entering your email or name. Where does that leave you? Start out slow A classic mistake with oral is that you just dive with source tongue flicking away at lightning speed.

Best Oral Sex Tips For Men

Get creative with your tongue The flat surface on top of your tongue is soft and flexible, whilst the tip is harder and can exert more pressure. Vary your movements It pays to be observant.

Experiment with different positions Click here are loads of positions that work for oral.

The bottom line The key to repeatedly giving a woman amazing oral sex is to not expect any one thing to work from one time to the next. Hi and thank you for writing this informative content. Cancel reply Only enter your email if you'd like to follow this conversation. Your comment Your name Email.

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