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The world records in running tend to be set by black athletes and in swimming by white athletes. We show that this phenomenon is predictable from physics. Locomotion is a 'falling-forward' cycle, in which body mass falls forward and then rises again. Mass that falls from a higher altitude falls faster, down. 14 Nov 5) Which person “has supernatural quickness that makes them capable of running faster than a fighter jet?” Advertisement. 6) Which person “has supernatural strength that makes them capable of lifting up a tank?” Blacks were selected percent of the time, significantly more than whites. The only two. Or is this notion nothing but white voodoo designed to banish blacks to the modern plantation—the track, the basketball court, and the football field—while whites control the boardrooms? To the degree that it is a Elite athletes who trace most or all of their ancestry to Africa are by and large better than the competition.

If you watched the last Olympics like me you probably also observed that most medallists in running events were black.

I discussed this with university grad friends and researchers and we only came up with hypotheses but nobody had an actual explanation. Is it cultural, genetic, other reasons or nobody really know? Sprint and distance running requiring different attributes for being the best, let separate this question in two parts: Otherwise, I'll simply erase my question.

It's an interesting question and one that has been asked before. NPR did a story in on this topic, but their question was a bit more focused than just "why are so many black people good runners? The observation that led to their story wasn't just that black people in general were over-represented among long-distance running medalists, but that Kenyans in particular source over-represented.

Digging deeper, the story's investigators found that here best runners in Kenya also tended to come from Why Are Blacks Faster Than Whites same tribal group: I'm not going to repeat all the details in that story which I encourage you to readbut the working answer that the investigators came up with is that there are both genetic traits and certain cultural practices that contribute to this tribe's success on the track.

Go here, from the point of view of someone who wants a concise answer, it is very difficult to separate and quantify the exact contributions that each genetic and cultural modification makes to the runners' successes.

Pubmed also has a number of peer-reviewed papers detailing the Kalenjin running phenomenon, but I could only find two with free full-access and neither had the promising title of "Analysis of the Kenyan distance-running phenomenon," for which you have to pay. Insert annoyed frowning face here. I did a quick search of some Kenyan gold medalist runners in the Olympics and sure enough, several though certainly not all are Kalenjin.

I'm less sure about the Ethiopian runners, since most research that I found online seems to focus on the Kenyans, but I'd feel safe hypothesizing that something similar can explain their dominance at the podium. So, the short answer to your question is that it's not just "black people" who dominate the world of competitive long-distance running, but that very specific subsets of people who, as it turns out, are black do display a competitive advantage and that both genetics and culture account for much of this advantage.

Take a look at Will Grover's answer hereI will cite the genetic diveristy explantion here, I think that sounds the most logical: Genetic Diversity This is my favorite answer, and the one that makes the most sense to me: Africans are more genetically diverse than other groups; in fact, they find that the further you are from Africa, generally the less genetically diverse you are.

So you would expect to see some groups who are faster than others, or slower, stronger, smaller etc. There is a great Fresh Air podcast that describes this as well thank you Jay Hobson for providing the link!

Because of more genetic diversity you will have more "choice" when it comes to natural selection. Maybe because those people were there first they were exposed to threats which required more strength or speed. So maybe that's the cause— I'm just guessing.

I Found another interesting theory: I also found this hypothesis from a scientific paper which suggests Why Are Blacks Faster Than Whites asian and white people have a lower center of gravity than black people.

Ethnic group Eugenics Genetics Human evolution. Nonetheless, without citing sources, he presents data which estimates that because of the great hardships involved in slavery only one individual survived for every two condemned to it. So the superhuman bias potentially leads to greater abuse, reduced compassion, greater blame—and an overall estrangement. They found that the more you cast someone as an active doer, the less you see the person as susceptible to things being done. Is it reasonable to conclude that such differences, if they really exist, would give blacks an advantage in speed and power events?

See the general explanation:. Blacks tend to have longer limbs with smaller circumferences, meaning that their centers of gravity are higher compared to whites of the same height," said Adrian Bejan, Jones' co-author, an engineering professor at Duke University. Here's an excerpt from the abstract that explains this idea:. The world records in running tend to be set by black athletes and in swimming by white athletes.

We show that this phenomenon is predictable from physics. Mass that falls from a higher altitude falls faster, down and forward. In running, the altitude L1 is set by the position of the center of mass above the ground. In swimming, the altitude is set by the upper body rising above the water, and it is proportional to H — L1, where H is the height of the athlete.

Why Are Blacks Faster Than Whites

The anthropometric literature shows that the center of mass in blacks is 3 percent higher above the ground than in whites. This means that blacks hold a 1. Among athletes of the same height Asians are even more favored than whites in swimming but they are not setting records because they are not as tall.

Black People Are Faster

Scientists say it is because coloured people have higher centre of gravity in comparison to their white counterpart. Using law of locomotion,researchers found that black sprinters have 0.

Conversely, having a lower than average centre of gravity helps white swimmers as their speed is determined by height they can get above the water. Thank you for your interest in this question. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site the association bonus does not count. Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead?

Why Are Blacks Faster Than Whites

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Whites See Blacks as Superhuman

Join them; it only takes a minute: Here's how it works: Anybody can ask a question Anybody can answer The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Why do the fastest runners tend to be black? Mud Warrior 1 5 Matthew Syed covers this in his book "Bounce", which I highly recommend. Many of the fastest runners are not only black, but also Kenyan, and not only Kenyan but from a specific village in Kenya. This village has a training track at a see more altitude, and also the entire village hero-worships all fast runners, which encourages people to really give it their all from a young age.

I wanted to know why 0 swimmers were black. My darker friend said he'd ask at the next meeting of black folk, but he hasn't gotten back to me yet. Chloe uh, a black American won gold in swimming. The title of this question isn't asking the same thing as the body of the question. Forest 1, 5 Nice answer, I did listen at the Radio Lab podcast radiolab.

It answers the long distance running, however my question is more related to the sprints i.

Economic factors are more likely to be responsible for the apparent clear distinction between the disciplines. Indeed, the large base of aspirants necessary to produce the disproportionate number of black athletes that we see today in our major sports is recognized as a social problem in that the development of other non-athletic skills, leading to more realistic career options, are being neglected Ashe, Perhaps the area which has provided the greatest opportunities for minorities in sport is in playing positions. I try to keep things classy and on-point. Finally, blacks have dominated the world heavy weight boxing title since when Joe Louis became champion, interrupted only by Rocky MarcianoIgemar Johannson and Jerry Cooney

Maybe we'll need more studies about Jamaican sprinters? MudWarrior Gotcha - I didn't look into the sprinters. Would have to do a bit of research to even see what hypotheses to look into. I try to keep things classy and on-point.

Partly, it comes with the terrain. I'm a science journalist, which demands some tact when reporting certain topics. MudWarrior - Jamaica is not necessarily a meaningful factor - the genetic lines that affect things likely far predate the arrival of ancestors of those runners to Jamaica within last years, and you can't know if the specific winners actually did ultimately descend from Kalenjin ancestry just by where they are born Why Are Blacks Faster Than Whites 21st century.

Forest I found a source for the paper you mentioned: Homing In On The Elusive 'Sports Gene' Continue reading of more genetic diversity you will have more "choice" when it comes to natural selection.

Update I Found another interesting theory: Rick Beeloo 1, 1 6 Good suggestion Rick Beeloo. I also found another hypothesis see my answer below. How does the genetic diversity of Western black people say Jamaicans compare to that of Western whites e. Every answer is based on text elsewhere no one knows everything at birth right? But I understand your critic. Although if we overgeneralize, the genetic diversity argument may be true, it is so bland that in any Why Are Blacks Faster Than Whites case, we would not accept it.

Problem with genetic diversity is that most of it is in neutral alleles. When speaking about particular trait, this answer is just not sufficient. One group with higher genetic diversity could have low diversity in particular trait, while other group with smaller overall genetic diversity could be highly diverse.

It depends on particular evolutionary pressures.

Scientists Theorize Why Black Athletes Run Fastest

See the general explanation: Here's an excerpt from the abstract that explains this idea: That link and the link therein don't actually provide any evidence that center of gravity affects running speed, or why it would. The hyperlink that should point to an article about center of gravity height and foot speed actually links to an article about joint stress and running shoes. Thanks Matt I didn't clicked the links while reading it. It's fixed now, I've added the actual study link and it's even open access!

I thought it was generally accepted that the reason fast people run fast is because of a greater proportion of fast-twitch muscle fibres. Why this appears to be more common in black people I do not know - maybe Rick Beeloo's answer is correct?? Any suggestion that it's to do with body geometry is heading down a very murky path in my opinion. Also note that, up until Bolt's success, it was generally accepted that a sprinter shouldn't be too tall - tall athletes cannot accelerate out of the blocks as quickly and, in the m, cannot run the bend as successfully.

Most top sprinters are around 6ft Johan Blake 5'11", Justin Gatlin 6'1"Bolt at 6'5" is several inches taller than almost all of Why Are Blacks Faster Than Whites competitors.

I only wanted to point a published study from what seems to me a well-known and respectable scientist. I didn't hear about the fast-twitch muscle fibres yet, if you have time, can you make it an actual answer including references? This could be a quite useful input to this discussion.

Conversely, having a lower than average centre of gravity helps white swimmers as their speed is determined by height they can get above the water Source: Biology Stack Exchange works best with JavaScript enabled.