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♦Part 1♦ Caution In Courtship, Dating Avoid Divorce, Remarry ❃Bishop T D Jakes❃

Open letter to Bishop David Oyedepo Claiming Canaan Land is Demonic

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A recent article has been making the rounds on different blogs, the letter claims that the entire land mass of Canaan land is filled with different occultic symbols. Might be a mere coincidence, well you be the judge of that.

Omlouváme se, ale stránka nebyla nalezena.

Kindly explain to us the meaning of these very scary, occult and demonic structures you have spotted our sacred land with. Are they not a very bad omen that are responsible for bringing the wrath of God to our dear nation.

Caution In Courtship Hookup Td Jakes

We Nigerians are click spiritual people. We believe in curses, in taboos, in demons and in abominations. Indeed if you are in the Church business as you portray to be, you too understand these things.

You understand the purity of life and land and what evil is. After-all it was you who slapped a poor girl who you castigated as being possessed by spirits.

You do know the structures you built I presume, having a degree in architecture yourself. So our airplanes fly over these things.

♦Part 3♦ Caution In Courtship, Dating Avoid Divorce, Remarry ❃Bishop T D Jakes❃

Do you know the spiritual implication of this calamity you have constructed on our land? Is this not a reason for the woes of Nigeria?

Dear Bishop, please tear these things down. I am ashamed of our government for giving you a permit to make these type of things on our blessed soil. This is spiritual pollution and it should not be allowed. How far do human beings go to gain power over wealth and in the challenge of God?

Frank Swift of Geek in the Wilderness Blog. Have listen to God servant preaching b4? Real Men Underwear Ads.

Is there not a point where we stop and hold certain things sacred and some areas as no go areas? Where did you learn all these things? Because this occult is foreign to us, and these are the symbols attributed to the illuminati or masons, and linked to Egypt. So you must have imported these things from your sojourn to the US?

Someone should please tell me the right court where you take such matters that have defiled the Church and the land to, to get redress. It is a sad day for me, and I am really hoping that the aerial images on Google and these symbols we have seen is not true, or the David Oyedepo can come and answer us and show us they are not what they appear to be. How dare you Insult my father like that, the Anointing of God upon his life will fight u anywhere u go in this life, unless you go to him and confess for forgiveness.

U are confuse and going insane.

Caution In Courtship Hookup Td Jakes

U among d lot dat think blessing comes frm d devil. May God have mercy on u. Have listen to God servant preaching b4? May the God lord forgave u dis son of the devil,for writing such devilish article,but I av a gud news for the church of God continues to move to forward and dere is nuffinn devils like u can do abt it. Pastors hv rily wash nigerians head dat wen u comment anything,fanatics will start cursing u.

How can u incur d wrath of God bcos u made a comment on one pastors lawlessness. Why are you offended? He only asked question and need to be thought or explained. Jesus Christ was also asked questions, mostly by his disciples and he explained without being offended. And whose example the church and shepard is following today Heb12v2.

If the shepard of any sanctuary serving his master Jesus Christ let them guide the flogs in truth and love. Let source not be so blind all the time. At last Heaven is what we are all hoping and trusting God for. Remember this, my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. God save his own. God protect his servants. Shame on you Satan you have lost in all ways…….

COme to next sunday service and with your eyes open you will see thousands flowing into GOds house in honour of jesuS. The fact that thousands come those not make him a man of God. This writer is cursed note my words! How dare u write this rubbish about a man of God like oyedepo! U are already a dead man heaven will never forgives u for this! Is the man of God an angel, is he not Caution In Courtship Hookup Td Jakes Pls house dont b quick to cause and trust no man easily.

The writer is a hopeless human being and will die a shameful death. So you can see vision and you left PDP they mess this nation up.

May God curse you and your generation. Hopeless and lazy idiot. You are here envying a man who has use his God giving wisdom to build the world largest single church auditorium. Shame on you agent of hell. You will die a miserable death because the same Bible you quote said we suffer witch not to live. We rebuke you and chase you back to hell. Christianity is not a joke, those signs are not a joke either, they are spiritual except ur tellling me your so called man of God is nt a spiritual material …WAKE UP.

But be careful,the bible says touch not my anointed and do my prophets no harm, do not let Gods wrath visit you because Caution In Courtship Hookup Td Jakes it comes upon you, you will look for this same man to forgive you of all the rubbish you said about him and Caution In Courtship Hookup Td Jakes may forgive because of his kind heart but the consequences of your sin will FOREVER live with you.

Be warned thou FOOL. Click stay out of this, its only God that know the motive of every action of man.

Well no one can judge, most specially man of God,but one thing i on der stand is that this man is not judge but is asking question.

And if u do tak against him, u nd ur generation will bear d risk, me I no b born-again xtian but, God had once saved me when I was still attending faith tabernacles! I would not support any party but dont forget… There is a day coming that the secrets of all hearts shall be revealed. March 30, at 4: So you can see vision and you left PDP they mess this nation up.

By what he see so he deserve answer. Godbless man of God, Godbless nigerian. Yuh quote abt Matt 7: But den, who made us judge?

Madea - Let em' Go | Lessons learned, Wisdom and Truths

God knows the true. Why the insult, the guy was asking questions and those that worship oyedepo should have produced answers. Let us remove fanaticism from Christianity. D devil wil always never allow dem 2 kno d truth. Now tel me,4rm d close luk of d structure of d buildings,hw did d writer lie? Think abt it na. We are so blinded by religion that we fail to reason. A person does not understand and need clarification, what is his crime? God protects is own. If u know oyedepo you wont blasphem against God….

Try and find out fact n Truth before u decide whats true n whats not…… If d writer is looking for popularity well i cant say but pls mind what u say…. So he is now God to be blasphemed. And what are his good works on earth, building expensive schools, living a luxury life? How has he helped the poor on earth? Jesus said, in all your dealings with people, be mild, but yet cautious.

He therefore tells us indirectly that our GOD is materialistic, and the Gospel is also false. Also, concerning the buildings…. Humm, what i have to say is this…. God sees, persecution is the true way to know Christians, not people that fly in Jets and not people that is so convenient and rich, one day, all Christians in Nigeria will have one name and all Muslims one name, meaning CAN and MAN, let no there be fractions among you, Christ is of one body, why do we Caution In Courtship Hookup Td Jakes fractions?

This is a scheme to tarnish his image. All I can say is that Bishop preaches holiness, prosperity, etc. His messages are balanced. If you die now will you go to heaven? Because he raised a serious issue, he now needs repentance. Who are you to judge?

Who are you to term your bishop righteous and the writer a sinner that needs repentance? Jesus said it, so how do you continue reading Oyedepo is not one? Only God can judge but we need to test spirits. By their fruit u shall know them. Come and see and listen 4 urself. Stop acting on ur ignorance. Come and see whether d servant of God is trying 2 take glory upon himself.

Why on earth d people ran after Caution In Courtship Hookup Td Jakes, going with him where ever he went.