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1 Jul Chapter 1. Summary - Jade's dad is getting married and Jade can't stand her stepmother. Beck convinces her to go but for something entirely different. Rated M for sexual references and future chapters. Chapters 2 and 3 are more Tandré. 21 Apr Tori and Jade are in a relationship but Tori finds it extremely difficult having to deal with a jealous girlfirend. Rated: Fiction Jade slammed her locker shut, walked over to Tori, and planted a passionate kiss on her. Next, Jade .. "Tori, whenever I see you, I don't think 'I want to hook up this chick'. You mean. HookUps and Holy Matrimony "Beck." One of the other students, Marcy called out his name. "Yeah." He said, lifting his head up. "You're in my group." She informed him. "Oh ok." He said, walking over to stand . When they were almost certain that Tori's parents were gone, André walked out the front door and made sure.

Jade groaned to herself and reached for her phone mentally mumbling something about how useless her parents were while dialing the first number that came to mind. She hated needing people almost more than she hated her jerk ass of a father but, she was in NO state to be stubborn. Please pick up, Victorious Fanfiction Tori And Jade Hookup pick up, she thought, hating the sense of disparity but knowing she had a reason to be.

She didn't want to DIE in her bed before getting a chance to ruin Tori's dreams first. Speaking of that "Vega," she spoke in a annoyed voice on the other side of the line when answering. She tried to clear her throat but it only made it worse.

I don't have to do what you say!

Jade felt her stomach turn, and though mad she figured it was what she got for how she treated Vega. If she were in the position Tori link in she would of laughed in her own face and let herself perish.

All of a sudden a bad feeling rose up from the pit of her belly and she sprung to her feet, ran to the bathroom, she didn't even get to bend, the puke lunged out of her mouth and into the toilet.

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Luckily, her vomiting aim was getting good since she had been hurling since six that morning. She wiped her Victorious Fanfiction Tori And Jade Hookup, noted that the throw up was a greenish blue this time, instead of a pinkish-yellow like before. Flushing it down, she rinsed and repeated for awhile trying to get the smell out Halfway through she got cold, and not just the, chilly cold, she felt as if she were wearing a bathing suit in a freezer, in a igloo, in the north pole.

She almost felt frozen but she had enough strength to rush to her bedroom only to hear someone knocking at the door downstairs loudly. She cussed to herself, and grabbed the comforter wrapping it around her. She walked like this downstairs almost tripping, she caught herself and rested for a second to ease her dizziness before going to the door.

Now that's girl scout spirit Jade thought, impressed instead of angered. The door was halfway closed before she here a car pull up, Tori's car.

Victorious Fanfiction Tori And Jade Hookup

She contemplated locking the door and running but she knew she needed assistance no matter how annoying Tori was. Tori Victorious Fanfiction Tori And Jade Hookup to be walking in slow motion taking her time to walk 9 inches which made Jade roll her eyes and mutter 'priss'.

Well that's stupid," Jade said cynically, leaning against the wall. Her legs feeling weak she pulled the comforter closer around her. Tori went into the kitchen and began to search in the cabinets while saying, "You said that wearing what I'm wearing, he had a reason to think I was going to have sex with him.

Normally when one thinks about sex, they think of a sexually attractive human being check this out have it with. She couldn't believe she was practically begging Jade to swallow some tea on her Saturday Tori stunned for a second only stared at where the hot liquid landed. Geez, can you do anything right?

Cat pushed herself under the water as she fumbled to slide off her bandeaux top, before letting it float up to the top when she had successfully removed it, and then emerging from the water herself. I had forgotten where I was or what the situation was. This was going to be a long day. Moose had done a rather unconventional thing, being a well-raised Canadian, he knew better than to let girls into any room with a bed, especially if they had some sort of physical attraction. Before you left, I begged you to stay but you went anyway.

It stung, but, it only looked mild. Even if she was sick, Tori didn't underestimate her strength and retracted her index finger. Jade took the mug more cautiously and sipped her tea in silence after giving a death glare.

A few moments or so later the tea was finished and Jade hated to admit it but when she swallowed to test the herbs magic, it helped, a lot and wasn't cold anymore.

Still though, she felt weak, flushed, and helpless, which was the absolute worst part of it anyways. Silence wasn't her forte. It was almost deafening in the room. She played with the hem of her floral skirt that laid on her upper thigh and then her hair. Tori cringed when she heard Jade emptying herself from the hallway. She cringed more as she walked in and she saw Jade leaning against the toilet seat looking completely red. My idiot parents didn't give me medical insurance so it doesn't matter!

Tori touched her, and helped her up the stairs. When you had sex did you ever do it. Do you like Victoria secret, since your name is Victoria". That just came out, how did you get it? Are you a platinum subscriber? Tori scooted nearer and peered at the page. Jade looked Tori up and down then said, "Do you really think you could pull of leopard and gold at the same time? It was red lace in a bondage type of bra style, and the panties that matched curved and looked the same.

Ugh, I hate when that happens," Tori groaned. I mean, nothing wrong with that. Her mind clicked on. Beck and her had been over for 6 months, and that means 6 months since she has Victorious Fanfiction Tori And Jade Hookup properly laid Getting screwed was said to be the best medicine. Jade allowed herself to stare read more her rear end, and even though it repulsed her in a way to think this way, Tori was really hot, unlike her current temperature.

Before she knew it Tori was back, covering her with the comforter and turning the heat up, she even plopped Jade's pillow before letting her lay.

Lay with me," Jade told her.

Victorious Fanfiction Tori And Jade Hookup

Jade had never really asked her to get close, it was new, and for some reason her feet couldn't move towards the bed quicker. Deatheyes turn," Jade sarcastically said, grabbing her stuffed rabbit off the end table. It was black with Red eyes and it looked a little sadistic. Deatheyes whiskers and then glanced back up at Tori. Well, he use to be really nice to me, and then my mom left him for some rich business guy in France when I was 6.

Family pictures were cracked, he hit me once, apologized profoundly, then he quit his job. He went to a college 9 miles away leaving me at home every day for 9 to 10 hours, 7 days a week for 6 years. I was 12 and had literally no support and what with all the hormones I was screwed.

He tried to talk to me but it was pointless. We didn't click anymore. Learn more here started working at a big law firm and that's stressful I guess and now all he does when he comes home is yell at me because he can't bitch on anyone else," Jade sighed when she Victorious Fanfiction Tori And Jade Hookup because it really was a mouthful and strangely enough she didn't feel weird letting it all out to Tori.

I was going to say, I'm so amazed read article you handled all that happening to you so well, it's pretty fantastic," Tori concluded her sentence. I think I'm the worst with you. I mean, I still don't think you're a bitch.

Jade only crawled on top of her, not breaking the kiss at all. She rubbed up and down Tori's waistline as she straddled her. Tori finally responded wrapping her arms around Jade's body, she kissed back to the best of her ability while getting a free feel on Jade's butt. This caused Jade to growl into the kiss and rock her hips a little, groaning at the pleasure.

Those sounds made Tori moan, wanting more.

Tori and Jade's Special Play Date, a victorious fanfic | FanFiction

She began to rock her hips too, not even realizing Jade released the kiss minutes ago, her eyes closed. Jade watched and continued to move against her, eyes full of lust and. Jade bit her lip and increased her pace making Tori gasp and whimper.

Not now when it felt so good and Tori looked so. She was grinding against Tori quickly, holding onto the headboard to keep balance.

She slowed down a bit and began to bang her pussy against Tori's own through the clothing. She kept pounding and going harder and quicker making Tori yelp and scream out of her lungs.

The owner of the motel, an obese man with greasy, slicked back hair handed her the key to her room and pointed to the direction of her room, telling her that all 'noises', with air quotes around noises, had to have the volume lowered after 2am. We both stared at each other stunned. I hate that," Jade cut her off. It's like some cheesy romance novel.

Tori had cum too, Jade realized and that made her smirk. A few seconds later she collapsed onto the bed but all she wanted to do was be close to Victorious Fanfiction Tori And Jade Hookup again and it was weird and stupid but it was like a magnetic pull and Jade couldn't fight it even if she wanted to.

Nuzzling into Tori's neck she watched the girl pant Victorious Fanfiction Tori And Jade Hookup and out heavily, rubbing her thumb against the brunette's neck that she pecked afterwards, trailing the pecks down her collarbone. Even though Jade was sort of planning it she was still a little surprised because well Tori was Tori, a pest. Tori bounced away from her touch almost knocking over the lamp on her side.

Jade almost lost it seeing the wetness trailing down Tori's thigh, she controlled herself though and got up with a sigh. It was weird, how natural it came. We both liked it, big whoop. She shot a glare and spat out, "Don't bullshit me! Tell me if you're okay. So just stay ok," Jade demanded feeling a little irritated but not wanting Tori to go at all. The desperate needy feeling was back and it was stronger than before when she was in pain and sick beyond compare.

Jade watched her go and as she did she thought to herself "What the hell did I just do and Why am I feeling butterflies like a bitch. She decided to skip that part as she let herself in on the answers. She was in love with Tori Vega. And so that was that and Tori would be hers by the end of the night.

The whole denial stage was to complicated and the fuck if she spent dollars to degayify herself in some camp with girls who can't keep more info pants on for more than five seconds.