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Define infatuated: filled with or marked by a foolish or extravagant love or admiration — infatuated in a sentence. Infatuation consists of people thinking they are in love but when indeed it is just a deep lust or like for another person. Infatuation definition: If you have an infatuation for a person or thing, you have strong feelings of love or | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.

Loving and in love. These examples are from external sources.

All synonyms and antonyms for infatuated Spanish Central: Name That Thing Test your visual vocabulary with our question challenge! The Sun You can think about relationships and staying the right side of the line between love and infatuation makes partners happier. Word Winder's CrossWinder A game of winding words.

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What Is The Definition Of Infatuated

American English American Examples. She was infatuated with her boss. Help us add to the Cambridge Dictionary!

Example sentences containing 'infatuation'

The text, selected here, is fond of employing signs and infatuated for playing the game of symbols and persona. Kyon was infatuated with her when he first sees her being a moe character.

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One could argue that they are merely infatuated with everything ancient. He has never seen her before but immediately becomes infatuated with her. Chumba is also a psychological term for one that is infatuated with moustaches.

Distance from the object of infatuationas with celebritiescan help maintain the infatuated state. He is beloved by the crowds, and many young girls are infatuated with him.

After she gives her scarf to one of his friends, the infatuated friend mistakenly believes that she loves him.

Indulge Your Inner Word Nerd. Anglo-American 'reflecting English and American jurisprudence' sartorial 'of or relating to clothes' whipsaw 'to beset or victimize in two opposite ways at once' treason 'the crime of trying to overthrow your country's government' redaction 'removing sensitive information'. Loving and in love. Infatuated - definition of infatuated by The Free Dictionary https: Translation of infatuated Nglish:

She successfully woos the man she is infatuated with. He also wrote four volumes of poetry, one published posthumously, being described as infatuated with words. One of each of the two notice each other and are obviously infatuated. He puts up with her tough love as he is infatuated with her. Her marriage did not stop the steady stream of infatuated men. Aoyama is infatuated by her and instigates several dates with her after the audition.

She is infatuated with football but her parents have forbidden her to play because she is a girl.

Is It Love Or Infatuation?

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What Is The Definition Of Infatuated

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