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Falling Woman For Scorpio Man Aquarius

Aquarius and Scorpio Compatibility

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She enticed him at first with the mystery of her deepness. Being with a Scorpio feels as though you went to just go put your toes in the water and somehow ended up in the depths of the ocean amongst the fish and beautiful coral reefs. Its exciting, deep, mysterious, and ever-changing. The depths of a Scorpion woman are. Hello i am a scorpio woman i met my aqua man nearly 2 yrs ago and i am so in love with him just as much as the same day i fell in love with him.I've learn so much about him and his ways i no when to give him the attention that he wants and i also no when to back up and let him have his space and thats something that has. If you're a Scorpio woman interested in a Aquarius man, here's all you need to know about how your signs are compatible and how you can bring him closer. This will be where the two may keep coming together even when the rest of the relationship is falling apart, because this may be the only area this couple will be .

Okay I've been dating this aqua men for 4 months now and things been so great. At the beginning we knew we had to put in a little bit more work into the relationship due to the fact that we are complete oppositesso I've read. We had a few arguments but never a real fight. Ias a Scorpio women, have a lot of patience with him. He doesn't wonder off and disappear and come back like everything is fine. He has also been there. He texts back with in a minute. Actually sometimes i feel like i need space haha.

We have link lot of differences but also a lot of similarities. I truly love my aqua men.

Okay so I am a scorpio sun and scorpio rising and capricorn moon and mercury in scorpio and venus in virgo. A total nut job and I will tell you why. I was attracted to an aqua man a long time ago. I never wanted to tell him and actually hated being close to him because I would get nervous. I would just observe him in school. I would bump into him in these random places and could never click a conversation with him without irritating one another.

I would only make ugly faces at him. I never felt like Aquarius Man Falling For Scorpio Woman had a friendship with him but I somehow felt compelled for him and connected to him. I felt dazed around him, like jovial and non depressed and just extremely happy. I didnt understand this because I always dissected the feelings, and asked myself why?

She possesses deep and abiding beauty on every level. Anyone I connect with in that way is worthy to stay in my life. From Aqua above again by: Elscorpio, happy it helped.

I never understood these feelings and was scared to explore this whatever it was. There was no sexual chemistry the kiss was warm and tender, extremely different like sensual but none erotic. I married a virgo man and from time to time think about aqua guy, but I never let emotions rule me. I know I will never feel this way again, but that was just weird.

Scorpio & Aquarius Sun: Love Compatibility

Anyone had similar experience and how was it handled? Now I understand why the Aquarius guy I've been dating has started acting the way he did. I started dating him almost 2 months ago and we totally hit it off on the the first date. He was sweet, told me how much he liked me and how beautiful I was.

I have never heard that from any guy link I've ever dated. He would text me good night and to see how my day was. We talked about getting a dog, how many kids we wanted, the future somewhat. I seriously thought that he was the one, and still kind of do.

Everything was so comfortable and felt right. I freaked out and thought that I had done or said something wrong, but it turns out that he shut himself off from everyone because he was emotional about getting a job promotion in another state. It really hurt me that he didn't tell me this. Things got really weird from there and he would rarely text me unless I texted him first, and even then it was very short. We tried to have a real conversation about everything and I told him that I wanted to make things work because he wasn't going to make this a permanent move.

He seemed to want the same thing click here. But then every other time that I would try to hang out with him before he left, he didn't seem to want Aquarius Man Falling For Scorpio Woman. The answer to everything that I'd ask him was "I don't know", which is not something I like or can comprehend.

I need a clear plan of what's going to happen. I can't just go with the flow. I know that he has feelings for me, but I don't like this feeling of not being important enough to talk to about this.

Normally he would not want to discuss such things and would avoid them. Again, if you really want it to work do some light research get to know him cuz its true they are hard to really read and know off the bat and just let loose and float with him, its dope and so fun!!! Your response is very helpful.

I'm his girlfriend, we need to be on the same page about this to make it work. So he's leaving tomorrow and I've sent him 4 separate texts in the last 3 days with no response to any. He's done this before when he went home to see his family for the weekend after he got the job, didn't respond to any of my texts and then acted like nothing had happened when the week started.

I really want to see him again before he leaves, but I have a feeling that won't happen. I'm at a cross roads right now because I hate being left in the dark about where we stand.

I'm not one to give up on a relationship and I feel like I've put so much in to make this work. Long distance relationships are tough, continue reading for me that wants physical touch and communication everyday or as much as possible, but for him, I was more that willing to do that. I am so attracted Aquarius Man Falling For Scorpio Woman this aqua guy and so he does but he suddenly disappeared and from what I heard from my friends he don't like me the same as before.

I still like him today and there are signs that he does too with me but I think he's probably leading me on.

Aquarius Man Falling For Scorpio Woman

If he really loved me he'd ask me to be his girlfriend but he didn't or maybe he's just too shy. I can't also come near him because he might run away and if I do stay away I'm afraid he'd do the same. I'm so confused with this guy. Just like the posts that I read Aquarius guy could really make my mind crazy. A Puzzle if ever I met one. Looking for answers myself Sorry about the prior post. I didn't mean to click send yet. Obviously I am writing here because I am a Scorp female attracted to an Aqua male.

To be honest to respond to your original question, I think it is because we both love mysterious people. I hate people who are just too open about their lives. The Aqua I like is very mysterious.

Scorpio and Aquarius - A Powerful Match

However I am fairly good at figuring him out. He doesn't like to share things about himself with others but will occasionally tell me certain things about his private life out of the blue. We haven't pursued anything. I can't tell if he's even into me, but sometimes I can FEEL that he's interested if Aquarius Man Falling For Scorpio Woman even makes sense.

When we look at each other it's weird, because I can almost feel his deep emotions or just something in general. It's like this electric current is zapping me- lmao I feel so lame saying that but the feeling of whatever the heck that is does exist. He's kind of mean to me sometimes. When he gets that way I act just the same back and he laughs.


It completely amuses him when I get combative. It's also very annoying, and I just say "why are you telling me this. I don't need to know these things" then other times he will be like "you need to come out with me tonight because I can't go out alone" and I always agree but don't expect it to happen which it doesn't.

I don't mind either. I think we are both in terms with our freedom too. I admire that he does crazy things like go to San francisco on a whim. One time I had a photo of my other coworker as my lock screen and the Aqua went to look at my phone and goes "do you love him? It was uncontrollable see more I go "hell no it was just a funny picture.

I LOVE my freedom. I'm a rising libra and my parents were libra and Aqua so I feel like they helped balance me and shape me into a less psychotic Scorpio like most scorpios who are clingy and annoying. The other night my Aqua texted me very drunk or high I ignored him until the next morning when I knew he was inebriated beyond repair because I didn't want him to think that I thought he was a creep or that k wouldn't ever talk to him again. I just shot him a message saying "I'm sorry I didn't reply last night, because I was working on something.

He opened conversation up by saying good morning it was 2 pm and that Aquarius Man Falling For Scorpio Woman looked like I just woke up and he could see the sleepiness in my face. I love the free nature of an Aquarius. He is fun, he is wild and he is free. There are no other qualities that I love more.

We share thoughts and ideas together when Aquarius Man Falling For Scorpio Woman not being mean or ignoring me and we laugh about stupid things. We tease each other all in good fun. I'm kind of a paradox Scorpio because I don't want to feel locked in a relationship.

I like my freedom. I hate earth signs to be honest. They're so annoying and clingy and disgust me. I would trust the Aqua I know in a crowd. Of course he will find other women attractive. We are all humans after all, but I would trust him unlike other signs I have dated.

Aquarius Man Falling For Scorpio Woman

There is just an honesty about him.