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How To Get A Deeper Voice

How to Get a Deeper Voice

If you came here from Google, you've probably already been through a heap of articles on how to get a deeper voice. The problem with these is, none of them seem to be written by people who are actually speaking from experience. With each point, you have no idea whether you're getting tried and tested advice or just. 25 Nov Yes it is. I've done it, Morgan Freeman's done it, I've even built an app to help people to do the same. Here's a screenshot of my voice (from a while ago, it's actually deeper now) It's possible because the depth of your voice isn't just a produ. How to Instantly Get a Deeper Voice Step 1: Tilt your head back as far as you can . Step 2: Recite the sentence "Bing, Bong. Ding, Dong. King Kong." slowly, stretching/elongating the "ng" sound for each. Step 3: Repeat step 2 but at a deeper pitch. Step 4: Repeat again, this time at your deepest possible.

Perhaps you were surprised about how nasally or high-pitched it was, or how hard you were to understand. Perhaps in that moment you wished for a manlier, more pleasant-sounding voice.

A deep, strong, masculine voice is not without its benefits. Women prefer men with deeper voices, and find what they say more memorable than men with higher-pitched ones. And a strong, deep voice can make How Can You Deepen Your Voice man seem more confident and authoritative. The deepness of a voice is primarily determined by the length and thickness of the vocal cords. Longer and thicker vocal cords produce lower, James Earl Jones-like pitches.

So, if you want a deeper voice, you just need to thicken and lengthen your vocal cords. Puberty was your magic window to developing that signature Darth Vadar voice. Remember all that embarrassing voice cracking? That was your vocal cords being exposed to increased amounts of testosterone. As your body went into testosterone overdrive during puberty, the hormone visit web page to work on your vocal cords, causing them to lengthen and thicken.

Boys who produced more testosterone during puberty turned into men with thicker and longer vocal cords, and consequently, naturally deeper voices. Researchers theorize that this, by the way, is why women prefer deeper voices; they signal that a man has more T, which back in primitive times might of meant he was a stronger and more virile protector and provider.

It can damage your voice. Kennedy had this problem. In everyday conversation, JFK would use his God-given natural pitch. Hoarseness and oftentimes voice loss. No one can understand you. When you speak from your lower throat to get that low pitch, you produce a sound that lacks carrying power.

Aim to relax your throat as much as possible, so that you do not tighten your vocal chords. This is a simple guide with daily excercises that deepens your voice and lets you speak louder and clearer. Ask a person to say the same sentence quietly and then with full voice. Log in or sign up in seconds. Then, as I continued with the exercises, it got used to the strain and became stronger, and my pitch dropped.

Try speaking with an artificially lowered pitch again. Go as low as you can, but speak as loud as you can. I also bet your vocal cords felt a bit strained too. I thought I sounded like a grown-up, but nobody could understand what I was saying. I finally gave up and just started using my normal voice. Your primary concern when speaking is to communicate. We share the secret below.

How Can You Deepen Your Voice

As one voice actor told me: You just need to find it and own it. Both Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt had higher-pitched voices, and yet each was a memorable and convincing orator—because they made the best of their natural voices. So what does your best natural voice sound like?

There are two things you can do to speak with your best voice possible. First, speak with your natural pitch. Second, breath from your diaphragm for a more powerful, commanding, and, yes, a bit deeper voice.

Ready to find your voice?

How Can You Deepen Your Voice

Method 1 for Improving Your Voice: As I mentioned above, most men are probably walking around speaking from their lower throat to get an artificially deep voice. According to voice coach, Dr. I grow chest hair every time I visit it. From here on out, focus on speaking with that optimal pitch and tone.

A Deeper Voice in 25-Seconds (The Secret That NO ONE Talks About)

It will take some practice, but it will be well worth the effort. Method 2 for Improving Your Voice: We do that by proper breathing. This sort of breath is weak and squeezes the throat area, causing strain on your voice. A proper breath originates in the diaphragm. Watch how a baby breathes.

This is how they do it. For some reason, we pick up poor breathing habits as we get older and start breathing from our chests. Breathing from your diaphragm when you speak does a few things for your voice.

First, it gives your voice more power.

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The harder you push, the louder your voice will be. Speak as loudly as you can using this technique. The second benefit of breathing from your diaphragm is that it does deepen your voice a bit without the ill-effects of trying to speak from your throat.

How to Instantly Get a Deeper Voice

Your voice will have more resonance and gravitas as you breathe correctly. Improving your natural voice is something doable and within your reach. Believe it or not, Morgan Freeman once spoke with a voice that was an octave or How Can You Deepen Your Voice higher than it is today.

When he was in college, a professor helped him work on deepening it a little. While the timbre of your own voice may never be movie narration-ready, it can be one that gives you confidence and leaves others enjoying the sound of your words. Instead of fretting over it, just own the crap read article of it.

Make it your calling card. Howard Cosell spoke right from his nose, but that nasally voice became recognized by sports fans across the nation. Glass had this to say about his distinctive voice in an interview in the Salt Lake Tribune: Do you have any other tips on improving your voice quality? Share them with us in the comments!

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Manson has a lot of good suggestions in Models. Make it your calling card. Your chest and shoulders don't really move when you breathe deeply like a baby. Not Helpful 18 Helpful