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I want her back on my friend list on myFacebook. BLOCKED A FRIEND ON FACEBOOK. HOW DO I UNBLOCK HER? To unblock someone: Click in the upper-right corner of your homepage and select How do I stop someone from bothering me? Click View All Blocked Question about Computers & Internet. 1 Answer. · here some ways that might help. A review of Black People Meet, a online dating site for African Americans. Block specific members from viewing your profile and communicating with you; Turn off your online status; Only show your profile to singles you want; you can specify an age Stop using phrases you do not know the meaning to or a hypocrite of.

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How To Block Someone On Blackpeoplemeet

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Dec 21, 1. So I'm visiting my sis. She has been very unlucky in love 3 divorces and many failed relationships. Anyways, she has been seeing a new guy she met on blackpeopleMeet. Supposedly he's successful and treat her like a queen. I asked her if he has any children, he has one child whom he pays child support for but doesn't have any contact with because of the mother red flag 1.

So I met him for the first time today and got a strange vibe from him. I didn't like how he was rushing her out the house because his ass was late red flag 2. He acted too familiar with me and instead of shaking my hand or giving me hug, he play slapped me like I was his little sister or something.

Niqqa I don't know you!!

It's easy to get swooped up in the romance of it all but a promising relationship should keep you front and center. Dec 21, 9. Dec 21, 6.

Next story involved a guy my sister's roommate met on the same blackpeopleMeet. This dude sound straight up creepy!! They haven't had a proper date but he's asking her about them boning. He doesn't believe in divorce but also said that he's a cheater and the only way his future wife would leave him is if she's dead. Ladies don't get so desperate that you need to go on blackpeopleMeet. The men on there are creeps. Dec 21, 2. This comment didn't alarm your sister's friend at all?

Dec 21, 3. This is true, OP ain't lyin Dec 21, 4. Dec 21, 5. Online Dating.....

Sounds like all dating websites to me. I remember after seeing all those eharmony commercials I went on to the website and found Link. Dec 21, 6. Yeah that site is the dumps. Dec 21, 7.

Are there any non compensated online dating success stories? Dec 21, 8. Dec 21, 9. It's alright, I ain't trying to meet no black men anyhow Dec 22, If you're serious about online dating I wouldn't use a free site. That's basically like using craigslist. Those blackpeoplemeet commercials were enough to convince me that it wasn't shit.

If a guy says the only way you're leaving me is in a body bag, go powder your nose, and climb out of the window. This is true, OP ain't lyin Do you Block-Back when someone blocks you? Dec 21, 2.

It's kind of weird that in this day and age, there isn't a reliable paid black version of match. I know there are black people on match. I tried blackpeoplemeet a few years ago and met a creepy guy. He was in the military. I canceled my account. My co-worker met a woman on match. The only one I've ever heard of is Essence Atkins and that see more piece of meat that is her husband. I'm convinced they are just two special ass people who found each other, I refuse to believe that is normal.

BTW, OP, this damn thread is hilarious!!!

How To Block Someone On Blackpeoplemeet

I laughed out loud. Online dating is only successful for yt people ages I bet you a yt girl could get a date faster than I could on bpm.

This goes for any dating site. Creeps are all over the net. I prefer meeting by chance, just click for source public, the old How To Block Someone On Blackpeoplemeet way. But I can't say internet dating is totally bad for everyone But you definitely need to have your guard up and invest in background checks.

The best thing to do is pray for God's choice for your husband. She's 23, by the way. Thought Twitter was the place to meet folks: The problem with that site is the selection of men are just EW. They are mostly fat, or just ugly. You just have to be careful no matter where you meet your potential mate online or in real life.

The dude trying to holla in the produce section at Kroger could be a psycho just like read more dude with the fake profile pic on eharmony and the dude at the club buying you watered down drinks could be hiding bodies in the basement just like the "nice guy" on blackpeoplemeet.

Just protect yourself and go with your sixth sense, if it doesn't feel right, it probably isn't right. If a guy says the only way you're leaving me is in a body bag, go powder your nose, and climb out of the window. All I got on BPM was 1.

A dude whom I thought was cool, but was really full of shit that out of the blue said "I'm moving to England A damn stalker that followed me from bpm to yahooto black planet, to match. No more BPM for the kid Weird guys aren't exclusive to dating sites. So before the internet, all guys were normal and gave no red flags?

How To Block Someone On Blackpeoplemeet ladies, the weirdos you met the 'normal' way have internet access.

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The weird guy with a dating profile, can be the handsome guy you meet at a networking event. Red flags are red flags regardless of how you meet. I met my DH on BlackPlanet back in Just celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary. Thankfully the people I met online were all cool. It was the ones I met in person that were crazy as hell Married with kids and stalkers lol.

Everyone's experience is different but times and people are crazier now than they link then. Seagul81 sorry was trying to thank you. I'll fix it when I get on my Mac. One of my friends met a couple guys on blackpeoplemeet, total jerks or creeps. She decided to join JDate she's not Jewish, but took her chances!

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This bish met a doctor from a hospital in DC, they got married last year!! I agree with Seagull You have to use common sense when meeting any one I personally know 5 people who meet their husbands off blackpeoplemeet. I say to each his own, just be careful where every you meet someone You must log in or sign up to reply here. Share This Page Tweet. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account?

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