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7 Oct Never Too Late To Learn That You Have ADHD I would love to get my story out there and help other people who learn at a late age they have ADHD. . now and just started to make intentional steps towards creating coping mechanisms because I've avoided addressing the truth about my brain's wiring. 26 Jan I'm only 17 (played since I was 11) and I think it's too late for me I guess, I think if you didn't start at like, 5 or younger it's not worth beginning at all. I'm amazed at how good some players are, who are wwaayy younger than me, just because their parents got them started with Suzuki when they were 2 years. 6 Oct Its probably too late if you want to be a world champion, but as a way of keeping fit i don't see why you shouldn't. . I started when I was 14 and I'm 17 now, I thought I was too old to, it takes a while, but slowly you make progress, at our clubs adult class we have loads of people starting from scratch and its.

It also has so scientific backing whatsoever, and is negative and discouraging to several of the people who post here. My point in all this is not to discourage you but simply to point out that music is a multi-faceted discipline and that successful musicians possess a wide variety of skills and aptitudes. I think he is really an exceptional case. So I got a degree in education, moved to North Carolina, and taught kindergarten for a year, which I didn't enjoy kids great, public school--no. You will not be second rate as long as you think of yourself as first rate.

January 26, at However, the more I play the more I realise that I would like to take it to the next level. I'm not completely unrealistic, being 27 I know that I probably, more than likely, don't even have a chance at getting into any of the top orchestras.

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Therefore I've decided to stick to something more local, with maybe some private tutoring on the site, however given my age I'm not sure how possible this dream is.

If anyone has any thought it would be really helpful. Not to be too discouraging, but the general rule, set forth by Couperin several centuries ago and still true today, is that to be truly top tier, you really have to start playing by age 7.

Rugierro Ricci, who started at 9, is the only exception I have ever noted. This may have something to do with brain development in violinists.

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So the likelihood of starting at age 27 and making it into a top orchestra is very remote. It is possible that you could become a professional at some lower level, but probably not too likely, other than as a teacher.

Is 17 Too Late To Start Hookup

Good luck whatever you decide to try. As long as your goals are clear and realistic, as they seem to be, above, I don't see why you should not try to follow your dream. If the question is whether you could make enough of a career to support yourself, the answer, at least hypothetically is yes, with hard work.

If you have an inclination for private teaching, you can build a studio. You could also consider doing a music ed degree and being hired in a school system, which would provide a decent salary and benefits, although you might not have the taste for that kind of teaching. If you form a professional quartet or ensemble and work at self-promotion, you can build a decent business doing weddings, parties, and other gigs, and also put on "real" concerts, which will be artistically satisfying, if not lucrative.

Factor in that self-employed persons pay higher taxes. I can think of several string players in our area who became professional later in their careers and have managed to build an engaging, rewarding life for themselves.

They key is Is 17 Too Late To Start Hookup be a self-starter and to make a career, and a need for yourself read more none might have existed previously. It all depends on how badly you want it. But I have to agree with my colleagues here. Keep making progress, and keep loving it. Tom - Elmar Oliveira also started at 9.

But that's obviously an exception. And still, we'd all agree, even 16 is a far cry from The rule of thumb stated above applies uniquely to violinists and probably violists for reasons that are unknown to me.

Cellists, pianists and other instrumentalists can start later and still become superstars. A neuroscientist could probably explain it. But it certainly is possible, given time and patience, for you to find a performance and possibly, a teaching niche.

Your goals seem reasonable to me. PS - Make sure that you have a good teacher if you go any further. Nothing is more frustrating than thinking you've gotten to the next level when really you've continue reading built up a Is 17 Too Late To Start Hookup of bad habits that good teachers should be able to nip in the bud.

Only you know your determination, your focus, your drive, your talent. So, maybe "professional" for you won't include playing with the NY Phil--that much I agree with--but there are Orchestras all across the country with players in them that come from all sorts of backgrounds. The one I'm thinking of in particular doesn't pay enough to support a living though.

If that's what you really want, you've got one heck of a ride in front of you. I salute you and give you my best wishes for the journey. I agree wholeheartedly with Emily. You don't have any time to waste, so you'd better get the best teacher you can find.

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Oh, and one other tip--determine NOW that you will play everything absolutely in tune. Give it your utmost attention. If you mean soloist that plays around the world So does that mean teaching?

If so, on what level? OR is it orchestra visit web page I wouldn't discourage you. Most important is to have an excellent teacher and really to work hard and properly at Is 17 Too Late To Start Hookup you're trying to accomplish. January 27, at I think that "rule" is ridiculous. First off, it's just someone's opinion being presented as a "fact".

It also has so scientific backing whatsoever, and is negative and discouraging to several of the people who post here. Naysayers like you just encourage me to work even harder to prove you wrong. Two exceptions and they are barely exceptions are the only ones anyone has pointed out. I did not say that it was absolute, but it is almost so for violinists.

I do not mean to discourage people but they should know what they face. The "rule" also does not mean they cannot make a living as a professional, teaching, gigging or whatever. For a discussion of some of the science surrounding the issue, I suggest you read "Music, the Brain, and Ecstasy" by Robert Jourdain, pp.

I bet some more things have changed as well.

On another note, I have a pal click the San Fran Symphony who started at the ripe-old age of twelve, and got his first job right out of school. But make no mistake - it isn't easy. Originally Posted by Still Pimpin. Brey did already at that point in time when he started the cellohave a musical background, he had played the violin and piano from what I understand, for a few years prior to starting the cello. Studying a part-time Construction HND course at my local college while working at SAS seemed like the perfect alternative to university.

And people didn't live past no wonder the youth-cult today. There are many many symphonies around the world--I dare say not more than 10 percent of the string players started at four, probably more like Learning methods as well in the past were rote, and reflections of monks copying manuscripts in moss covered monasteries.

Indeed, centuries ago the violin was just taking it's final form we know today. She just wants to know if she could play in a decent orchestra someday, which is not only possible, but well within reach, given she practices and finds good guidance. The myth that needs dispelled is that you need to be some kind of click at this page in order to be a professional violinist.

The reason "started" is in quotation marks is because I was never serious about violin until I was Before that, I never practiced for more than 1 hour per day, if Is 17 Too Late To Start Hookup.

When I was 18, at my first lesson at the New England Conservatory, my teacher told me that because I effectively "chose" to play the violin, I would not regret my parents pushing me into something. My point is that a virtuoso teacher chose me as her student despite my horrible technique at age Every year required very hard work but I don't regret any bit of it. I also can analyze technical matters that many adults have trouble teaching because they didn't have to logically think about basics the way I did.

This helps me greatly in teaching children. What I was responding to initially was the implication of her original post from her suggestion that she wanted to do something more than just recreational playing that she was seeking to basically make a living as a member of a local orchestra. I do not know what local orchestras pay in other parts of the country, but it is certainly true that in DC, unless you are a member of the NSO, Is 17 Too Late To Start Hookup cannot make a living as an orchestra member.

Therefore, if she wants to make a living with the violin, she needs to think about the various ways of doing that on the assumption that it is unlikely that she will be able to make a living or anything close to one as the member of a local orchestra. I know you have faced these issues and done well, so she probably needs to hear from you about your experiences. While it may be true that some of those discovered as having natural ability at a young age flow through the ranks to some level of high achievement, it is more true that even among those, many who persist become music teachers even if they stick with music at all.

It's no different than in sports, where one has about a 1 in a million chance in playing for a major league team.

But unlike the world of sports, the music world is broad and deep. And especially adults who persist are a true breed of excellence because often their efforts are grounded in inspiration and love for a craft.

There is sand lot football and there is the Colts and Bears. Unlike sand lot football though, music is something one can reasonably follow through their advancing years successfully, limited only by one's time, patience and ability.

I know someone who started piano around 60, and plays really well. Not--but very competent, and not shallowly either. At 27, if you take violin seriously you not only can "take it to the next level", but if you work really hard, get a good techer and persist you should be able to do quite well.

More info are young and inspired--beyond ability that is the only Is 17 Too Late To Start Hookup.

Unfortunately for adult learners in many many fields, there is a sifting going on that is focused on young people--and as you have seen, often very young people. This is not only myth, but terrible discrimination. The truth is that adult learning is poorly understood, and supposed wiring for music though complementing the development of language it's a sound thingis as poorly understood from an adult student as it is used to justify the myth of youth.

You will find for example nicely sensibly done lists of strengths that adults bring to the learning environment, but though inspiring, they fall short of indepth research that is focused on child development for example. Just like the middle of the bell-curve kid, the middle age plus doctoral candidates are equally not celebrated fully in society. Basically, don't even give countenance to this discussion, and forget that it started.

Is 17 Too Late To Start Hookup

Lifetime learning should not be gimics to get adults into University doors where real support mechanisms focused on adults are pencil-whipped, for full time equivalent FTE numbers. The same vagueness and half-formed thoughts, you will find on your violin journey. Especially at your age you are much better equipped though, than many who start musical instruments even later in life, to challenge the status-quo.

But do so single mindedly and with 'only' your development in mind. The rhetoric is not worth your time. Read about Calvin Sieb's life for example, and the fact that even in his 'truly' later years, he was still giving back to the music world he was os much a part of--and not from and aministrator's chair. And consider that Eintstein is a go here example of this mythical myopia related to being really good at something.

He, after hammering out relativity, was pretty much in a creative abyss though he tried for the remainder of life in search of what would become string theory, in a modified spirit.