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Apr 26, This is a walkthrough of the game Dating Ariane Simulator. Source1: http:// and for other options go to (click on rug ) Go to another room, (click on kitchen), (click on wine bottle) Get wine to drink, (click) Finish the drink, (click on fridge) Get steak for. The following 24 walkthroughs will cover the vast majority of the content available in Date Ariane. They work on the Renpy version of Save your game in different save slots after the first 5 walkthroughs so you don't have to redo them. Index: Absinthe # Amusement Makeout, kitchen # Museum #3. Playground #3. I heard the term “Dating Simulator” as a type of game popular in Japan, “Dating Simulator” is a bad translation of japanese “ren'ai shimyureshon gemu” (more accurately a . A little romance is likely to get you further on romantic walks on the beach, or drinking contests in the kitchen, for some reason only Ariane knows .

I have now finished updating pictures from Date Ariane. If you want to see a history of the updates, I documented it on my tumblr blog. There are numerous other places I added or removed pictures. Most of the time I added to enhance a scene, and most of the time I removed pictures because they were redundant.

With all the changes to both the graphics and Harder Why Guys Dating Is For interface, it looks and feels like a new game even with identical plots. For now, when you go to https: Yesterday, I re-uploaded a fresh copy of the old version so you no longer have to play often outdated versions on 3rd party websites like this guy did.

Depending on how it goes, I will either move the old version to its own page accessible from the main page or just make it available as a Simulation Games Dating Games Ariane Kitchen only. There are certain ways I want the game to flow following certain rules, and currently that is not the case.

Also, I need to make sure that every event in the game is reachable and every picture viewable through normal play. There were a few months there when the couch make out scene could not be finished due to a missing quotation mark in the code.

Bottom line, I have not been very diligent Simulation Games Dating Games Ariane Kitchen debugging during the graphics update. I project another month to do debugging and text clean up, then I will make the game available to download. It should be a MB download when its done. It is even possible that it is not the first dating sim with one character and in 3D, but it was the first to gain popularity, and directly or indirectly inspire dozens of similar games, mostly by independent creators like myself.

Because the one thing I can take away from all this is this: I invented a genre, or at least a subgenre or a subgenre of a subgenre. One of the goals of every artist to do exactly this! Achievement unlocked, I guess I can call myself an artist. So far that one has eluded me.

Deep in the virtual underworld

So I am going to tell you how I created a game that inspired many other games. I did it by Simulation Games Dating Games Ariane Kitchen. Turns out what I created was a visual novela popular gaming genre in Japan, romance simulation is a subgenre of the visual novel.

Anyone familiar with the subgenre knows that they are always done with 2D manga style art, and almost always involve multiple partners to choose from. I did not advertise it except through word of mouth in a few virtual world communities I was a part of at the time. Complaints from my host forced me to release an offline version that people could play without spamming my website.

In August of that year, the first post about my game appeared on the Sharks Lagoon forum. The cool thing about that forum is that it is dedicated to 3D sexy games and their development. Date Ariane sort of bridges the gap between the two, more visual than an AIF, and more complex than an arcade sex game. So it is no surprise that a lot of people joined in on the fun. The one thing the genre lacks is complexity, which is why it only takes one or see more people to make a game like this.

That, plus the general public bias in favor of violent games and against sex in games, means that Simulation Games Dating Games Ariane Kitchen a commercially successful game in this genre is damn near impossible. But I knew this going in. No where is this more true than in the world of gaming. And yet pixel nudity, or worse an animated sex scene will get your game an AO rating, the equivalent of an NC rating in the movies, even if similar scenes in movies can still get a PG rating.

We already know this is true with the wider availability of pornwe have also seen incidental reports of reduced sex crimes in Japan where erotic games are more widely available, though I could not find any actual studies. Illogical cultural bias is the only thing standing in the way of erotic games becoming commercially successful. My 1 objective is having fun creating.

My 2 objective is making a game that is fun to play. These links Simulation Games Dating Games Ariane Kitchen Not Safe For Work and not appropriate for those under Some are financed by subscription models. I know this contradicts what I said here and herebut plans constantly change. The numbers are in and Date Ariane is still popular. A link on a popular Brazilian website has caused DA to go viral continue reading Brazil.

I do not think a Renpy download version will ever achieve the same level of popularity, so I am concentrating on upgrading the HTML game. As mentioned in my last post the resolution is now xand the links are no longer hidden.

Finish off the can. Nice game to get hooked on to find all the endings. One of the goals of every artist to do exactly this!

I have already made these changes and they are already live. I am implementing a very simplified RP system to replace it.

There are four personality traits you can demonstrate: The introduction part of the game which was kind of lame anyways has been rewritten giving you two opportunities to demonstrate a trait to Ariane. The first is immediate and obvious: You then have a choice to kiss Ariane.

What if I told you, you can have the best of both worlds? An amazing game with multiple endings and several mini games. More stories with Kelly would be great.

Or you can choose to read a smart, nice, continue reading, or funny poem. These are less obvious. The objective here is to demonstrate as many traits as possible, so ideally you should demonstrate all four before dinner is over.

You need to unlock at least two to go on. Unlocking only one leads to an end state: The game plan is this: Various activities will require different combinations of these traits.

For example, it used to require at least one glass of wine to unlock dinner at the restaurant or picnic in swimwear. The thinking is that Ariane has all four traits, and she feels more comfortable with date partners that do too.

Simulation Games Dating Games Ariane Kitchen

It also gets rid of the game plot of getting Ariane drunk to get her to do stuff, which is a trope I apparently started, and would like to see end. Note this trait thing ONLY replaces the drinking requirement. Any activity involving the pool or hot tub will become easier with this skill.

In front of a crowd might also need some Sexy trait, too, if you source to win. In front of a fountain at the park, creative and Smart leads to more daring snapshots. Astronomy lessons requires some cleverness, so does handling both Ariane and Rebecca at the same time.

With this skill Ariane is likely to be more forgiving when you walk in on her changing clothes. Cuteness is likely to help talk Ariane into skinny water skiing, too. A little romance is likely to get you further on romantic walks on the beach, or drinking contests in the kitchen, for some reason only Ariane knows.

Add some Sexy talk on top of it for some hot and heavy couch action in the living room. Risk taking is Sexy, especially to Ariane, but risk taking is less risky if you play it Smart.

That is why Go here is more likely to get naked in a public more info, say the store or the park, if you possess these traits together.

If you also happen to be Funny too, you can make her feel more comfortable at the scenic vista in the mountains. Meeting the drinking requirement before was just a matter of a glass of wine before dinner, then two more during dinner. Meeting the trait requirement is picking two up before dinner, then talk and compliment during dinner. Simulation Games Dating Games Ariane Kitchen to get all four traits, means some content may not work on this date, but you can always start again.

Simulation Games Dating Games Ariane Kitchen

I came up with a complicated plan for the Renpy version of Date Arianetoo complicated — like another multi-year project complicated. Sometimes you just have to take a step back and decide what is most important. While many of the ideas I came up with are cool, Simulation Games Dating Games Ariane Kitchen are only really two things that I want to actually do: Make a version of Date Ariane that can be played on a tablet, and 2.

I realized that I can accomplish both goals by simply updating the current HTML version of Date Arianeand I can probably accomplish my goal in a few months rather years.

The pictures are much prettier, too. What I am not showing on the online demo is pictures x pixels instead of x Trust me, it looks even better. As I explained hover text is very difficult to do in Renpy. I have also found that converting the javascript code to Renpy is proving too difficult even source simple menus.

Date Ariane Walkthroughs

The javascript implementation is split up into 5 frames each with different parts of the code, making it difficult to follow and translate into Python, which is what Renpy uses. Time to just start over before I go crazy. Not one date but many, and Ariane remembers past dates, 2. I have no idea if what I have planned will actually turn into a fun game or not, but I am looking forward to here out.

I only got to page 3 before deciding it is way too freaking hard. It is doablebut way too much tedious work, and not really worth it, especially considering that doing it that way will make it unplayable on touch screen tablets. In creating just the first three pages, I learned an incredible amount about how screens work in Renpy, which is an alternative to the simple default menu system.

That is going to at least help me create a different interface than SITA, something touch screen friendly. Since searching the screen for stuff to click on gave the game some complexity, there are other ways to make the game complex.

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Every time you play, new dates and locations open up, and Ariane will remember what you did in the past and respond accordingly. Something along these lines:. Simple dinner out at the diner, followed by hanging out downtown.