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How Do You Say Hook Up In French. Adult Sex Hookup Sites!

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Pigeon trying to hook up. (French commentary)

10 Oct French Grindr slang for your next hook-up in France, as explained by YouTube bloggers Arthus and Nicola. Check it out for your next trip You know, if you attempt to speak, say, Español in a Spanish-speaking country, their citizens are both amused and encouraging at visitor attempts. Not so in France. 23 Jun Je souhaiterai savoir ce que signifie en français l'expression "hook-up". "Hook- up" is "Connection", in French, whatever the area of use! French - France. and when you say "Think she's hooked up with him". ça veut dire quoi? qu'elle voyage avec lui, qu'elle couche avec lui, qu'elle sort avec lui?. hook translation french, English - French dictionary, meaning, see also 'hook up', hook onto',fish hook',meat hook', example of use, definition, conjugation, Reverso dictionary.

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How Do You Say Hook Up In French

Last edited by a moderator: CamillouJun 23, Des que j'entends "hook-up" je pense a une liaison sexuelle, pas forcement une aventure sans lendemain mais plus generalement deux personnes qui s'embrassent, se frollent, etc Il y a neanmoins plusieurs sens pour cette expression, comme l'indique les autres reponses. Hook-up in the sexual or relationship sense refers to getting together with someone.

It is used by younger, single people, and often implies a one-night stand, but not always.

How Do You Say Hook Up In French

Francis Nugent DixonJun 24, FrenchMajorMay 24, C'est un peu familier expression pour "become boyfriend and girlfriend" Girl to boy: Raskolnikovam Senior Member Paris, France. RaskolnikovamJun 22, Alpaka Senior Member French - France.

Sometimes people with a fairly powerful left hook. Try FluentU for Free. Interestingly, "we hooked up" is symmetrical, while "jemanden aufgabeln" to pick up?

AlpakaOct 25, Yes, 'hooking go here usually has a romantic connotation not always sexual; you can tell from the context but you could use it to mean 'meeting up with' in general.

We hardly ever say it in Britain, though; how often do Americans use it? Hey, What does it mean in that sentence: Hook up peut vouloir dire coucherou juste sortir avec une personne.

OddmaniaNov 28, Can it mean just "hang out" though? Ou sortir ensemble vraiment dans le sens de "dating"? Possibly in the right contextbut -- unless I'm very out of touch myself -- I think that's very overstated, Oddmania!

French Couple Explains Grindr Slang For Your Next Hook-Up in Paris: WATCH

To me, "hook up" is simply a colloquial way of saying "meet How Do You Say Hook Up In French informally". Wynn MathiesonNov 28, I'm relieved to know it doesn't mean something more than that. Bigote BlancoNov 28, I agree Bigote but when you start the sentence with 'maybe we should' it suggests that the person is using a certain level of civility. If someone said 'maybe we should 'FU K' sometime that would be click to me even if they are young.

I agree again Bigote but we are not talking about a 'hook up' because in BE and I imagine in AE too, one can talk about a 'hook up ' as a noun and there we would have no idea of context so it would be ambiguous Here we have been given a context in the sense that 'maybe we should If we look at the question posed I think there is no sexual intent or 'intimacy' suggested.

Oh yes the wonder of google and a site that quotes from urban dictionairies dot com. As I say and as I have said before I agree with you that 'hook up' is ambiguous in America, But also as I said before in answering the question posed by vaniochka the expression 'maybe we should hook up sometime' gives us a context and for most people this context is a non-sexual one.

French Montana "Hold Up" Feat. Chris Brown & Migos (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)

Of course you can change the context. It's the same thing as link expression in BE 'to go with someone' that has been ambiguous for years amongst young English people and can mean a 'sexual encounter' However if someone said to me 'maybe we should go somewhere tonight' it does not say to me that this person is indicating a sexual desire.

Of course people are entitled to interpret a statement in their own way. As long as they don't break the law I have no problem with that. They are all discussed above and all are correct in the right context. Se retrouver ou sortir ensemble As a noun, however, a hook-up is unambiguous in AE--casual sex. Here's what BBC Mundo has to say: Wynn MathiesonDec 2, Of course, in those other contexts, hook-up has another meaning same in AE for the contexts you cited in BE --but those are inanimate objects!

In this century, a hook-up noun between human beings means As all have said before, the verb to hook up is open to more interpretation.

The metaphor used is like going into first gear, second gear, etc. Hook-up in the sexual or relationship sense refers to getting together with someone. Ou sortir ensemble vraiment dans le sens de "dating"?

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