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Learn how to block others and determine if someone has blocked you. The easiest way to determine whether you've been blocked by another user on the PlentyofFish site is realizing your inability to send him or her a message. If you do not meet the criteria, you are automatically. I have been talking to this guy on pof dating site last time i did was 2 weeks ago. I haven't seen him online for awhile now and usually he would come online. I can still see his profile, pics and sent msgs to him. I heard if you dont see sent msgs to him your blocked. So not sure. I hope not. Im not even annoying. i give people. 12 Dec Of course a person will know you blocked them on Plenty of Fish. That person will see a message when they attempt to contact you. The message that the blocked person sees will look something like this. POF get's straight to the point and breaks it to you. Most services will not tell if you if you are blocked.

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What do you see when you message someone that has blocked you and you have Go here List? I was talking to someone a few months back then it faded out. I messaged them again a month or so ago, and again also a few days ago. It still is not saying "read" for either of the messages. I know the person has been online since my messages. Seems like everyone just wants to give me advice instead of actually answering the question I asked.

Will I Know if My Texts Are Blocked?

Thanks for the advice but does anyone have an actual answer to my question? That someone's not interested. You should move on.

How Do You Know If Someone Blocked You On Pof

If you can still see that the person's profile, then you're not blocked. I don't think that is true. Pretty sure if someone blocks you you can still see their profile. You can still see someones profile even if they've blocked you. Your messages never get read, they just sit in limbo. Isn't it different between a guy and a girl? I've read reports that if a girl blocks the guy, the guy can't see that profile anymore. You can find out if you're blocked by searching for their username, if it doesn't appear, you are How Do You Know If Someone Blocked You On Pof.

You can also find out by liking their profile and checking the people you like, and if they don't show up, you're blocked. Doesn't answer my question. If they truly haven't actually read my messages maybe they just haven't seen it yet or checked their messages.

It's relevant because I asked a specific question and instead of answering my question everyone is just giving me advice. I want to know the answer. I am not a mind reader, I have no idea.

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How Do You Know If Someone Blocked You On Pof

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This painless price point has sent subscribers in droves, with a recent estimate of 90 million registered users. If your sent messages disappear from your sent folder, he blocked you. What do you see when you message someone that has blocked you and you have A List?

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Is there a way for me to tell if this person blocked me? Want to add to the discussion?

That way I can filter out the people I am no longer communication with. Select age and gender to cast your vote: Leave a reply Cancel reply. Dating Tips - Match.

If a guy blocks a girl, you just can't see the messages anymore. They just never get your messages.

Plenty of Fish

Thanks for the clarification. She probably just hasn't read it. They haven't answered, assume they're not interested.

What do you see when you message someone that has blocked you (and you have A List)? : OkCupid