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Whirlpool Gas Dryer Installation (Model #WGD49STBW2)

How to Install a Clothes Dryer

23 Aug If you see a standard plug (v) you have a gas dryer. Gas dryers have an electric wire plugged into a standard v 3-prong outlet, (runs the motor and timers), AND a gas connector. Gas connectors are either Stainless Steel or could be coated with yellow substance. Gas dryers do not come with the gas. 27 Apr Instructions for how to install a clothes dryer, including connecting to the gas line and to venting. 3Plug in the dryer. An electric dryer will have a large, volt plug like the one shown at right. A gas dryer will have a conventional plug. Push the dryer into place, leaving a couple of inches on each side for. 26 Jun If you just moved into a new place with a washer and dryer hookup but no appliance, you can tell by the outlet. Gas dryers run on electricity — to do things like power the lights and turn the drum — but heat with gas. The outlet should look pretty typical, and there will be a capped off gas line in the vicinity.

I recently moved into a older house with gas appliances stove does this mean I have a gas washer and dryer hookup. Could someone tell me what a hookup for gas and hookup for electric look like?

What Does A Gas Dryer Hookup Look Like

There will also be regular 3-prong outlets near by. I couldn't find a good illustration of a capped gas line but this may give you an idea what such a gas line would look like: You can see a couple of examples of dryer and volt range outlets at this link: There is no such thing as a gas washer.

Are all dryers electric? Usually you need to purchase a conversion kit and have someone convert the dryer from natural gas to LP-gas. To install a washer and dryer, you need plumbing knowledge, some electrical know-how and a few carpentry skills. Push the dryer into place, leaving a couple of inches on each side for air circulation.

All washers use electricity and of course, water. All dryers have an exhaust tube that's about four inches across for the hot air.

Shut the gas off again at the dryer supply valve. The gas connection provides the energy to heat the dryer while the electric connection powers the drum, control panel and light. Not Helpful 2 Helpful 4.

A Gas dryer DOES use electricity as well as gas, but the plug is "normal" size, like a toaster or hair dryer uses. If the dryer hookup is for an "electric" dryer, then the plug is MUCH larger, and there is no metal gas line to connect.

How to Hook Up a Gas Dryer

In an electric dryer, the electricity runs the motor that turns the drum, and also it powers the heating coil that drys the clothes. In a gas dryer, the heat is provided by burning gas, but the motor that turns the drum still is powered by electricity.

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What Does A Gas Dryer Hookup Look Like