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What's The Difference Between Hard To Get And Not Interested

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Hot girls are the hardest to get. Or is it average-looking girls who are, paradoxically, the hardest? 3 theories dig in and explain. Previously we challenged the notion that hot girls are always harder to get, and that the hotter they are the harder it is to date and sleep with them. To do this, we looked at six ( 6) different variables. 27 Mar There's a method behind her madness: She's playing hard to get to gauge your interest and level of commitment, a new study in the European Journal of Personality reveals. Women who act demure at first are mainly looking to weed out guys who want one-night-stands rather than real relationships, says. 19 Jan It's funny because the girl who is playing hard to get actually likes you a lot — like , a lot, a lot — whereas the girl who actually is just hard to get couldn't care less about you if she tried. The problem is, the girl who's "playing" hard to get is smart. She knows you're always going to go for the girl who doesn't.

I really dont know why youre having a hard time Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 30 of First, I do not consider myself a PUA, or alpha or whatever. I became so good with ladies because I am myself, and because I have fun at it.

How to Tell if a Girl Is Playing Hard to Get: 8 Steps

I will make this thread short and to the point, because I am sick of tired of these guys asking the same questions over and over. You have to take that as a hint that they want your nuts. Some guys may disagree with me No randon girl is EVER gonna walk up to you, and ask you for your number Guy 1, his name is Bob, he's very good looking, muscular, is a pretty cool guy but is frustrated that no girls pay attention to him.

Everytime he goes to the gym, or to the club, he stands source, or hangs around the bar, but no girls approach him. He catches girls looking at him, which makes him a bit excited, but nothing ever happens. Bob never makes a move, he is always walking around showing off his muscles, but nothing happens. He doesn't talk to people because he feels that, just because he's hot, that people are gonna talk Why Are Girls Hard To Get him.

If only bob could read this. I don't care how ugly you are Girls get intimidated too! Ill say it again, No matter how hot you are, girls will never make the first move. They will never approach you, unless it's their friends, or unless thyere super drunk.

Courting overwhelmingly places the woman as the object of desire, with the man doing the desiring. I am just about finished reading the book myself which was a recommendation from a man who was asking a very similar question as yours. I have not yet read the post that inspired this one as I am too compelled to respond to this immediately. Ultimately, you should let her decide how to let you know whether or not she likes you.

If you catch a link looking at you, smile back and talk to her. Don't think about it too much You have to show her that you think she's cute, and want to talk to her, by smiling then talking to her.

I've had friends that are girls that tell me they give guys so many clues but guys are lil bitches. Girls love guys that are confident, and make them feel good.

Don't be so intimidating Girls will never make the first move I don't care how hot you are, if you dont make the frist move, you wont be getting any poon. Learn to laugh at your mistakes, learn to laugh at when a girl rejects you, learn to laugh at why you worry so much.

When i start worrying before a date, i force myself to laugh and say "haha youre worrying about this? The problem isn't "hopefully she doesn't reject me" anymore.

You've read all the free articles I can offer you for this month. Girls, in general, are really hard to read! In the great game of dating, a girl may play hard to get to test your level of commitment and entice you to work harder to pursue her. D Submitted by AP on August 25, - 4: When i start worrying before a date, i force myself to laugh and say "haha youre worrying about this?

Now you have her, but you're clueless on what to do. What do you say? Learn to prepare yourself; have a dialog, ask her who shes there with, what school, what drink she's having, tell her it's your firs ttime at the club Stop focusing so much on one girl It's very easy to become a fake.

You have to learn that everything takes time. You'll eventually have your own game, have your own dialog, and your own ways of getting girls. Slowly but surely man, it's a learning process Don't take yourself too serious, laugh at yourself.

I had to learn this one the hard way. I would get depressed because i thought i would never get any of that I worked hard to be like them srsi talked like them, i did similar things like them but i failed in the end.

In college, i started reading self-help books, i started finding myself, and i started realizing that i should go at my own pace instead of trying to be something that i like. God made you, you. Don't compare yourself man I don't care how many friends your neighbor has, i dont care how popular he is, you have to understand that everyone is unique. So what if he has a Why Are Girls Hard To Get of friends? Stop judging everything from the outside, once you learn to go at your own pace, youll be livin move comfortably.

Many guys try to Why Are Girls Hard To Get how to get girls by appraoching the subject directly they google "how to get girls", they read read article on how to get girls Rather, guys should be focusing on other aspects that may be affecting their girl-less lives.

Maybe they have anxiety, maybe they need to change the way they think, maybe they need to start slowly, and take things slowly.

That's the best way to learn this stuff. Not only will this new way of thinking get you girls, but it will help you with other things in life. I owe my life to this book. This book changed my way of thinking, and many other things. Oh and read jankys thread.

3 Theories on a Girl’s Hotness vs. How Hard She is to Get

Oh and also get off the misc and get out there!!!! Last edited by chivasregal; at Originally Posted by chivasregal. Originally Posted by AcidRain Nearly every girl ive gone out with has made the 1st move But yea, i always wonder how many more girls i coulda gone out with if i wasnt so shy and made the 1st move.

I've only messed around with 8 girls in the past and I only made the first move with one of them. I am 7 of the Circle of Twelve.

How to Know When a Girl Likes You but Is Playing Hard To Get!!!

Originally Posted by dmacfour. That is my point. Girls give guys hints many times Originally Posted by benzslr. Originally Posted by majszownik. Ignorance, the root and the stem of every evil.

Why Are Girls Hard To Get

Keeping your body healthy is an expression of gratitude to the whole cosmos - the trees, the clouds, everything. I agree with it being easy to get girls but I don't see the point of making a long click the following article Why Are Girls Hard To Get no offense. Stopped reading when you tried to convince people that girls will never make the first move.

I basically stand around and wait for girls to make the first move. Doing this has got me more women then most people I know. Originally Posted by ausurfer. Originally Posted by SteelCrayon. If your a good looking guy then girls will flock to you. So I agree on your statement but I've yet to see a good looking girl approach a sub par guy. A lot of good advice here, but I have had a handful of girls make the first move Ive had girls approach me and break the ice, ive had a girl ask for my number, etc Originally Posted by Chicopartiesbig.

Few randsom chicks have came up straight up ans asked my number and a few have put their arm around me and we started making out before any conversation or hellos. Anyone have an ebook to how to stop worrying and start living? Just curious, but how many girls have you phukked OP?

Originally Posted by Janemba Which was his point. Dont be an idiot and dismiss his point quickly. There is an exception to everything, but in this case, the exception is rare. And obviouslymost good looking guys will pretty much get approached, but the majority of these people here are Avg at best.

I have some friends who are pretty buff, but they almost never get approached.

Why Are Girls Hard To Get

Truth is, TC is pretty much right in that we have to approach. Not all of us were blessed with good looks, so we pretty much have to have something else going for us that makes us happy confidenceor game. Last edited by Janemba; at OP have you ever talked to a girl yet?

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