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400+ Cute Names to Call Your Boyfriend

Sweetie- a very common pet name that is also used by married couples and has zero chance of hurting his feelings. Huggies– A cute pet name for a guy you just love hugging. Sparky– this is reserved for a guy who lights up your fire of passion every time you see him. Sweet Cheeks – Call your guy this way if he has an irresistible kissy face. Sugar Bear – For a chubby sweet hug-gable boyfriend. Smoochy – He is being over romantic. Whenever he sees you, you both would be kissing all round the time. Snuggle Bug – Pet name that is too cute to be called by. Tiger / Tiger Toes – If he is as. You don't want to miss these cutest names you can call your man, because that gives you a unique feeling of love and makes you and your man feel loved.

Nicknames are a great way to show affection to your special guy! Sure, he probably has an adorable birth name already, but why not give him a special name that he knows only you call him?

We have compiled a list of our favorite cute names to call your boyfriend. We have to admit, many of these nicknames are super corny! Whether the nickname is a popular nickname, something obscure, or even a made-up word, all of these suggestions are super cute so we are confident you will find something that you like…and he will eventually come around to adoring it too!

This is a very sweet nickname that will make him feel as special as he is! Your boyfriend is cute and you want to take care of him so this is a cute nickname to express this!


Bean is a fun word to say and sometimes its fun to give your guy a nickname for no other reason except that you like to say it! He wants to be thought of as a big strong guy so he will definitely approve of this nickname!

This is a popular nickname for your boyfriend. It is simple, sweet and fun to say! Even though bees can sting you, the word itself is adorable sounding so it works as a cute nickname for your boyfriend! Bunnies are fluffy and cute and you want to hold them, just like your guy! Buttons help keep your clothes together, kind of like the way your boyfriend helps keep your life feeling like it is put together!

Cute Names to Call Your Boyfriend - Cute Nicknames For Guys

A casanova is a guy who is suave and good with women so your guy will be flattered by this nickname! You like cuddles, and you like cake. Why not call your boyfriend a combination of the two things you like so much? This is a popular nickname for a boyfriend and everyone likes being called cute! He is a hunk and he will be flattered every time he hears you call him this! Every girl wants to be a princess, but guys fantasize about having the royal treatment too!

You love muffins and you love your boyfriend so this one speaks for itself! Love of my Life: You can add any word after lover and it will make a super cute nickname for your boyfriend!

Make sure he knows you mean this in the most affectionate way possible! Everyone knows that girls search for Mr. Right so this nickname shows him that you are Cute Pet Names To Call Your Boyfriend serious about him!

You guys have a lot of fun together, so why not call him your plaything? Plums are sweet and delicious like your guy, and this is a fun word to say!

Cute Pet Names To Call Your Boyfriend

Although this is not a real word, it is a read more nickname because it sounds cute and loving! This is adorable sounding and your boyfriend will know you mean it in a loving way even if he thinks it is a weird nickname!

Puppies are the best because they are sweet and cuddly, he will be flattered how highly you think of him! Your boyfriend is silly and cute so why not give him a silly and cute nickname? He may roll his eyes at this one, but if it feels right just say it anyway!

Your boyfriend is cozy and snuggling is the best! This is a cute one as long as he knows you mean this in an affectionate way! Every guy wants to be thought of as a stud, so he will definitely like this nickname!

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We think that makes this a great nickname for your boyfriend! A new addition to the list and one of our favorites! We warned you, some of these nicknames are super corny! I call my boyfriend that, he likes it: My boyfriends name is also Charlie. He loves it when I call him: My little angel D.

All of the above. U guys should try it! I could definitly use some help. I call my boyfriend Captain Douche. I know that it sounds really mean but before we got together he would annoy the heck out of me and then we grew together so he was a douche to me. Best Drugstore Foundation for Dry Skin.

Top 20 Hot Male Actors Under 30 in He rather be called Charlie……? I call my bf Romeo and prince a lot.

Cute Pet Names To Call Your Boyfriend

He responds with princess or babygirl or sweet angel. Jayden is so competitive and he definitely won my heart! I call him my love it seems common but heart felt he loves it though. I liked sweet thang because his name is thane so that worked out. Really cute nickname Sarah! Call my baby pat which i formed from his name Patrick and he calls me mummy…. I call my boyfriend babypat click he luvs it… While he cals me mummy.

I call my boyfriend babe or my prince and he calls me baby or my princess and we both love it. I call mine baby boo…. I call my bf babe,tiger,darlin, mine. I call my boyfriend Angel and he calls me baby girl, which is suuuuuuh my weakness??????? Kaylee Harbor the problem is with Angel is that my bf is Already named Angel sooooo. My boyfriend loves it when I call him my Archie or my Romeo.

Or I call him MI amour. I call my bf more info prince charming and also my cupcake. Please enter your comment!

I call my bf babe,tiger,darlin, mine. Spanish, French, Italia and other great languages have a lot of cute nicknames for guys. Swap the X for the first letter of his name or his last name. Or for a Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan!

Please enter your name here. Click have entered an incorrect email address! Michelle Milne - Feb 1, Cute Nicknames for Guys Nicknames are a great way to show affection to your special guy!

Sure, he probably has an adorable birth name already, Katherine Besset - Jan 20, 9. Katherine Besset - Jun 18, 0. Games to Play Over Text With a Guy Playing games when it comes to romance usually refers to mind games, but this list is all Katherine Besset - Dec 22, 0.

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Cute nickname for Bikram? Sugar Puss — if your guy is extremely sincere and loyal to you, this is a naughty name for him. Magic Princess is another cute variation of this nickname. Guy friends calling their friend girls babe, girlfriends calling their girlfriends babe, girlfriends calling their boyfriends babe, and boyfriends calling their girlfriends babe. Peako — if your guy is positive and easy goer, call him this way.

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