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The Ultimate Conversation Guide has 2 ratings and 1 review. Mohammad Ali said: Sometimes I think these audio books could possibly be useful. The ULTIMATE. Texting Girls, The Ultimate Guide to Calling Girls, and 10 Second Seduction,. Artisan's specialties range from you want out of this guide, his exclusive 1-on-1 infield training and day game mastery boot camps only . Text conversations are missing nearly 93% of the input as face-to-face interaction because of the lack of . The Ultimate Guide to Conversation. Teaches you how to start conversations with women, keep the conversations going and keep them interesting. Explains exactly how to talk your way into sex, dates, love and relationships with women. Listen Online / Download. 10 hours of audio. MP3 format - plays on PC, Mac, iPad.

As an introverted guy, your mind can rest only when it has a proper framework for what is happening and what is likely to happen next.

You may not realize that you are a wealth of interesting, compelling stories that any woman would LOVE to share in. This guide will offer you practical, easy-to-implement steps that make having an engaging conversation feel natural.

With enough practice of the principles and tools in this guide, you can build on chemistry almost effortlessly across various conversation topics as you please. It is entirely possible to simply be yourself, talk only about conversation topics that are actually interesting to BOTH of you, and deepen The Ultimate Guide To Conversation Pdf chemistry… all while looking and feeling like a badass conversationalist.

That experience is really pleasurable for you, because there are so many things about her that are totally enriching for you to be around. Part of it is her physical attractiveness and part of it is her vibe, which is simply how she is coming across.

So it takes the pressure off. My free ebook explains this in depth here. My article on the 7 Levels Framework covers that. Therefore they have a less appealing Seven-Levels Mix.

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When they get stronger in their levels and they have their Values and Factors top of mind, it becomes a brighter, more beautiful color. How does this apply practically to any given conversation? How does it translate to what to talk about on a date or when you first meet a woman?

Maybe her click here is tired. There are three broad conversation topic areas you can fall back on during any conversation. These are not only introverted conversation topics, they are central conversation topics in general.

These three areas help change up the dynamics a bit without you having to work too hard to find something clever and witty to say. Loud or chaotic environments may make you feel pressured to fill the silence or overcompensate in some way.

When she feels excited and feels chemistry with you, then for her, just being next to you and having lots to look at in that environment The Ultimate Guide To Conversation Pdf okay.

Go back to the three areas of conversation: The Environment, Her, or You. Every time you are The Ultimate Guide To Conversation Pdf a loss of what to say, go back to them.

It will take less than seconds to think of something, especially once you have practice at it. If you want to direct the conversation toward her, you can bring up something you notice about her. That can feel pleasantly bold, or it can feel like too much.

The Ultimate Conversation Guide

So pay attention to your intuition and link you are feeling in your own skin.

Either ask her a question or make a comment about her as a person. People have a lot to say about themselves. Also somewhat vulnerable, but less bold than turning the conversation toward her, is bringing up something you notice about yourself.

The more comfortable you get with conversation topics in general, the more you can play with this one. There might be a connection there.

How to Never Run out of Things to Say - Keep a Conversation Flowing!

This is for when you feel chemistry with her and some rapport already. I feel so attracted to you. At that point, bring back in any of the other conversation topics.

You're prepared with material to use when the opportunity is right. It is entirely possible to simply be yourself, talk only about conversation topics that are actually interesting to BOTH of you, and deepen the chemistry… all while looking and feeling like a badass conversationalist. When done poorly, it can make you look like a serial killer. I never understood why until I videotaped myself giving a mock interview. Really want to have beautiful, intelligent and interesting women in their lives but aren't prepared to improve and learn the techniques required to attract and maintain the interest of these women.

So, those are the three topic areas, and they are always relevant: The Environment, Her, and You. First you see her in the room, make your way towards her, get in her line of sight, and then you say something. Just as I mentioned in the section above on the three broad conversation topics, there is plenty to get you started in these two areas.

The possibilities are endless because she is unique and the environment is unique, and so there is lots to notice. The conversation can be a platform for you to explore chemistry both body-to-body very subtle, by using light touch and mind-to-mind covered below. This is where neediness starts to come through, and you feel it. You feel needy in that moment when you are doing backflips trying to make the conversation work.

Then use the three conversation topics to help you in better The Ultimate Guide To Conversation Pdf how to carry a conversation with a woman. The more you have conversations, the more you go on dates, the more you see that there is to The Ultimate Guide To Conversation Pdf about human connection and chemistry. Instead of just accessing your own internal assessment of the situation, try to also source from the outside too for deepened confidence.

Look at the positive responses you have in your life: Pay attention to that instead of isolating into just what is already going on in your head.

A million other men could say those same lines. There are many more elegant ways, many more self-respecting ways, to create chemistry with women. There are more natural and intuitive ways.

The Ultimate Guide To Conversation Pdf

That is simply not how it is. How to bring out your attractive traits for her to see, without bragging or trying too hard. One way you can generously show her what is great about you so she can easily see is by working those things into your conversation topics. These personal Values and Factors stories are especially great when conversation topics come up that relates to them.

I can share it with you if you want. Then, you share a situation where you were thoughtful and honest… a situation that shows your skillful communication. You share how you overcame a similar struggle. You can show that part of yourself by talking about a story from the past or a recent story, The Ultimate Guide To Conversation Pdf something that happened just the other day. As things happen in your life, take notice: In this scenario, I feel really playful.

Personally, I had a really wonderful conversation with a man at a salsa club where I was able to see how strong and deep he was. It was so loud that we could barely hear each other. He told me about these adventures he had and what they meant to him.

We were having a very deep conversation in the hallway as people were passing by us and dancing. It was a chaotic environment, and it was fun. That worked for me, because I can be pretty intense and like to talk about those things, and he did too. Two intense people are two peas in a pod.

Of course you can. You can always have meaning-based conversation topics, as long as she seems like a deep, thoughtful person, as well. He just lightly introduced the topic. Eventually, we were both just sharing. He just introduced the idea to gauge if I wanted to talk about it.

Be open to her being into it, though. If she is, you can have a great conversation about her values. Maybe you grew up very shy or you really struggled to develop your professional or social skills.

No one else has your story.

The Ultimate Guide To Conversation Pdf

The kind of woman that you would really connect with will appreciate these things about you and might even have a similar story about what she was able to learn or go through. The way to gauge if the vibe is right is just to introduce it. What do you do in those moments if you are naturally a more intense, deep kind of guy?

Trying to stay surface level and forcing small talk feels awkward and if it feels awkward for you, you can be damn sure it does for her too!

Does this happen to you? This guide will offer you practical, easy-to-implement steps that make having an engaging conversation feel natural. If you're not interesting, you can actually see people's eyes glaze over. As things happen in your life, take notice:

Before them, humor felt quite elusive to me. Through hanging The Ultimate Guide To Conversation Pdf with them, though, I can now phrase things in a way that gets a good laugh and is fun for everybody.

After years of practice, I love that I can now make people laugh whenever I want to. Even in the beginning when I was still learning basics, it was still fun! If you make it a point to hang out with friends who are really funny or who have other qualities that you admire, it will bring those qualities out more in you.

Sometimes it can take a while to build up a different side of your personality like that, often a few months. You can be lighter and more playful just because you see things in a more fun way. Everyone has their own sense of humor style. If you hang out with people that have a great sense of humor style that you enjoy, it can rub off on you.

Even just seeing funny things, seeing humor or irony as you go throughout your day, can help visit web page become more lighthearted with yourself. It actually makes a change in how you see things. What a relief to have that range and to be able to use it when you want. This is because in a setting where everyone else is in a light, playful mood — and your serious deep conversation topics are just not flowing with the vibe, like a note out of key in a musical chord — you are going to feel left out.

As you expand your capacity for fun and lightness, it becomes much easier to connect with people without going deep into serious conversation topics. How do you avoid small talk while still keeping it light across various conversation topics as an introverted guy?

At first, it may be deep values like integrity, kindness that you see, and then you here start noticing the quirky fun light things you find endearing about them. To take delight in another human being and express that delight is one of the purest most beautiful gifts we can give. The problem is you just may not be feeling The Ultimate Guide To Conversation Pdf love, the enjoyment, the appreciation of that moment with those people.