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His gf walked away with tears and said "Just take care of my eyes." 8. 4th story. +. A girl wished that her bf will tell her "I love you" for her 18th b-day.. But she doesn' t know that her bf lost his tongue by an accident.. His gift is just an ordinary doll. The girl got mad and throws the doll to the street and her bf run to get the doll. 3 Feb Responses to “Romantic Bedtime Stories For Your Girlfriend: THE Sweet Dream Machine”. kazeem October 19, at pm. hi, my name is kazeem and i would like to get some of your romantic bedtime story send to my email. my girlfriend keep asking me to tell her some bedtime story but i really. FOR EVERY MOUNTAIN I HAVE CLIMBED, FOR EVERY RAGING RIVER CROSSED, YOU WERE THE TREASURE THAT I LONGED TO FIND WITHOUT YOUR Carl Willis: LOVE I WOULD BE LOST.. LET THE WORLD STOP TURNING, LET THE SUN STOP BURNING, LET THEM TELL ME LOVES NOT WORTH GOING.

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I walk up behind you, wrapping my arms around your waist, I pull you close pressing your sexy ass against me, my right hand slides slowly up your tummy, pushing your shirt up as it goes, reaching your succulent breasts I kneed your hard nipples between thumb and forefinger, just as my left hand unbuttons your pants and slips slowly into your sexy panties, brushing ever so lightly against your pretty little pink clit as i enter your soft womanhood, you moan with pleasure and push your ass longingly harder against my cock, I push your pants to the floor, putting me face to face with your amazing ass, I rip your panties from your body to remove them from my way, with both hands now on your ass cheeks, I open you up and lightly tickle it with my wet tongue, here squeal.

As I stand I grab a handful of your hair, bend you over the bathroom sink, and you whimper in pain as I slide the full length of my swollen cock into the tightness of your ass, it ripples with every thrust and the whimpers and moans turn into one and uncontrollably I explode I pick you up with my muscular arms and carry you to your bed, I lay you on your back, I begin to tenderly lick and suck on your wet clit, rubbing it between my tongue and lips, violently spasming you reach your first happy ending, I roll you onto your tummy, climb on top of you and slide all my manhood deep inside your beautifully tight pussy, again I grab your hair, tug lightly, remove it and bite you on your neck and ear repeatedly, then I whisper sing to you the words of this song Just as i finish the song I explode ever so deep inside filling your A Bedtime Story To Tell Your Girlfriend with my poison We make sweet love for hours until we both pass out from exhaustion Waking, I see the full beauty of you there in the early read more light as A Bedtime Story To Tell Your Girlfriend steals it's passage between the slats in the blinds, I roll and whisper into your ear If I am sleeping, then I am dreaming, and if I am dreaming, please dare not awake me For this is as close to heaven as god shall ever allot this wretched soul This dream, and this love I pray to never end It was late Saturday night and you were home alone, thinking how nice it would be to take a long hot bath before daddy got home, you undress slowly in front of the full length mirror, your hands touch and explore the soft sexy parts as your mind drifts to how it would really feel if a boy were touching them, would it feel different?

A Bedtime Story To Tell Your Girlfriend

Or would it be the same electric feeling as when you tweak your young nipples. Mmmm, you moan, as you other hand drops below your belly button as you watch yourself, lightly touching, gently exploring the softness, oh the heat of the water feels so good on your bare skin, the smoothness of the tub against your firm bottom as you glide into the heat of the water, your senses are heightened, you've never felt the bath this way before, the bubbles tickle as they pop on your skin, you're breathing harder, OH!

The release seemed so grand You decide to walk, naked, to your room, you are all alone, opening the door and partially down your hall you hear a very stern and angry voice What the hell were you doing in there!?! Embarrassed that daddy had just seen you naked, your heart pounding, breaths exploding from you, your shaken by fear and embarrassment Into your room, you try to close the door but daddy's just click for source blocks it Yelling daddy no please in not dressed, but it's getting wet Why is it getting wet, you wonder,?

Forcefully I shove the door open, you stumble backwards, roughly I grab you by the hair and pull you to the bed, sitting I bend your nakedness across my leg and begin spanking the sexiness of your young firm butt Teary eyed, please no more please I'm going to show you what happens to naughty little girls, A Bedtime Story To Tell Your Girlfriend by your hair again, roughly I lay you on your belly, first tying your hands to the bed posts, please you beg, then your ankles, tied, bound tight, spread open, hearing my zipper fall you look at me, my pants drop, OH FUCK gasps from your mouth as my hardness comes full into view, oh daddy what are you gonna do!?!?

Hi Mark, Thank you so much for your comment, you have no idea how much I appreciate hearing this from you. This is yet another tale full of suspense. Hi Adh, Thank you for reaching out! I hope to respark my 5 years relationship with my girlfriend. A girl asked a boy if she was pretty, he said "No".

Ignoring your question I climb onto the bed, positioning myself between your soft silky thighs the fullness if my manhood rubs seductively against the crack if your bum, you begin to quiver and shake, not only from embarrassmentbut from excitement and anticipation of finally feeling it! The head of my manhood pushing at click entrance of your virgin womanhood, o god!

Hi Claudia, Thank you so much for the story, i received it and it was very fantastic. Silence Fallen is like Twilight but more intense. When my boyfriend and I were 15, he wanted to give me a piggy back ride, but I refused because I thought I was too fat. Samuel December 13, at 9:

The head slips in, o damn girl your sooooo tight, I groan, pushing deeper, deeper o daddy it hurts! I feel it tear, laying on top of you I grab your hair and turn your head so I can whisper into you ear O god baby you were still a virgin, kissing your neck, thrusting my manhood deep into you, thrusting, over and over going deeper and faster faster and deeper, kissing your neck and ear repeatedly, your womanhood begins to spasm and convulse as the first ever orgasm created by a man floods and crashes thru you, fuck me daddy!!

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Please daddy I'm going to orgasm!! You feel your wet destroy the dam and cover my hardness, you feel me pulse ever so deep inside you as I inject you with my poison Thrusting again taking all of you, thrusting, your squirming in pain but love the feeling of fullness again we cum in unison I roll you onto your back and retie your hands, getting between them I lift your legs up onto my shoulders and enter you again, and both hands grip around your throat, squeezing I slowly and rhythmically take you gliding deep full strokes over and over squeezing releasing squeezing till u feel as tho you'll pass out, sucking and biting the erect hard nipples sending shock waves to the little pleasure bump between your legs, pumping, visit web page over and over deep slow deep, my thumb finds the little bum as I thrust and I rub it, and flick it O GOD DADDY YES!!!

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Your young womanhood again begins to spasm around my fullness, but this time if feels so different As you begin to orgasm your body starts squirting all over me, o yes baby girl!! You pass out from the pleasures Waking you find yourself still tied to the bed. And i again begin to fuck you over and over and over for hours and hours Log in Sign Up.

A Bedtime Story To Tell Your Girlfriend

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