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you don't have a leg to stand on. You're a 21 year old man going after a 16 year old girl. Right or wrong, you have no defense. And these things RUIN LIVES (I'm referring to yours). anyway, just wanted to scare the shit out of you. Seriously, don 't do it. posted by menace at PM on December I know what 16 year old boys want but I worry if I try to banish him she will rebel and go behind my back. I am soo not ready to be dealing with this yet!! . Join Date: Oct Location: Canada. Posts: 3, Im not a teen mum, but I left home at 17 (im 23 now) I think you are right, if you forbid it she may. 28 Mar I hear that you are an old soul, but that doesn't necessarily mean you have to date someone significantly older to meet your “soul-match.” I say go for a five to seven year age difference. But bottom-line, you are the only one who really knows if this relationship is a fit. I'm not saying it couldn't work; I'm just.

Im 23 And Dating A 16 Year Old

Chat or rant, adult content, spam, insulting other members, show more. Harm to minors, violence or threats, harassment or privacy invasion, impersonation or misrepresentation, fraud or phishing, show more. I am a 23 year old guy, dating a 16 year old girl.

Im 23 And Dating A 16 Year Old

We haven't slept together yet and we have a full calendar month dating. Am I doing wrong or? I love her very much, she told me the same I love her very much, she told me the same thing. She has bad influencing friends and she was smoking when I met her.

Now I have managed to make her stop smoking and I am successful. What I need now is to lower her love for alcohol and I am in process of doing that successfully because she listens when I talk to her.

I'm 18 With A 15 Year Old Girlfriend!!!

Her grand mother is a traditional doctor and she told her that am a good guy for her, unlike her ex boyfriends, that's what she told me. I can see she believes in the love world and what came to my mind was that she needed someone she can love, and enjoy her life with.

My biggest concern is and should be her, I don't want to hurt her or make her fear relationships at such an important time in her life for relationships. Log in or sign up in seconds. Seriously, don't do it.

I believe I'm her dream boyfriend but Im 23 And Dating A 16 Year Old of community members and friends tells me that I am taking a risk because I may get arrested as she is still under Am I doing right to her? And I'm leading her in a good way. She doesn't have a mom anymore and I wanna be her guardian the same as her friend and lover.

Are you sure you want to delete this answer? This is so romantic. Every girl would need this kind of a guy. Who really cares about her, not just about her outfit or so. Well, your friends are right you must be careful for not get arrested. But don't leave this romantic relationship.

She needs you even more than you need her. If you'll leave her I guess she will lose all her hopes for love and ruin her life. Dating A 16 Year Old. She slept with more than 10 guys, you serious? To be honest that girl you're dating is such a slut. I'm a year younger than her and my parents said I can't even date till I'm 18! Her family has such poor parental discipline.

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If you really wanted to be her guardian why dont you both be friends instead? Relationships can end anytime btw. You wanna know how u get convictied of statutory rape.

They probably already do. The immaturity at 16 is not a headache you want, and let's not even get into the creep factor here. Your sisters obviously have a problem with it, her family might have a problem with it, your parents might have a problem with it, your friends are gonna have a problem with it.

Your partner says they had sex with you, and then say they are underage. And in some states you can go for life.

Its not worth it dude, and you already molested her, get out now before someone call the cops. If you love her, do not date her yet. Wait for her to reach the legal age, then you can do whatever you want with her. Kudos to you that you are taking her away from vices continue reading all, but for legal reason, keep away from crime.

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Age difference in relationships.

Anything wrong with a 26 year old dating a 44 year old man? Why do people do this so young? I want to propose to my girlfriend, but I'm concerned she has lied about her sexual history.