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Weird Things Girls Do With Their Boobs

15 Things Women Want You to Know About Boobs

YES, YES, YES, A BILLION TIMES YES! x For me at least, that is xDDDDDDD But seriously. What's the fucking point of having nice big squishy and soft boobs, if you're not gonna enjoy what you have? Why fucking wait years for that “right perso. 6 Sep Some women can even have orgasms from breast play alone. Others need breast play To evoke a sense of teenage nostalgia, put your hands up her shirt and play with her breasts over her bra. Once you get her shirt off the middle of her chest. You can also do this with your tongue, or with light kisses. 16 Mar Weird Things Girls Do With Their Boobs . Men always ask if me and my friends play with our boobs they said no I said yes. The two of those things i do most 1 . holding your boobs while running (other wise they hurt) 2. puting your hands in your bra cause its warm Also since you already reading this is it.

December 14th, Do you touch your breasts? A vague question, I understand.

I can't answer for all girls, but I don't play with my boobs The reason that many male species of animal have click is that the male needs to attract a mate to spread his genes and propagate the species. I'll just be sitting around in my underpants watching TV, reading, browsing reddit, or whatever only requires one hand and i'll just be playing with my testicles like some sort of Chinese exercise balls. This is particularly true if it's during that time of the month. Or maybe it's better.

But as a virgin guy, I want to know Also, please include your age and cup size, too see if there's any correlation between breast size and amount of touching.

How does it feel to you? Have you ever orgasmed only from breast stimulation? Lastly, for those with big enough breasts, can you suck on your own nipples? Last edited by highschooler; December 14th, at Not during masturbation, no. It feels like nothing to me personally, but it varies from girl to girl.

Top 10 Amazing Things You Can Do With Boobs

I've never had sex, so. I don't do it during masturbation but it's amazing during sex. I think licking my own nipple would be kind of weird. Elysium is the nicest thing.

December 15th, Um well I have during masterbation since mine are very sensative.

But not all the time. I can't really get an orgasm from only them but I like touching them 14 34B. StraightVietnamese-americanPlay trumpet, super otaku N I'm concidered the goth anime chick but Im just me. December 16th, I only touch my boobs like when I need an "extra" oomph Depressed, straight totally against hate, applying to boarding school don't think I'm gonna get there.

December 18th, I play with my breasts a little bit when I masturbate to add a bit extra, and enjoy it even more during sex.

12 Things We REALLY Wish Guys Knew About Playing With Our Boobs

December 20th, Never really tried sucking on them myself. I enjoy a lot to work on my tits when playing with myself; but much more when making love to guys or girls My small tits are so sensitive December 23rd, I do sometimes during masturbation, never had sex so wouldn't click 32B. December 24th, Originally Posted by heyChelsea. December 25th, December 27th, Does anybody have other thoughts on this topic?

Do you like girls to touch their breasts?

Something about a doorman building just brings it out in women, I guess. With Kirsten not her friend Why is the male so driven by testosterone to pursue the female? I'm just sorry that more women don't do this. God I miss Red Dwarf, and the new episodes just don't cut it in my eyes.

Not as a rule becuase i perfer the two handed masturbation using one to stimulate my clit and the other for vaginal penatration but with sex it's good. I do it sometimes when I masturbate and have more time alone to enjoy it, 34b. September 10th, I can't speak for every girl but I know me and Do Girls Play With Their Boobs few of my friends play with our boobs.

I am 15 and have 32D breasts, I started developing when I was 8 and I've always had a bit of an obsession with them. I love how it feels and when I suck my nipples I can usually orgasm.

Do Girls Play With Their Boobs

I don't play with them every time I masturbate but sometimes its nice, adds an extra sensation especially if Im feeling really into it. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. BB code is On. All times are GMT The time now is Page 1 of 2.

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Do Girls Play With Their Boobs