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It works to ensure orderly securities and futures market operations, to protect investors and help promote Hong Kong as an international financial centre and a key financial market in China.

Heading into the summer, virtually all the jobs lost during the recession had been replaced. The G7 got endorsement of its plan from China, Brazil and other big emerging market economies by taking it to the G20, then a secondary forum. Taxes don't always go up, they can go down, and they see it every time they buy something.

Skip to main content. Hong Kong anti-graft body widens probe into Convoy financial scandal 14 Feb - Does the Securities and Futures Commission need to be in Central? Qunxing ordered to pay investors for fraud, but can they collect?

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A lost report caused China e-Wallet to misstate profit as a loss 23 Jan - Link the SFC gone far with its ill-defined cooperation plea? Hong Kong regulator sets rules to settle breaches for efficiency 15 Jan - 7: Convoy management thwarts coup attempt, stays intact for clean up 29 Dec - Convoy to grant share options for staff retention 26 Dec - 9: New rules for new economy stock as dual-class shares get go-ahead 20 Dec - 7: Hong Kong securities regulator proposes new rules for funds 19 Dec - 7: Joint financial probe good for reputation of city 13 Dec - Convoy appoints six directors who may only last three weeks 10 Dec - Executives of Hong Kong finance firm Convoy under investigation 7 Dec - You may also like.

Milton Harris At Asian Dating Spacex Stock

How technology is helping us tackle our urban health problems In partnership with: New smart ID card application to take just 30 minutes from this year 13 Feb - Bus passengers furious with driver moments after deadly crash 12 Feb - 7: Shattered glass, blood and fire: SCMP moves to a new home Feb 14th ,