Rock Songs To Dedicate To Your Girlfriend. Secret Hookup!

Songs To Dedicate Rock Your Girlfriend To

Bon Jovi - Always (with lyrics)

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29 Dec Atlantic/WEA. I've been waiting for a girl like you, your loving will survive. Well- established as a hard rock outfit, Foreigner released this soft rock love song in , giving the band new exposure to Top 40 and Adult Contemporary audiences. It has since become one of the band's most well-known songs. 13 Feb 14 all-time favorite love songs that were composed by hard rock bands. I invite you to dedicate to your loved one any of the songs listed below. 9 Feb A love song is magical, and the best ones contain epic story lines. When we hear a love song, we are reminded of what love actually is. What are your favorite classic rock love songs? "Angel Eyes" by The Jeff Healey Band When it comes to an epic love song, there are a lot of things to look for and one.

Love is the strongest and the most magical of all emotions that we have the ability to experience. Those three words are said millions of times everyday across the globe, more often through small little gestures than actually saying them out loud.

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People say it in own different ways. Some use flowers and chocolates, some use more expensive gifts like jewelry and watches, and sometimes, just a peck on the cheek Rock Songs To Dedicate To Your Girlfriend enough. Then there is my favorite kind of people: Music this web page love have this unspoken intimate relationship that has existed ever since music was first produced.

In the earlier times, their coexistence could be seen in the poems of the famous poets. Then, songs began being produced of different genres. Rock songs and pop songs were the two major favorite categories through the 60s, 70s and 80s.

Both these genres saw the release of thousands of songs which spoke- sometimes directly, sometimes indirectly- of love of all sorts. Then, the world saw the prominent appearance of other genres- some of them sub- categories of rock and pop more or less.

Again, most of these genres often saw the release of songs that spoke of love. Even today, almost every other day, some band or artist releases a love song with a catchy tune. All in all, quite evidently, love and music are inseparable. This is a song from the album Fearless that was released by Taylor Swift in the year The lyrics, of course, are from the viewpoint of Taylor as Juliet. The song was a critical as well as a huge commercial success, selling over 8 million copies worldwide. Faster is a song that was released in the year by Matt Nathanson and was recorded for his studio album Modern Love.

It falls under the genre of soft rock and acoustic. It is a very upbeat song that talks of the more playful aspects of love.

Matt uses imagery to compare his apparent lover to the little joys of life like sundaes and strawberry bubblegum. Unfortunately, the song only reached a peak position of 84 in the USA Billboard Hotwhen source deserved to go higher. The song was originally recorded by famous American singer-songwriter Dolly Parton in Whitney Houston recorded this song in for the soundtrack of The Bodyguard, her film debut. The song is sung beautifully by Houston.

It is a song about letting go of someone who you love and always love, but not wanting to let go.

Rock Songs To Dedicate To Your Girlfriend

The lyrics convey that in an amazing way. Definitely a song powerful enough to mend damaged relationships. It was released as the second single from their second studio album Affirmation. The song received immense success as soon as it was released, taking it straight to number one in the Billboard Hot It is an amazing pop- adult contemporary song with brilliant lyrics and composition.

Breathless is a song by the English singer Shayne Ward that was released in November, as the second single from his studio album Breathless.

There comes a point in the song when Ward strikes a note so high that it leaves the listener awestruck, wondering if it is even humanly possible to do so. An awesome song with dreamy lyrics, it is one of the most apt songs to dedicate to your lover.

It is taken from the album The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 1: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. It was released in October It is played in the source during a wedding scene of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. The song has magical lyrics complimented exquisitely with the ever so mesmerizing voice of Christina Perri. It speaks of the eternal existence of love and how it continues to live on even after us.

Shiver was written and recorded by Coldplay in and was released in March, It was a part of their debut album Parachutes which was produced by Coldplay along with Ken Nelson. The song falls under the genre- alternative rock and post Britpop.

This song is notable for the wrenching vocal performance of Mick Jagger, Nicky Hopkins on the piano, and the string arrangement of the producer Nicky Harrison. Think we are missing some songs? Perhaps their lack of burning desire for material possessions is what fuels their down-to-earth lyrics and timeless rock and roll sound. Down by Jay Sean. Iris by Goo Goo Dolls.

Whatever the inspiration may be, Coldplay managed to produce one of their most genius songs in Shiver. Something quite a few of us can relate to, right?

Rock Songs To Dedicate To Your Girlfriend

This song is from the fourth studio album of the American artist, John Legend. The song was co-written by Toby Gad and co-produced by Dave Tozer. It speaks beautifully here the sentiment of love and how someone can love another person disregarding their imperfections. Yellow is again a song by the British alternative rock band Coldplay.

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The song was recorded in March and released in the month of June. The song is a ray of hope for all those who are having troubles with their relationship and is quite inspirational.

It falls under the genre of soft rock and acoustic. I really love that song. Camila Cabello announces spring headlining tour.

Mushy lyrics, melodious tune and amazing voice- this song has got all the ingredients for the perfect love song. An engineering student who would just about write on any topic that has some potential. Though, music would always have a special place.

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Bon Jovi - Always (with lyrics)

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