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Spy On Your Boyfriend, Girlfriend or Children's Text Messages and Emails from a Cellphone. Edited by cutie, Dougie, jessicaLouise, tyler . How can I find my boyfriend who wouldn't let me know his location because he has Leukemia and he doesn't want me to see him in that way? My boyfriend has Leukemia, and since. Couple Tracker is BEST AFFAIR AND CHEATING PREVENTION AND DETECTION MOBILE APPLICATION FOR PARTNERS, lovers and husbands! • Mobile monitor app allows couples to monitor, share and exchange text messages (SMS), phone call history, history of GPS locations and Facebook likes and comments. 23 Mar You're hanging with your girlfriend when her phone suddenly starts blowing up. Is it one of her friends? Or is she sneaking around with another dude? It can be hard to tackle the subject head-on, especially if the relationship is new. So how can you satisfy your curiosity without being accused of being crazy.

Try Google Play with Chrome. Item added to wishlist. Item removed from wishlist. Both partners agree to the same degree of Monitoring. Fairly exchange is basic and only one limitation. I did everything that the instructions stated and all I see is the call list, text messages and gps of myself. There are a few lines in my text messages that say record locked.


It then states that I have reached the so many free and so on but that is not the case if I am only seeing my stuff. I'm not sure if it is stating that I can't see my messages because of the limit. Either way my partners information is not in this app at all.

TruthSpy has a 48 hour free trial option but you will have to pay once the trial is up if you do not cancel in time. Cell Phone Samsung Nexus S. The technology as of now for spy software requires you to have to have the device so that you can download the proper software to the device in order to help you to be able to track the phone.

I did email the support team and they just told me to follow the instructions which I had already done correctly. This is good apps, usefully. Suggestions Can u add wassup track too on this couple tracker? I fine there should be more thats unlock everything lock its ok dont like it so much.

This app takes fear burden off my head. This click is very dull. Not this app continued working. User reviews LaDawn Grimes February 14, Sariyati Isa February 10, I fine there should be more thats unlock everything lock its ok dont like it so much Full Review.

Ochola John February 12, This app takes fear burden off my head Full Review. This app click here very dull Full Review.

Not this app continued working Full Review. Ashok Find Out Who Your Partner Is Texting February 10, Very Usefully Full Review. Rainbow Dash February 15, Like the app Full Review.

Nathan Householder February 10, Great app Full Review.

Abhay Yadav February 15, Does not show group text. Photos sent do not show either. I know you can't show then but at least say photo sent. Hillary Wallace February 14, Find Out Who Your Partner Is Texting Ok so i really have no complai ts besides one issue. The paid for app somehow got deleted off my bfs phone does he have to pay the 5.

Honisha Emrith February 9, My tracker stopped working from 6th febraury i cannot see my partners calls msgs and location also plz try to sort out this Although it did keep track of text messages and kept a general location, it was not pleasing to the eyes, it would get my location wrong by MILES at some points, and it would be worth buying the pro of it included and option to view their screen at the moment.

It's useful at times I have the same issue as another person; I can only see my stuff, not my partners and we did everything stated! Michelle Yeager February 4, I wish this app could Show Facebook messaging too! I'd pay the fee if it could show that as well!! Overall I love the app though Full Review. Love it a very useful app it let's you know important info and clears up thoughts you may have about what your partner may be doing or where she may be or has been i would recommend this to anyone who thinks something may be going on in there relationship Full Review.

Shamsul Ismail January 28, Mukesh Mishra February 1, This is very helpful app for tracking to someone's activities and there is my suggestion, If possible, we can track what app msg or calls?

Find Out Who Your Partner Is Texting

If there is any way to track the same so pls let me know. Blake Martinez January 26, How accurate is the locator on the app it says my gf is up the street from her house, now she's either cheating or the app monitor is wrong and I'm not sure yet Full Review.

Heather Yang February 7, Unsure how you use this app, both phones are synced, yet I can only see my own msges, and he can only see his own messages And Yes, I did everything with the sending codes and confirming and it's still not working Full Review. Gps locator doesn't work stays in one position wife went to store and doesnt show or recent locations Full Review.

Shannon Johnson January 29, We've tried several times but just keep getting our own info. Kenneth Continue reading January 30, All i can ever see is my stuff. Never my wife's stuff. And Find Out Who Your Partner Is Texting same for her. I can just look at my phone and see this. Carly Robinson January 24, Since the last update it isn't working the way that it's supposed to it doesn't update unless a call comes through to them or a message something that you might want to look into and they have to check the message or call in order for it to show up otherwise it won't which makes this useless because what if they have an accident somewhere and nobody knows about it you won't be able to find them until miraculously somebody checks the messages Full Review.

Stephen Jones February 2, Im happy with this app! Maryke Theron February 3, Does not synchronize at all. I love this app and thank you for the 20 launching of the app ; Full Review. Patrick Fullerton January 29, Used work great but recently all messages don't show up not even ones between my spouse and i Full Review.

Thank you of 37 launching of the app Full Review. It works well for the purpose it was created Full Review. Meren Sangba January 28, Who will use massage now days f there have wats apps much better Full Review.

When your girlfriend is preoccupied or taking a nap, you grab her phone to do some digging. However, they do break the law and some "leakages" might occur from time to time. He will never disappoint u. All i can ever see is my stuff. We've link several times but just keep getting our own info.

We once were blind but now we see Full Review. We downloaded the app and connected and could only see our own info not eachothers. Wendy Barger January 29, I think it's okay so far. We just downloaded it Full Review.

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Works like they said it does Full Review. Charlie Conant February 5, If I connect to partners phone will it tell the person that I connected to their phone? Visit website Email contact coupletracker. Super phone number tracker, caller ID, call blocker.

Who's Texting Your Girlfriend? Use This Tool To Find Out!

Phone Tracker Friend Locator Inc. Find friends, Kids monitoring, Home security, Anti theft.

Find Out Who Your Partner Is Texting

A simple phone usage activity tracker that emails you texts and call logs daily. Mobile number tracker Mobile number tracker 1. Mobile number tracker, Phone lookup, Mobile Number Locator, phone number tracker.

We help people reduce anxiety around the whereabouts of their loved ones. Keep a track of your loved ones by tracking their cell phones without Internet. Mobile Number Locator Onex Softech 1. Designed for remote access to SMS messages. More from developer See more. Microphone Block -Anti malware BytePioneers s. Camera Block - Anti spy-malware BytePioneers s.