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niacin how to clean out your system from thc

Can You Pass a Drug Test with Niacin

1 Answer - Posted in: niacin - Answer: Niacin assists in the functioning of the digestive system - it does not. On the other hand, if the person using this method properly spaces out their dosage (mg or one pill every 6 hours for 3 or more days) and hydrates plentifully, they pass the drug test in 80% of the reports. By following this routine, you will be able to successfully cleanse your body from metabolites in 3 – 5 days so plan. 1 Dec Some people came up with the idea that, since doses of niacin give you a "hot flush", it somehow is "burning the THC out of your system". This is total nonsense. Buzzby, Dec 2, so, in conclusion.. niacin does work, if you have days before your drug test. sorry i know and understand i'm new here and.

Discussion in ' Drug Testing ' started by whocaresdude91Aug 22, We serve over 4 million readers month, and have costs like all popular websites: To protect our independence we do not run ads. We take no government funds. If Drugs-Forum is useful to you, take one minute to keep it online another year by donating whatever you can today.

Donations are currently not sufficient to pay our bills and keep the site up. Your help is most welcome. Does Niacin Clean Your System Out Test Does Niacin work for making clean urine? Aug 22, 1. I have always been told that Niacin cleans out your system and can influence a drug test to be negative.

Niacin is a vitamin that can be bought in drug stores and grocery stores. Does Niacin actually clean or detox your body and could contribute to a clean urine sample? Or is Niacin a myth? Aug 22, 2. Niacin has long been rumored to flush your system, but I've never seen any proof that it does. It's really not source it to load up on the stuff in hopes that you'll pass a test because Niacin is extremely dangerous in high doses.

You can shut your down and wind up in a coma. If being clean isn't an option, invest in some synthetic urine. I didn't have mine on me this past week when I got pulled from work for a random and almost got burned because of it. Aug 24, 3. The idea behind this is to dilute the concentration of the detectable drugs in the urine to below the cutoff levels of the test.

Have to take a drug test in the next couple of days. Stopped smoking last night. That way you know before you go.

The problem with this is that it's easy to over do it and creatinine and specific gravity are both commonly tested for and this method throws those off. Drinking too much water can dilute the urine causing lowered levels of creatinine. Creatinine is naturally found in all urine and is typically tested for as a standard part of any drug test it's required by law to be tested for in the USA.

How to pass a drug test Guaranteed

Drinking lots of water will do nothing to help clean your system of drugs, it will only dilute the urine. Vitamin B used to be recommended to color the urine after a subject had drank plenty of water. This won't help at all click at this page of what is mentioned above. Aug 26, 4. Read article much what DS says above. Creatinine is a Does Niacin Clean Your System Out by-product of muscle metabolism.

Now, some people naturally have low creatinine levels, without the need to flush their system e. Like DS said You isn't "cleaning" the drug out of you's system, rather diluting it's concentration in you's urine.

Think of it like having a 5 gallon tank at a pet shop with goldfish, you take a scoop with a net, you'll get 30 goldfish easy. Now add 50 gallons of water and you Does Niacin Clean Your System Out have the same amount of goldfish, but you use your scoop and you'll get 5 with one go. Now if a positive screen is say 15 fish, the 5 gallon situation is going to be positive. But the 55 gallon one is negative. I'm not sure on this, but I have read that taking B vitamins will make urine yellow, and taking creatine will raise the creatinine level of the dilute urine.

I'll go buy creatine and some B-complex pills and test this out. Since I do not do drugs that data will not be reportable to see if it does "flush" enough to be below cutoff Aug 26, 5.

No Niacin is worthless when it comes to testing. The posts above covered water binging as its worthless also and i'm sure very uncomfortable.

Is there a particular drug that your friend was trying to clean out of their system? Aug 26, 6. My friend tried this on several occasions and he turned as red as a lobster. He passed a few check this out and failed one or two. Jan 12, 7. It will in fact throw a drug test off, I know this for a fact! I Drank three amp energy drinks prior that morning, bout one hour or so before testing.

One week later my boss came to me, told me that I needed to go back to the MEA clinic to take a secondary test. He said the results had came back inconclusive. He told me that I had to of did something to disrupt the test, as for as the nurse had told him. I had just started this job, just to say. When I had went back to the MEA clinic one week later.

I did piss again, three days later, I was called to his office where this was told to me. I failed for amphedamines. I did take an Adarall the day before. They did in fact catch me off guard. Hope this helps some of u out there. I have to take Does Niacin Clean Your System Out in three days. When I get up I will drink five amp drinks that I bought last night, for the next two days. I have been takin opiates pretty much sense two days ago.

I will tell u how it went. For know hope this has been helpful to whomever. I believe this will help all of u out there!!!!! Jan 16, 8. Jay, it's not vitamin b that caused an inconclusive test what likely caused this was the sample was too diluted for getting definitive results.

Does Niacin Clean Your System Out

Vitamin B does nothing for drug tests other than make the urine look less diluted because of the color vitamin B. Jan 16, 9. A couple years ago I had a pre employment drug test for k Mart warehouse.

I stopped smoking two days before and took a shitload of niacin.

Does Niacin Flush Your System

Well I failed and didn't get the job. Niacin does absolutely nothing. Scientist have tested it and proven it doesn't work along with a lot of other myths that people claim work and don't.

Now if I have a urine test coming up I just bring someone elses in a bottle a glue bottle works nicely and easy to conceal with a hand warmer taped to it to keep it warm. The fresher the better because once the urine came out at like degree Fahrenheit.

Does Niacin Clean Your System Out

I don't think the lady ever saw it above body temp and passed me though. And remember there continually testing for the flush drinks and pills you take before the test. Every time something works they begin to test for it. Thankfully a lot of places use swabs now so all you have to do is quit a couple days. I know I smoked 18 hrs before 1 and passed. I also woulda had opiates in my system if it was urine.

Jan 16, If you're trying to pass a urine test within a few days, do not try to take a large dose of Niacin, it will not help. I've read varying answers to whether either of those speed up your metabolism, so if anyone can provide a reputable source on that that'd be great. When do you have to get your urine tested?

Finally got faint line on test strip indicating negative result for first time since I started home testing. Notify me of new posts by email. I am no longer exempt.

Exercise will definitely speed up your metabolism, although if you're trying to get cannabis out of your system, I believe I read that the primary metabolite is fat-soluble. Therefore I'm assuming if you burn body fat, it could release back into your system therefore increasing the amount of time for it to clear out of your body. Keep in mind that's just my theory from various things I've read, if I'm incorrect I encourage and would appreciate it if you correct me.

Anyways to relate to a personal experience with a urine testI had about two to three weeks to clear cannabis out my system. I did take Niacin with B12 every night, obviously the recommended dosage.

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While I'm not saying it does increase the speed of your metabolism, I did pass the urine test even though I was a habitual smoker. From every day to every other day, see more often for several months to put it bluntly. Then again I'm quite skinny so that probably played a factor in it as well. Jan 17, Isn't b12 vitamin just supposed to add color back to your urine if you drink lots of water.

It does nothing for cleaning your system. But they check creatine levels making this method ineffective. It doesn't matter how yellow your urine is.