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Church Of God In Christ, Inc. Convocation 2017-Joel Olsteen

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I think it's a CRYING shame what the COGIC Conventions have turned out to be in the last past years. A time of consecration, renewal, fellowship and empowerment, have been replaced by MANY with lust, hook ups, adultery, fornication, flamboyant gays, fashion competitions, hitting the club scene, gay chat sites. The award-winning Christian dating site. Join free to meet like-minded Christians. Christian Connection is a Christian dating site owned and run by Christians dating back to September The Editor of the Official Manual, the General Secretary of the Church Of God In Christ and the Publisher of the. Church Of God In Christ shall be commissioned with the editing and revising of the "Discipline." The Editorial. Commission shall have the authority to revise and amend phraseology as may be necessary to.

The Earth is the Lord's and Everything in it! Please join us as we PrayForFlorida where at least 17 are confirmed dead after a school shootng. Sections of this page. Email or Phone Password Forgotten account? Pages liked by this Page.

Young were appointed as a committee by C. Divorce is considered inconsistent with biblical teachings and highly discouraged as well. Listen to Minister Louis Farrakhan say he knows his redeemer lives, and that Jesus, the one who conquered death for him. According to its Constitution, the church has two structures to govern the church:

Bountiful Blessings Ministries, Inc. Presiding Bishop Charles E. It is still early in the week, so listen in as Presiding Bishop Charles E.

Moment of Silence - Feb 1st. Have you ever been anointed in public Jakes preaching at the th Holy Convocation. We are looking forward to a high time in the Lord at HC! The two Feltus Brothers founded the S This Holy Convocatio n was so amazing I haven't been to the Convocatio n Church Of God In Christ Hookup Website a long time I had a great time. To our Presiding Bishop Charles E. Where Holiness is yet still right. I live and drive profession ally in the City of St.

Thank you ALL so much for you This week has been true honor and pleasure. I remember when I was a little girl mother use to take me my sister and my brothers to this church we would enjoy so much I always look forward to going to this church an as adult I still enjoy seeing Please don't come back to STL. We don't want you here. I'm in the service industry and depend on tips to make a decent living. I make 5 dollars an hour and can't pay my rent.

Joel Osteen doesn't need I'm broke trying to pay the bills and if anything makes me not want to be part of any church it's getting screwed over by a huge convention of people who don't tip even when it's the cultural norm. You're not good hearted people. Youre setting no example for how things should be.

The church doesn't need every dollar. People like me do. All you've done is turn me away. Terrible job at making anyone a part of your church. Truly loved by all. Our leaders bring forth the word of God so plainly to where I can apply it to every And as I go and grow there is a department I can be of use in for the advancemen t of God's great kingdom.

It is the Greatest Church in Christendo m!!! I am 3rd Generationbut I come to know Jesus for me. Not brainwashe d or A point of clarity, To Website Want I Dating Start A C. He founded the Organizati on - not the Organism. The Organism is the Body of Christ Matthew Hey Bishop Swan, why do you continue spreading lies about President Trump and the shithole countries of Haiti and Africa?

Even Dick Durbin has said that the President was making reference to the livin Here is a quote from a very leftist leaning newspaper. He questioned why the U. So why don't you STFU because you want to divide this country along racial lines instead of bringing this country together. We were blessed with the Dr.

Church of God in Christ

Willie Mae Rivers Educationa l Complex where for the first time our children can We also now have a mighty orphanage where the babies abandoned by refugees receive love and affection of our Savior. We cannot wait to see you next year.

Church Of God In Christ, Inc. Convocation 2017-Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake

I love the Church of God in Christ, What a great way to serve the Lord and live to the glory and honor of his name I am passionate about doing God's business because the Lord is my strength and the I will serve Him daily, love him wholly and trust him fully By far, it has been an awesome experience and I have been so very blessed.

I even enjoyed being a part of the IMD C.

Church Of God In Christ

I am looking forward to attending each year from now on, Lord will. I wasn't born in but I did join in, the church of God In Christ.

Is off the chain. I love Church of God In Christ! I was born and raised there. My grandfathe r is the late Superinten dent Clarence Dunlap. If it had not have been for him and the missionari es of C. C Lord knows whe C is the click denominati on in the world! This is the greatest church on this side of heaven years of true dedication n excellence of worship n true praise I'm so Godly proud of my Church Of God In Christ.

I am Church Of God In Christ Hookup Website proud son of the Church of God in Christ! I love the Church of God in Christ! Thank God for the Church of God in Christ! I'm amazed at how God has shown himself to be strong and mighty - my all and all. Where there is unity we find strength!!

Church Of God In Christ Hookup Website

I am so thankful for fellowship with believers. I am a proud son of the Church of God in Christ. Over the years the church has been a blessing to me.

Sponsored products related to this item What's this? Martin Luther King Jr. After testifying to being sanctified, members of the church referred to themselves as "the Saints," believing that they were set apart to live a daily life of Christian Holiness in words and deeds.

God bless everyone who is attending the Holy Convocatio n this year. May the Lord bless them and I raise my children in this Church of God in Christ it has a great Doctrine and also the Constituti on and the people of God are wonderful. I love the services RIght or wrong my church See more.

Church Of God In Christ Hookup Website