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Sides, Starches and Condiments

Traditional clothes worn in Haiti for Haitian Vodou, Voodoo. Clothes available in my Etsy shop. | See more ideas about Voodoo, Etsy shop and Clothes. The island of Hispaniola, which encompasses both Haiti and the Dominican Republic, was inhabited by hunter-gatherers as early as B.C. Fruits and vegetables such as guavas, pineapples, cassava, papayas, sweet potatoes, and corn were cultivated by early Haitian tribes, particularly the Arawak and Taino Indians. Photos of various sites in Haiti | See more ideas about Haiti, Tourism and Cooking food.

Before recently traveling to HaitiI had little concept of Haitian food.

Im White And Hookup A Haitian Manioc

Sure, I had a sense of what it could be: Mixed roots and spices, basic yet zippy, simple and grounded by the reality of the tropics and the back-story of its African heritage, yet touched with a hint of French complexity.

Take pikliz spicy pickled vegetablesbreadfruit, bergamot, watercress and even rum-infused power shakes. Throw in Haitian hot chocolate, grilled lobster, plenty of beans, avocados and a dash of hot pepper and you have an eclectic mix that took some sampling and digging to suss out not only the depth of Haitian table, but more importantly the underlying essence and nature of Haitian cuisine.

What was it like to eat everything that passed our eyes on the table and in the street? What was it like to eat in Haiti, the country that makes its home on the western side of the island known as Hispaniola? For us, food offers one of the most enjoyable contexts through which to understand a place.

As we seek out certain types of dishes, we find ourselves in new experiences of all sorts. During our travels in Haiti we sampled food that ranged from street food to high end restaurants, and a bit of everything in-between. What you'll find below is an overview of all that we ate and discovered culinarily while in Haiti.

We hope that it may lead you to your own eating adventures. The northern Haitian specialty of chicken with just click for source nuts.

Where to get it: Stews are common in Haiti. Served on top of either cornmeal or rice, they are hearty, too.

What makes Haitian stews special is the hint of warm sweet spices like clove and Im White And Hookup A Haitian Manioc anise. An excellent example of Haitian stew can be had from the street food woman at the end of the alleyway at Atis Rezistans Grande Rue in Port-au-Prince. Griyo, the perfect Haitian dish for meat lovers.

For meat-eaters, griyo is an absolute must-try traditional dish of Haiti. It is most often served with cabbage salad or better yet, spicy pikliz onions and other vegetables marinated in a spicy vinegar sauce. For a more low-key meal, order a big plate of griyo at Cinq Coins Restaurant they sell it by the pound in Port-au-Prince and side it with a cold beer or two.

Perfect to share and enjoy with friends. Of all the fruits of the sea you can find in Haiti, conch seems Im White And Hookup A Haitian Manioc be among the most distinct to appear on restaurant menus. You can usually find it grilled see below or in a tomato-based creole sauce.

Haitian Main Dishes

Conch is a must-try if seafood is your thing. As seafood lovers, we did a happy dance in Haiti for the availability and freshness of grilled lobster and conch.

I'm so happy to read such informative articles,i live in Haiti,Cap haitian ,i'm a tour operator and thanks to this web site i can share much more information about my culture Agrarian Adaptation to Population Growth. This article is very valuable. We created this list based on firsthand experiences in Haiti with a lifetime Haitian citizen and guide and interactions with Haitians across the country, on the street, in kitchens and in Haitian restaurants run by local Haitians.

Im White And Hookup A Haitian Manioc These are readily available in most coastal areas, but especially along the southern coast in and around JacmelJacmel Cayes and Port Salut.

Another place for delicious grilled seafood including langoustine is Vue Sur Mer near Jacmel. Tassot with fried plantains. Tassot is spiced, dried meat that is then fried. You may also have seen this in Mexico or Latin American countries as well, as tasajo.

The description defies its tastiness. The legim think legume is the vegetable stew part. The cornmeal consistency is somewhere between polenta and cream-of-wheat or cream-of-cornmeal, as it were. Read more early as once they sell out for the day, they close the stand. A stew of crab and dark-green spinach-like lalo leaves. Traditionally, this is a specialty of Artibonite, the Haitian rice producing region.

The woman between the food market and Vodou and crafts market cooks a big tin of it on weekdays. This is a sort of Louisiana-style gumbo made with okra and mushrooms, sometimes served with a kick of chili peppers. You can find it in some restaurants, but we experienced this dish stewed with chunks of pork and a healthy dose of crab legs kalalou djon djon ak sirik ak vyann kochon served atop white rice at a friend's house. Sorry, that location is sworn to secrecy.

Grilled fish straight from the fishermen at Pointe Sable. So many restaurants and seaside shacks serve grilled fish along the coast. We always asked for additional pikliz to go on top. Our best fish feast was a heaping lunch portion at a simple beach-side stand at Pointe Sable in Port Salut.

Great food, cold beers and a fitting view of the sea. Besides all the meat and seafood, rice, beans and tropical starches rule just click for source table in Haiti.

Note that fritay fried foods are often paired with spice and vinegar blends like pikliz see below to balance what goes into the digestive system. Pickled cabbage and vegetables onions, carrots, peppers, etc. A perfect compliment to fried and heavy foods.

Mamba (Spicy Haitian Peanut Butter)

We became slightly obsessed with pikliz and were guilty of ordering extra portions of it everywhere we went. If you are sensitive to spice, be sure to taste before topping your plate. Bean sauce poured atop rice or cornmeal, a Haitian staple. White rice cooked with beans or served with a bean sauce is very common throughout Haiti. Another variation of this includes Diri Blan ak Sos Pwa Noir white rice and black bean sauce or rice with a continue reading bean sauce.

Depending on the consistency the cook is after, cornmeal is often swapped for rice in these dishes. Rice cooked with black mushrooms.

This article was very helpful. Thank you for taking the time to respond, Jean. People feel very strongly about greetings, whose importance is particularly strong in rural areas, where people who meet along a path or in a village often say hello several times before engaging in further conversation or continuing on their way. These are readily available in most coastal areas, but especially along the southern coast in and around JacmelJacmel Cayes and Port Salut.

While white rice is usually served with a bean sauce topping see abovediri djon djon is usually served on its own because of the distinct aroma and rich flavor of the jhon jhon mushroom. The most common approach to the ubiquitous Haitian plantain: Although perhaps not the healthiest option, they are also delicious topped with a heaping spoonful of pikliz.

We were admittedly less excited by the boiled plantain option. Definitely worth seeking out. Sometimes you'll find fried Im White And Hookup A Haitian Manioc mixed together on a plate with fried plantains. The consistency is richer and more distinct than a plantain, and the taste is quite learn more here almost bordering on a starchy version of jackfruit.

Our most memorable was at the sprawling highway-side market at Saint-Louis-du-Sud, where the breadfruit lady topped ours with an ample serving of spicy pikliz. When in season, avocado is plentiful and tasty. Get your fill, particularly as a side to various meat dishes and grilled seafoods. Pairs beautifully with a nice, tart pikliz. A gorgeous — and equally delicious — watercress salad at Auberge La Visite in the mountains. Watercress was fresh-plucked from the ground at the foot of the waterfall we passed on the return from a hike to Pic Cabayo.

It's then tossed with other vegetables and edible flowers, as in the salad pictured above. Pumpkins and squash are quite common throughout Haiti. You may find pumpkin and squash soup on its own or — you guessed it — stewing in a pot of goat meat and other vegetables.

A hearty favorite in the hills just outside of Port-au-Prince.

Im White And Hookup A Haitian Manioc

Trust us, it's much tastier than it sounds. Travelers in Haiti can find breakfasts with the usual suspects such as eggs, toast or cereal in hotels. However, if you wish to breakfast like a local, here's what you might eat.

Dried fish in the making, headed for a typical Haitian breakfast. Then they end up on your breakfast table. I joked with a Haitian friend that Haitian beef liver looked to me like dog food. OK, it was no joke.

But as beef livers go, they are tasty for the copious use of spices like cinnamon and dashes of star anise. With this breakfast you likely will not need to eat until dinner — the following day. Spaghetti for breakfast in Haiti? Yes, spaghetti, the breakfast Im White And Hookup A Haitian Manioc See more champions.

It makes sense when you consider the importance of starting one's day with a hearty breakfast. For more on how this tradition came to be, read this article. Jus blennde is a staple of the Port-au-Prince night street food scene. These shakes are essentially meal replacements so that people can eat something hearty, but perhaps not as heavy as meat, at night.

The version I enjoyed endured? If Popeye came from Haiti, this is what he would eat before he kicked ass. Yes, you read that correctly. I could not bring myself to try it, but the idea is apparently a filling, easily digested liquid dinner, based on blending wet spaghetti, tomato flavoring and other goodies.

Link Godfather is turning over in his grave.

White Haitians

Or is that his stomach turning? A ground corn and cocoa shake specialty hailing from the seaside Haitian town of Les Cayes. Rich, sweet and heavy enough to keep you full for the whole day. La Cayenne Restaurant in Les Cayes.