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30 Jun Anyway, it was her birthday a few weeks ago, and my other friend and I found this lingerie set with little yellow pigs all over it yellow happens to be friend nr.1's favourite colour. we got her that among a few other things and she LOVED it. Do you sort of understand what type of present I'm talking about?. 16 Feb But it is said that birthdays are the most important for girls. Every girl remains excited about the best birthday gifts for her. Your girlfriend is no exception to that! The birthday countdown begins for her a month before. I can say it from my own experience as I do the same. ;). So, trust me, she will never forget. Birthday surprise ideas for your wife or girlfriend. These are few good birthday surprise ideas for wife or girlfriend. These are just my way so by getting inspired from the list you can make your own surprises. I hope you will enjoy reading the list.

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What To Do On My Girlfriends Birthday

Mod posts Serious posts Megathread Breaking news Unfilter. I have no money. My girlfriend's birthday is in five days. What can I do? I do have money, but all of it is being consumed by my rent, loans, and bills.

I literally don't have any spare cash where I can buy her something nice. I have a couple good ideas of my own but I wanted to see if any of you had some good ones that were a success in the past.

For my birthday one year, my then boyfriend now husband wrote a list of things he loved about me. He's given me coupons before, and that's also a good idea. You could cook a candlelight dinner for her too, even if it's just grilled cheese.

I did something similar for my boyfriend on our one year click.

I took a little box and painted it and found little pebbles that I wrote the things I loved about him on them: That sounds really good. My wife sent me a love letter and a rock that looks like her country map.

That was the best gift I ever recieved. This is before we got married and she was not living in the USA.

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A friend of mine gave me a little notebook where she wrote something nice about me on every single page. It made me cry and I always keep it on my desk.

It was a great gift. I vote for a picnic under the stars. Perhaps with two personal handmade gifts, one fun ice breaking gift to start out the night and a more romantic one late into the experience. Some of the handcrafted gift ideas here are great.

Hard to beat a nice bike ride through a park or woods if she's outgoing. Filter posts by subject: View your post below. My girlfriend's birthday is in five days.

Although this is coming from a dude who does not have a girlfriend so take my advice with a grain of salt. I don't have any specific ideas, but as a female, I can say that the more personal a gift, the better. I don't care about how much money was spent; I'd rather see a gift that shows my boyfriend knows me well and took the time to think of something that would make me happy.

One thing a friend of mine does is burn cd's that contain songs that have had some significance in their relationship. It seems to be a pretty good gift.

Hard to beat a nice bike ride through a park or woods if she's outgoing. Try to find something sweet What To Do On My Girlfriends Birthday explore - a rope swing, a hidden little waterfall, anything special like that.

Was going to say this. I think the confusion was with "outdoorsy". Guesses on where BuckyGoLucky is from? You could set up a wonderful computer for her, with free software tailored to her needs: You could chase down plants she wants and nurture some shoots until she can plant them rare kinds of redcurrant, strawberries, roses - learn to graft. I made one of this for the missus at christmas. I found some images and made a nice little booklet on the work colour printer and bound it.

The coupon book is a massive winner. I put in like 5 foot rubs, 5 shoulder rubs, 3 back massages, 3 full body massages and a couple 'one night out' and 'breakfast in beds'. It also had a few terms and conditions: She was pretty stoked with them though. Me and her parents had chipped in on a pricey gift so I gave this just to make sure she had something from me specifically. First off, does she know you're as poor as I am? Blindfold before you get there and set up etc etc.

Romantic and relatively cheap. Honestly, I'll tell you what I love, my boyfriend and I aren't exactly rolling in money either, so we try to do cute things. Write her a love letter. I know this is corny as fuck, but really, do it. A lot of times, affection gets What To Do On My Girlfriends Birthday in daily problems and it is always nice to hear.

Love isn't about buying the shiniest ring, or going to the most expensive restaurant. It's about the two people who are sharing it.

Just spend a day with her, maybe something you don't usually do. Take her to a lake or beach, if available; go to any degree to remind What To Do On My Girlfriends Birthday how special she is to you. Better yet, help her garden, try to learn a bit more about her.

Even cuddling up and watching a chick flick with popcorn and some soft drinks can go a long way, just make sure she feels special. I once made a necklace with nothing but a piece of string, some old copper wire, and a broken peanut butter jar. Took me about 2 hours, but I used an old propane torch from a garage sale to shape the glass from the jar into a droplet and made a frame to hang the droplet from the wire.

Old torch and some pliers Materials: Random glass scraps, copper wire, string. Not to say you should do exactly the same thing, but think artistically.

I find handmade gifts are usually better received than anything store-bought. One year I made What To Do On My Girlfriends Birthday girlfriend a CD with all the songs that were number 1 on the charts on her birthday. Took some googling, but it turned out really neat. This is truly not my idea, but someone posted a topic like this awhile ago. A poster recommended taking something that seems insignificant about something you did together and make it truly significant.

The example they gave was maybe take the menu, or business card, or else connected to where you had your first date and frame it shadowbox style. Frames are very cheap, maybe a couple bucks tops, and it shows that you remember something such as that.

It's a rule of nature or something. I wrote my girlfriend of two years a article source of poetry 1 poem for every week we'd been together and she loved it. It doesn't have to be good. It just has to be from the heart. I am a female and I actually do not like poetry. I just am not that artsy, I suppose.

The only exceptions are limericks.

Are your museums free? Study tools and advice 12 tips to get top grades Interactive study planner Free study resources. University of Edinburgh Replies: I wrote my girlfriend of two years a book of poetry 1 poem for every week we'd been together and she loved it.

Those are fucking awesome. Confirming that it doesn't need to be good.

What To Do On My Girlfriends Birthday

Bonus if any of them are any good at all. I have been with my wife going on 13 years now. Women are happy if you just remember and make a gesture. Cook her favorite food for dinner and rent a movie she loves that she knows you don't like and your good. That's what I was going to say.

It's simple, it's nice, and it it's cheap too.


Depending where you are, you can probably find some free shit to do around your community. Are your museums free? Can you go on a hike or some shit? Got a beach or a mountain? You don't need to dish out cash to have fun, the fun is within you, padawan. Next on the list: Do you buy groceries?