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not bad but very small if you're used to LA clubs. Went on a headliner edm night, seems like the same edm crews probably hit up the place on those read more · Re-Bar. 3. Re-Bar. star rating. reviews. $ Dance Clubs, Gay Bars, Dive Bars. Denny Triangle. Howell St Seattle, WA Phone number (). Reviews on Best singles bars in Seattle, WA - Single Shot, Bathtub Gin & Co, Knee High Stocking, Hazlewood, Shorty's, Zig Zag Cafe, Some Random Bar, Needle Okay, okay. I went here yesterday on the encouragement of basically all of Seattle after my 1-star review. Showed up at 3rd in line. By open read more. 9 Sep So here's my guide for Where to Pick Up Girls: Seattle! Friday Night: Amber ( 1st Avenue): Big bar/restaurant type of venue. Gets busy early and sets are easy! Cheap drinks (also, food), a variety of music and couches, tables, rest-stations and bar seats galore. This place is a GREAT place to warm up.

Places To Hook Up In Seattle

Seattle is a great city for dating…. For those interested in romance when they travel, this is the first in a series where he examines the flirting terrain for women and men in cities around the world. No, the Seattle Freeze is not a pro hockey team.

Couple Gets Engaged and Married in the Air. Is The Freeze real, or some kind of romantic Sasquatch? I coached the beleaguered single men of Seattle from and have my own opinions from visiting there, but I wanted to get some more recent perspectives from Seattle residents. Are the men and women of Seattle freezing one another out? Single guys, brace yourselves:.

Places To Hook Up In Seattle

Ranking for availability of singles out of 48 major U. Ranking for availability of single women out of Number of single men per single women: Seattle is a tech city, with Microsoft and Amazon among the biggest employers, and it recently prompted a frustrated Census analysis by a single male tech consultant there. Single men greatly outnumber single women in Seattle Chart: I sought out a Seattle dating coach, Kate L.

Stewartfor her opinion, and I was surprised at her candor about both the Freeze and the degree of difficulty for men, be they click or visitors. Marriage and Travel Advice from Bill Murray. While women have a statistical advantage Places To Hook Up In Seattle hooking up in Seattle, many have cited that last point by Stewart: I found it ironic that while all the women I asked about the Freeze said it exists, it was a tech-employed male resident—my friend Harry—who was the most skeptical.

This is not a city where you can simply post up at a bar or lie down in a park and expect male attention. This goes for both sexes, but common interests are the gateway to meeting the guys here. Are you a book person, an outdoors person, or a Seahawks fan?


I coached some shy students in Seattle, and with just a little OK, sometimes a lot of encouragement, many were able to get phone numbers, dates, and more. While I was on the clock, I met some fun women up there myself. One piece of advice: Bonding over books is a thing that actually happens in Seattle.

If you want to flirt over books: You have to do something with all that rain, after all. The Elliott Bay Book Http:// is a hit with locals, is open till 11 p. One of them walked up to a girl, said something about the book she was looking at, and eventually left the store with her.

If you want to flirt with yuppies: The Belltown district is young and upscale with the greatest concentration of nightlife, and we met some women there who broke the Freeze stereotype.

If you want artsy flirting: The next one will be held Aug. Hipsters congregate at the Cha Cha Lounge.

12 Places and Bars You Must Try To Meet Cougars In Seattle in

If you want to flirt with hipsters: There are several other indie-type bars within walking distance you can hit up as well. If you want to get picked up by a Seahawks player: If you want tech-assisted flirting: When in Nerd Rome, do what Nerd Romans do. As you might expect from a tech hub, a lot of people play the online game here, and Tinder, a location-based dating app, is especially popular with the younger crowd. You could even use non-dating social-media apps to meet locals here.

One of the best places to find cougars in Seattle is the Crescent Lounge located along E. Though it was raining most of the time, we had a ton of link in Detroit and met some pretty cute girls. Sign up to tell us what you like, and never miss a beat on finding the best places for you. This place is HUGE!

Head to Pike Place to pick up on a fellow tourist. If you want to flirt with fellow tourists: The Pike Place area is where the out-of-towners collect, and you can go all old school by flirting with someone at the original Starbucks. Another tourist-friendly spot is the famous postcard view near Kerry Park in Queen Anne.

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A big complaint among haters of the Freeze is the rainy Seattle weather, which makes it trickier to strike up a conversation in the park or anyplace outside. Although Seattle only gets an average of 58 clear days a year, each of those days amounts to a citywide holiday where locals are bound to flock outside. Madison Park Beach is a popular hangout, as are the local dog parks and the beer garden at Seattle Mariners games. There here Meetups geared around hiking and other outdoor activities.

Also, keep an eye out for music festivals, a big deal in Seattle — the Capitol Hill Block Party goes from July this year. If you want some LGBT flirting: And for the tech inclined, there is also the Grindr app. If you like caffeinated flirting: With an average of 35 coffee shops perresidents, no one does java like Seattle.

Capitol Hill and the University area both have clusters of attractive folks in coffee shops. During my last coaching session there, I saw a guy effortlessly compliment a girl at a coffee shop on her bracelet and wind up with her number. If your flirting leads to a first Places To Hook Up In Seattle For drinks, Rob Roy is a chill cocktail bar in Belltown that has ample sex appeal. Want more like this? Follow us on Facebook and Twitter so that we can inspire you every day.

He loves helping other men who started out just like he did. The study was done by Sperling's BestPlaces, which crunched the data for Axe, a company that makes male body sprays and grooming products. One of the best places to find cougars in Seattle is the Crescent Lounge located along E. But, with our ample meeting places, such as coffee shops, health clubs, beaches and dog parks, and other factors, such as very high participation in online dating and the amount of lingerie we buy, Seattle should be a good place for singles to connect. You often think guys are the only ones who frequent sports bars.

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