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So, without a mod teens can't WooHoo or get Pregnant, and there is no cheat for this. They are also age-restricted in who they can date. Teens can only date other teenagers. No cradle robbing here! A teen playing guitar in the Sims 3 Learning Skills as a Teenager in The Sims 3. Sims 3 Teens can now do anything an adult. I was playing a single male sim and he met his wife through online dating. After they were . Carl's guide says Spring is when your sim is more likely to get a love letter from a secret admirer whether their married or single. 0 Go to your my computer then electronic arts,sims 3 folder then screenshots. Hi Everybody, I'm curious what your experiences are with the online dating option . My sim responded to a message from one of her admirers on the computer and then nothing happened.. She put aside her pride and phoned him. They had their date 'the old fashioned way'. Is that all there is to online dating.

Generations Additions The Sims 3 Generations expansion adds many new options and gameplay features for Teenagers. Click the link to read about the changed gameplay with the expansion. Please remember some info or numbers may have changed. So, you've grown your little baby into a mature Teenager. Teens have much more free will than children, and there are a number of new options available to them. The transition from child to teen is one that carries a lot of responsibility.

It is almost like playing with an adult Sim with some simple changes.

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Let's go over the options for teens. High School School is practically the same. Make sure your Teenager Sim does their homework and goes to school regularly, and in a good mood. Having a good grade in High School will ensure that you are able to select your Teen's trait when they transition from Teenager to Young Adult. School is also a great place to forge friendships, and maybe even fall in love. Your Teen can start adulthood with a full selection of friends, acquaintances and maybe even a romantic interest or two.

Only if the boyfriend collects the mail by mistake. Make sure your Sims keep their well earned tan year round! I Forgot My Password.

Teenage Romance Teenagers in the Sims 3 are able to do everything up to making out. So, without a mod teens can't WooHoo or get Pregnant, and there is no cheat for this. They are also age-restricted in who they can date. Teens can only date other teenagers. No cradle robbing here!

The Sims 3 Online Dating Guide

It's a good time to develop interests in skills that may steer them toward a lifetime wishif one hasn't been chosen.

They can even make money using skills. Teen Sims Can Drive! Teenagers in the Sims 3 can drive, and have an extended curfew. They're able to be out until 11, when if caught, they'll be brought home by police and get into an argument with the parents.

Being out late gives them a mood boost. What's more, they can do all this while having the ability to drive cars.

The Sims 3 Online Dating Guide

If your Sim bought their teen a car, and you'd like to give them ownership, to make sure they drive that certain car, select change ownership to only them. Part Time Jobs Teenagers can get a part time job. They are low pay, and require few hours from your Sim. It may be helpful to fulfill wishes, or for ambitious or workaholic Sims, but I'd recommend using a skill to make money if money is the only motivation.

Teenager Sims can apply at one of the following locations to get a part time job read for comparisons. They all work three hours a day, five days a week.

This brings up Hunter's profile, including his traits and favorites. If it's chosen and accepted, the controllable Sim will call a taxicaband both Sims will get in and go to that Sim's house. You may have purchased a used copy of the game and the serial code was used by the original owner.

Making the Most of the Teenage Years Teens who want to be successful almost immediately upon becoming young adults should work hard in school. Aim for good grades, and ensure that you get to select their trait when they grow to young adults.

The teen years are long, and you have a lot of time to work on skills. Focus on the skills that will help them to one day achieve their lifetime wish. A trained teenager can get a jump start into any career track or profession they're prepared for. Make the last birthday party of childhood a big one, the responsibility begins after the festivities end. Hopefully, your Sim is now prepared for adulthood and all of its challenges.

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You can learn about features, read strategy guides, and maybe even decide if they are right for you: Are you sure you want to report it? Sort Newest Oldest Likes. This is absolutely not possible in the game as teenagers cannot try for baby or woohoo. Your game is modified in some way.

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My teen sim hardly goes to school because he's working on his skills. I'm trying to make him get a perfect score on the aptitude test.


My Sim grew into a teenager, and none of his childhood friends grew up. How long will it take them to turn into teenagers? Just wondering can teen sims use the brain enhancer at all? When the parent went away on holiday it worked and since the parent has been back its not working. Was this just a glitch? My teen was pregnant, i did the same kaylea but as soon as she got pregnant she had no body only a head and feet the only outfit she could wear was swim wear! Ive still got the this web page so im going to try and trigger her age transition.

My young adult dated a teenager because they were teens and then I had my teen blow out candles on a b-day cake. Then they were still dating.

So it is possible.: But they won't be able to do anything from the romantic options till both are young adults. This can only happen with glitches and mods. You cannot actively start a relationship between an adult and a teenager yourself. Actually, i did in fact get my The Sims 3 Online Dating Guide sim pregnant without a mod, all i did was age two teen Sims into young adults, then i turned on testingcheatsenabled true. Then i sent them to try for baby in the shower, then right before the girl took her clothes off, i shift clicked her, went into edit sim, turned her back into a teen and then hit play again.

She got in the shower they woohooed and now she's pregnant, with the baby belly and all. So people who continue to say you cant do it without a mod, do your research and try this out. You will see i am not wrong. Mine got pregnant but she can't go to the hospital and her body disappeared for some reason can you please tell me why? This is possible, I had two teenagers dating and the boy aged into a Young Adult and the girl was still a teenager, and they they were still in a relationship link. Then she aged into an adult and now they're married with kids: Does anyone know if your sim will still graduate high school if you have aging disabled?

I want my teenager Mia in Isla Paradiso to get a part-time job because its a wish of hers, yet when I click on the grocery store, and the day spa I do not have the option for getting a job. JavaScript must be enabled for certain features to work. Search our Sims 3 Site.