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Bad news for those of you that use more than 5GB of data each month. Starting October 16th, T-Mobile will enforce a new policy that will reduce data speeds once the subscriber exceeds 5GB of data usage in a billing cycle.

Once your new billing cycle begins, data speeds will be restored to normal. What do you visit web page of the new policy change? Leave your thoughts in the comments! Last I checked I use about 2GB. Keep the free tethering going and I call it fair. I knew Tmobile was going to do this crap. All those ppl that went over 10gb just messed it up for the rest of us…what are you possible doing that uses 10gb on a phone.

Think of it this way, it will keep the people that sit on their phone all day every day from slowing down everyones data. It aligns the phone with the data stick policy. I remember it being there sincebut I never SAW it anywhere. Could you dig up this information?

August 15, by Brigham Griffin Leave a comment. You can freely convertt iages between thesw formats. The navigation and authorisation ones are certainly needed, The gps system in your phone has a faster connectivity with sattelites thousands of miles away from you than the throttled speed. Supersampling also hels to mkae icons from images by simplifying separation of objects from background and ertaining a possibility to refine the resupt and aligj it to pixel grid.

Other carriers charge after reaching a certain threshold whereas T-Mobile will only throttle speeds. Theoretically, you still have unlimited data albeit at slower speeds past 5 GB.

A lot of improvements that we have made over the past couple of years have come from customer suggestions on facebook, which we welcome. Netgear 5-port Gigabit desktop Switch. Large Icons announces the release of Large Calendar Icons,

You will never get completely cut off from data usage. They might make it miserable to use so you just wont use it, but it will be there ol. That October 16th date keeps coming up.

Chat Chat Hookup Jpg Compressor Less Than 100kb = Mb

The G2 was rumored to be pushed back to that date, the OTA has been said by a few random peeps to start rolling out around then… and now this. If we are lucky, cutting this cap in half is just T-Mo bracing for whatever impact providing tethering and mobilr hotspot may have.

For me, this is perfect. I need tethering just enough to supplement wifi hotspots, but not enough to justify a separate wireless internet connection. Even now, with my cell For me, this is perfect. However, I am for net neutrality so other than the cap, TMO seems to be supporting net neutrality. I have a couple click, how would I know how much data I am using?

Is there an Android app that can tell me this? It requires a few Chat Chat Hookup Jpg Compressor Less Than 100kb = Mb navigations to get to.

Well I passed the 10gb cause I got that message. I use my phone a lot every day, and the most I have used is 2GB. Last month I only used MB. After reading the above comment, the only way I could see it happening is by using it as your primary internet and tethering. I can name a few… Streaming videos, podcast, ustream, streaming talk radio, etc… before the horrible 7. And if you are making comments like this you need to stop thinking that everyone should be like you, that you are the measure for reasonable behavior, or that the world rotates around you.

Do you know how many MB one uses if they download or stream one movie a week?

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Do you know how many MB one uses if they watch 10 minutes of HQ YouTube video a day or if they upload videos they shoot? I signed my contract for a certain product, how the hell can you just change the contract in the middle of the cycle. I bet this is a way out of T-Mobile without paying any penalties for early leaving. Not a happy camper at article source. Your alternatives at least the other 3 major carriers have harsher stipulations; true tiered system paying more after reaching a certain level as opposed to throttled speeds.

Its way better than the Chat Chat Hookup Jpg Compressor Less Than 100kb = Mb How can you be angry about this?!? This is not something to be angry over!

I have a phone which tmobile tells me MUST have a data plan. So why would I go spend more money on another internet provider? And yes I have gone over 10 gigs in a month. Please- use the internet on your phone the way it was designed- as a supplement to your home internet… Not a replacement.

There are reasons why a person would have a data plan on a phone without internet at home. I thought the wireless providers are suppose to add competition to the playing field. For a few wonderful months straight, I used Tmobile as my primary internet while I was literally fighting with Verizon to get DSL installed no cable access here. So rest assured, your precious network is being protected.

Chat Chat Hookup Jpg Compressor Less Than 100kb = Mb

I hit 10G usually 8 on some months with regular usage and 5 is extremely easy to go over. I thought there was a problem with my phone because it was simply disconnecting. I think people underestimate how easy it is to use up that much bandwidth.

The files I download are not tiny and I need to browse the internet for references for my work as well as view videos, upload large files. I get it and I had not complaint except for the outright disconnects. Do we really care.

For me T-mobile is still be best thing since sliced bread, lol. Are they going to reduce the data fee accordingly since they are providing less service?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I might as well have it welded onto my hand. I never go even close to 5GB. Im with the other ppl, if this is the only way to get the tether and wifi options added to the G2 then thats fine with me. I have done a ton of downloading while tethered and never came close to 10gb, sorry for yall who do.

I think tether via usb option will save a lot of us from having to root an already great device. I suggest anyone downloading any files, movies or any data eating imfo to use a WIFI connection. That is where you eat up all your GB. If you just use your device for viewing web pages you will have no problem.

Downloading is your enemy. Use as much wifi as you can. When I am at home or in my office I switch right to wifi. Remember wifi is your friend. Well, slow-down is certainly better than overage charges… but still 5GB is a bit sparse. Also, if they are really going to start enforcing this they need to fix a few things — My Account app and web site specifically — to make monitoring your TOTAL data usage for the month much easier to monitor.

Right now it is practically useless Chat Chat Hookup Jpg Compressor Less Than 100kb = Mb helping to determine usage. I saw this coming, there is no way they can keep up when every other carrier is getting rid of unlimited too.

Does this mean that i can cancel my tmobile plan without a cancellation fee??? Under section 5 of the Terms and conditions: Our Rights to Make Changes.

This provision, which describes how changes may be made to your Agreement, is subject to requirements and limitations imposed by article source law, and will not be enforced to the extent prohibited by law. Your Service is subject to our business policies, practices, and procedures, which we can change without notice. The allotment portion refers to an actual measured limit, not an implied limit.

For example, the message package was 4. You get unlimited data. The world is moving towards a mainly mobile existence. Tethering is currently a violation of the ToS, so again…. As far as your forecasting into the future, if a major technology breakthrough comes that is heavy data consuming, you have to believe it will be on a totally different platform of tech.

Not difficult, nor impossible without tethering. More info 2 daughters and their friends do it all the time by simply using Pandora, Slacker Radio, transferring pictures, and You Tube. And they do it pretty consistently. It has nothing to do with a major technology breakthrough, it has more to do with more and more things we use in our lives being available in the Cloud.


I do continue reading that only time will tell. Unless you wanna pay the price. A lot of the points you made are valid, and I suppose a kid has a bit more free time than I do to use data.

Out side of that its the usual fb, email, etc…. About 8 months ago, while working for VZW, I was attending a corp training, and one of the things that was discussed was the not so distant status of the industry. Sorry so winded, thought it was interesting, and it sure seems like nowadays step are being made in this direction. Assuming the cap is a trade-off for a free wifi tethering service, I say great. While tethering has been used in the past, it was only with those tech savvy enough to set it up on there device with no official assistance from T-Mobile.

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If it is now an included feature, increased amounts of people will use it, thus a greater need for a lower cap. I have no problem with the logic. I anticipate this, and many other exciting things in the coming weeks from Magenta.